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Doug and Skeeter discover a monster that lives in Lucky Duck Lake. Initially scared of him, they later find he is nice. Bill Bluff is polluting the lake, and the pollution created this monster. The Monster almost eats the book Moby Dick but Skeeter stops him, and the duo name him Herman for the book’s author, Herman Melville. Doug remembers that he was supposed to meet Patti at Mr. Swirly’s. He runs to Swirly’s as fast as he can using the quickest short-cuts that he knew. Once he gets there, he does not see Patti. Mr. Swirly says the she was there and looked very upset, and then left with a guy who kept talking about his big plans for a dance. When Doug heard this, he knew that this guy was no one else but Guy Graham, a snobby upper class-man who wants Patti. Meanwhile, Roger and the A/V nerds are building a robot to kidnap Herman, but when they build the robot it acts like Roger’s babysitter.

Doug then rushes to the Funkytown night club, where Guy and Patti are working on the dance. He apologizes to Patti there and she accepts his apology. But Guy cuts in and says that Doug is just a stupid little kid. Doug, very angry now, says that he has proof that Bluff is evil and is polluting the lake. Guy calls Doug a liar. Doug then invites them both to the announcement to be held in front of Mr. Dink’s house about Herman and the pollution, with Doug knowing he can trust Mr. Dink since his wife is the current mayor of Bluffington. Doug leaves, but the picture of the monster falls out of his pocket without him knowing. Realizing that Doug was being honest, Guy calls Bluff, whom he is cordial with. Then at the announcement, Doug notices that a news reporter’s camera is inflatable, realizing that the news company is a fake and that it is supporting Bill Bluff and trying to compensate him to cover up the monster and Bluffco’s polluting of Lucky Duck Lake. Doug then has to tell everyone that there has been a mistake, but Patti gets mad at him, thinking that he is a liar, and walks away with Guy.

That night, Bluff finds the boys with Herman and kidnaps the monster. The next morning, Doug knows that this is his last chance to save Herman. He goes to the school newspaper room, hoping to find Guy who can lead him to Bluff. Guy isn’t in the room, but Doug sees a newspaper article that says that Mr. Bluff and his men blast a monster to smithereens at a school dance. Doug is at first sad and believes that Herman has died, but he than realizes that the school dance is not until tonight and this is what is being planned to happen so, Doug and Skeeter call Roger and The Sleech twins to help. At the school dance, he has to make the biggest choice of his life, going after Patti or saving Herman. When he does that, Bluff catches Doug and Skeeter in front of Crystal Lake after Herman escapes into it and starts to enslave them, promising to make their lives a living nightmare, but is silenced and told off by his own daughter Beebe, who defends her friends, before then being confronted by Mrs. Dink, who hints at Bluff facing a massive lawsuit from the federal government for polluting Lucky Duck Lake that could bankrupt him and Bluffco unless he agrees to clean up the lake. With little choice, Bluff concedes to clean up the lake to save his own neck, and is left crawling on his knees after Beebe, begging for her forgiveness. Doug then finds Patti in front of the woods and Doug tries to tell her he is in love with her but is interrupted by Herman, who proves that Doug had been telling the truth and Guy lied to Patti, leading to Patti dumping Guy in fury for his deception. Then, the kids say goodbye to Herman. After Herman jumps back into the lake, Doug tells Patti he likes her and Roger almost becomes friends with Doug but is interrupted by the robot. The movie and the series end with Doug dancing with Patti and Beebe dancing with Skeeter by the lake as bubbles emerge from the surface.

Dougs 1st movie Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The show was fun but the movie was forgettable. Cute but honestly forgettable.

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