T.V. Series Review: Hoarders Buried Alive Season 4

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Hoarders Buried Alive Season 4 Summary

Season 4’s episode count starts when Season 3 ends.

Season 4, Episode 46: This is Garbage Land

An Elvis impersonator lives among piles of novelty items in his late mother’s Hackensack, New Jersey home.

Season 4, Episode 47: As Bad As It Gets

After over twenty years in the same Ohio apartment, compulsive hoarder Randy is being forced to leave by order of his landlord. With only days to accomplish the task, Randy must somehow clear out the eight-foot-high mountains of stuff.

Season 4, Episode 48: Sleeping in a Dumpster

Laura’s collecting has spiraled into a compulsion that has left her Dutchess County, New York home in shambles and the relationships with her two sons on the brink of collapse. When a potentially devastating house fire ignites during her clean-up effort, it puts everyone’s safety in jeopardy.

Season 4, Episode 49: This is Unreal

Milton has always loved to shop. But after losing his mother, it became a compulsion that soon took over his life and his Belle Glade, Florida home. Louise has been diagnosed with cancer and the unhealthy living conditions of her Klamath Falls, Oregon home are only making the reality of the prognosis worse.

Season 4, Episode 50: Just Tear It Down

Like most hoarders, Darlene and Doug’s Fulton, Texas home is packed. But the hoard is just the beginning of their problems. A collapsing roof, mold, and an overflowing septic tank has caught the attention of city code enforcement, making eviction a real possibility.

Season 4, Episode 51: Twenty of Everything

After 30 years of hoarding, Gary’s house is so full that he is forced to sleep outside on a makeshift bed. With the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado now threatening eviction, Gary must face the harsh reality: clean up or watch his home be condemned.

Season 4, Episode 52: Hoo, This Reeks!

Kathy grew up with a drunken and abusive father. Now, her extreme hoarding forced her 12-year-old son to move out of their Eau Claire, Wisconsin home. Five years later, their relationship is at a crossroad. Now Kathy must make a drastic change or risk losing her son forever.

Season 4, Episode 53: A Humongous Secret

When Dennis, of North Carolina quit drinking, a new compulsion took over: hoarding. Now, severe debt and clutter have him moments away from losing it all. Monte has accumulated a massive, couture-clothing hoard in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and destroyed a relationship with her son in the process.

Season 4, Episode 54: It’s My Junk

When Eileen, of De Tour Village, Michigan admits a dark secret to her family, the situation quickly escalates beyond hoarding to a matter of life and death. Compulsive hoarder Dale has packed not one, but five inner-city Detroit houses full of clutter.

Season 4, Episode 55: You’re Not Taking My Kids

Karen, a single mom, has already had her children taken away for hoarding. Now, authorities say that if she doesn’t clean up the mess, she’ll never see her kids again. Plus she risks losing her 5 acres of wooded land in Cape May County, New Jersey, as well as the mobile home in which she grew up.

Season 4, Episode 56: Holding Mom Hostage

When hot-tempered David moved back in with his 93-year-old mother, he quickly filled her Cohasset, Massachusetts home with clutter. Now, the dangerous living conditions, and David’s short fuse, have his elderly mom cornered.

Season 4, Episode 57: This House Killed Her

After their mother’s death, siblings Aimee, Cheryl and Jimmy are left to deal with a Bradenton, Florida home filled with clutter. In a desperate search for answers and vital documents, they bring in the aid of a medium to help solve the mystery.

Season 4, Episode 58: She Wants It, She Takes It

Rhonda’s Franklin, Tennessee home is filled with items she’s found in the dumpster, it is so full in fact, that she has been forced to live in a camper parked in the backyard. Now, with neighbors threatening lawsuits and worse, Rhonda must clean up or risk losing everything.

Season 4, Episode 59: What a Pig

Compulsive hoarder Valerie risks eviction from her Winchester, Massachusetts home when her next-door neighbor reports her to the health department. Meanwhile, Maryanne owns a duplex in Keweenaw County, Michigan. Both units so filled with clutter that she has been reduced to a 3 sq. ft space in her living room.

Season 4, Episode 60: They’re Crawling

In the pricey planned-community of The Woodlands, Texas, Kay denies that she is a hoarder, but a home filled with clutter and deadly vermin tells another story. Now, the city is just days away from condemning Kay’s home. But the biggest challenge could be convincing her that she has a problem. NOTE: During filming, two members of the cleanup crew developed symptoms of Hantavirus due to conditions; they were transported to a local hospital and recovered

Season 4, Episode 61: One is Good, Two is Better

As a top model on the Hollywood scene, Louise once ran with Tinseltown’s elite. But behind her colorful outfits and personality, she still keeps a dark secret: Louise is a compulsive hoarder. Now, Louise and her lavish hoard – could end up on the street.

Season 4, Episode 62: She’s Going to Jail

Joanne’s hoarding is so extreme that the city of Cincinnati, Ohio has already sent her to jail four times. Also, Home buyers Tad and Amber purchased a family home in Orange County, California sight unseen. Not until now do they realize that the house comes along with massive hoard.

Season 4, Episode 63: I’m a Rockstar, Baby!

As the lead singer of one of Canada’s most famous rock bands, Kelly Jay has lived quite a life and he has collected a massive hoard to prove it. Now, with his family ready to call it quits, Kelly must choose between his clutter and the people he loves.

Hoarders Buried Alive Season 4 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I admit I have a weird obsession with this show. It is sad and painful but seeing the transformation is so brightening and encouraging. I honestly watch Hoarders to be inspired to clean when I don’t have the spoons. Even just a few things a day gets done.

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