The Disney Pixar Connection Series

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Did you know all the Disney and Pixar feature animated films are linked?

The Disney Pixar Connection is a non fiction reference book on Disney Film history.

Disney Film History

Animation Process

Understand how the Disney and Pixar theories came about 


What you will learn

Disney Film History

You will learn how Walt Disney began his company in 1923 with Alice Comedy Shorts and has grown into a dominate film and entertainment company.

Animation Process

Learn the difference between Hand drawn animation, Stop motion animation and CGI animation and how Disney and Pixar has used it to create the masterpieces you and I love.

Disney and Pixar Theories

Ever wondered how the films were linked? There are several fan theories that have attempted to link the films through the hidden Easter eggs. Find out inside what they are.

Hidden Easter eggs and Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Easter eggs are references within films. It could mean something in the background, a line or even an actor that refers to something else, usually to another film. Hidden Mickeys are mickey silhouettes usually placed throughout the films.

Alexandra Neznamy is a long time Disney lover, former Cast member and Disney Film historian. She has dedicated a decade to research on the animation process and Disney and Pixar films.

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