T.V. Series Review: Hoarders Season 12

Hoarders Season 12 Trailer

Hoarders Season 12 Summary

Season 12, Episode 1: Eric

A Rydal, Georgia man is forced to deal with his grief as the cleanup process uncovers the beautiful interior design left behind by his late wife.

Season 12, Episode 2: Forrest

An appreciation for the finer things in life led a Fredericksburg, Virginia man to acquire an excess of unique items that have overtaken his home, inside and out. As a result, he is now facing thousands of dollars in fines from his Home Owners Association.

Season 12, Episode 3: Dolores

A cancer survivor, who served as a caregiver to her late mother, turned to excessive shopping which triggered her hoarding disorder. Now, every room of her classic Hanover, New Jersey home is filled to the brim, and her husband wants the clutter gone.

Season 12, Episode 4: Cobra

In order to be part of his unborn granddaughters life, a retired professional wrestling manager must clean up his house and 37-acre property in Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania.

Season 12, Episode 5: Meryl

City code enforcement officials in Worcester, Massachusetts found out about Meryl’s cluttered living condition and are threatening eviction and cleanup. With the help of the team of experts, either Meryl will clean up the property or Code Enforcement will take action and Meryl will lose everything.

Season 12, Episode 6: Tim

Tim sees the value in repurposing and using materials for all types of projects. This has led Tim to collect a massive amount of clutter over the years. He must clean his two properties in Citrus Heights, California or risk having both homes bulldozed.

Season 12, Episode 7: Margie

A North Collinsville, Oklahoma woman and her husband live on a two acre ranch, filled with an estimated 500 tons of clutter contaminated with rodent waste, but she sees no danger. Suffering from back pain that will require surgery, her family knows the home is unfit for Margie’s recovery.

Season 12, Episode 8: Debbie

A lonely single mother from McKeesport, Pennsylvania suffered the sudden loss of her mother and father. Shortly afterwards, her sister, also a hoarder, died in her home. Now, Debbie must face her own hoarding and compulsive shopping.

Hoarders Season 12 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I admit I have a weird obsession with this show. It is sad and painful but seeing the transformation is so brightening and encouraging. I honestly watch Hoarders to be inspired to clean when I don’t have the spoons. Even just a few things a day gets done.

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