Short Movie Review: Lend a Paw

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Lend a Paw Summary

While out in the snow, Pluto hears meowing noises coming from a bag floating on a drifting ice floe. He saves it, only to lose interest when he finds an orange kitten inside. The kitten follows him home and Mickey immediately adopts it. Pluto becomes jealous of all the attention the kitten gets and is coerced by his shoulder devil to get it in trouble. Despite his shoulder angel’s attempts to talk him out of it, Pluto tries to trick the kitten into attacking Mickey’s goldfish Bianca, only for it to accidentally knock down the fishbowl. When Mickey demands answers from Bianca, she points to Pluto, knowing that he’s the one trying to get the kitten into trouble in the first place. Mickey angrily kicks a guilty Pluto out of the house for the remainder of the day as punishment, and Pluto angrily blames his shoulder devil for getting him into trouble.

Eventually, the kitten ends up being outside as well while chasing a ball, accidentally falling into a well. The angel tells Pluto to save it, but the devil furiously tells him to let it drown as retribution for getting him kicked out. Finally having enough, the angel chases off the devil by punching him into oblivion and convinces Pluto to do the right thing, only for him to fall in too. Hearing Pluto’s cries, Mickey saves them both and comforts a near frozen Pluto, feeling very remorseful for kicking him out. After receiving a nice hot bath from Mickey and a thank you kiss from the kitten, Pluto is told by the angel “Kindness to animals, my friend, will be rewarded in the end”.

Lend a Paw Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a cute short featuring Pluto and Mickey. A fun watch for the family and the love Mickey has for his dog.

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