T.V. Series Review: Hoarders Season 4

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Hoarders Season 4 Summary

Season 4, Episode 1: Phyllis/Janet

A Griffin, Georgia woman’s compulsive obsession with dolls has led her son to threaten to call Adult Protective Services if she doesn’t get a handle on her compulsion. An elderly woman’s hoard in Washington, Michigan is so bad that she has to crawl over mountains of garbage to get to a recliner where she eats and sleeps. She’s had no running water and no heat for two years as a result of her hoard.

Season 4, Episode 2: Billy Bob/ Jean

A Nebraska man’s house is so filled with toy, games, puzzles, cars, dolls and stuffed animals that he can no longer maneuver through the paths. A woman who lives in an upscale neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California has a hoard so bad that she risks losing her granddaughter to Child Protective Services if she doesn’t clean up.

Season 4, Episode 3: Season #2 Follow-Up: Augustine, Judi, Dennis/Nadene, Bob & Deborah

In this special follow-up episode, Hoarders checks in on the progress of Augustine, Bob, Deborah, Dennis & Nadene and Judi from the second season.

Season 4, Episode 4: Roy/Loretta

A man’s vehicle hoard in Boulder Creek, California is so large that he risks millions of dollars in fines and the loss of his property if he doesn’t clean up. A Lenox, Michigan woman who is expecting her second child is in danger of losing both children if she doesn’t clean up but experiences difficulty due to the trauma from a previous home invasion.

Season 4, Episode 5: Randy/Vicki

A man in Wildwood, New Jersey who describes himself as “the ultimate hoarder” has a hoard of memorabilia that has become overwhelming to everyone who enters the home. He claims that if he sold anything he’d never be the same person. A woman in Brownsville, Texas is at risk of losing everything she holds dear as her collecting has grown out of control to the point that her own daughter declares the house “doesn’t exist anymore”.

Season 4, Episode 6: Ron/Carol

A California man who suffers from depression and prostate cancer hoards books, sheet music, comic books, magazines and toys reminiscent of his childhood, convinced that all of his belongings are valuable, even as his house is collapsing into ruin around him. A woman’s home in Dayton, Ohio is overrun with garbage, forcing her to live in her truck on the street without adequate heating. She receives notice from the city to clean up in five days or face eviction from the condemned property.

Season 4, Episode 7: Beverly/Megan

An elderly woman’s hoard in Towanda, Kansas is so bad that it has caused a huge rift in her family. An Illinois mother who has given birth to her third child is in danger of losing both her home and her children if she doesn’t get help cleaning up her hoard.

Season 4, Episode 8: Becky/Clare

A Collegeville, Pennsylvania woman has filled 16 self-storage units with her hoard and is now doing the same to her son’s house. She is behind on her storage rental payments and has until the end of the month to clean up and move out of the house. A West Palm Beach, Florida woman who was forced by local authorities to undergo an involuntary mental examination has been banned from living in her own house until it is cleaned. The home is filled with trash and animal waste, and the swimming pool is moldy and green. Her son and his girlfriend live in a shed on the property, with no electricity or running water and will also be forced to leave if his mother doesn’t get help.

Season 4, Episode 9: Stacy/Roi

A woman in Denham Springs, Louisiana has an animal hoard so bad that her home is filled with feces and cockroaches. Her 14-year-old daughter is forced to live with relatives as a result. A Dayton, Ohio man’s hoard is so bad that he risks a third stint in jail as a result and his utilities have been shut off due to a gas leak.

Season 4, Episode 10: Lisa/Bertha

A Virginia woman’s home is overgrown with weeds and filled with garbage, rotting food, and mold. A Pennsylvania woman, who delivers newspapers part-time, faces jail time if she doesn’t clean up her home and yard.

Season 4, Episode 11: Season #3 Follow-Up: Vula, Al, Jim, Arline & Glen

In this special follow-up episode, Hoarders checks in on the progress of Alan, Arline, Glen, Jim and Vula from the third season.

Season 4, Episode 12: Kevin/Mary

The son of Jinx Falkenburg and Tex McCrary is featured as his Upper East Side apartment is so densely hoarded that he has resorted to sleeping on a bench in front of his apartment building. A New Brunswick, New Jersey woman’s hoard is so bad that she has to live with her daughter and granddaughter because she’s unable to stay in her hoarded home, but she’s unwilling to part with her Victorian style memorabilia.

Season 4, Episode 13: John/Vivan

A man in Cape May, New Jersey risks multiple fines after it is revealed he is living in a house covered with cat feces and urine and the rooms are hoarded with his collections and his deceased mother’s belongings. A woman’s hoard in California has literally pushed her husband out of the house, and across the country.

Season 4, Episode 14: Judy/Jerry

A burned out shell of a man’s home in Eugene, Oregon is surrounded by his hoard and it’s threatened with confiscation by the city if he doesn’t clean up. A Wisconsin woman, who hoarded herself out of her house, uses cancer surgery as an excuse to stay with her friend, who is fed up with her squatting and hoarding behavior.

Season 4, Episode 15: Eileen/ Judy

A firefighter’s wife in California is a severe hoarder and risks losing her marriage and custody of her four younger sons if she fails to clean up her home. A Heber City, Utah woman has burned through an inheritance on her hoard and has checks that total up to $30,000 buried in the clutter. She and her husband risk going broke if they can’t get themselves on track.

Season 4, Episode 16: Wilma/Nora

A Georgia woman squats in her home, despite the fact that it’s condemned as a result of her hoard. A Columbia, South Carolina woman, whose compulsive shopping has maxed out her equity line of credit, must address her behaviors in order to move forward.

Season 4, Episode 17: Mike/Bonnie

A woman’s house in Westminster, Maryland is so toxic that a virus she contracted in the home caused her kidneys to fail and almost killed her. Her doctor advised her not to return to the home until it was thoroughly cleaned. A single mother, whose home in Palmdale, California is hoarded and in need of repair, fears losing her daughters to Child Protective Services if she doesn’t clean up her home.

Hoarders Season 4 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I admit I have a weird obsession with this show. It is sad and painful but seeing the transformation is so brightening and encouraging. I honestly watch Hoarders to be inspired to clean when I don’t have the spoons. Even just a few things a day gets done.

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