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Lizzie McGuire prepares for her junior-high graduation with one of her two closest friends, David “Gordo” Gordon. Their other best friend, Miranda Sanchez, has chosen to skip the graduation ceremony in favor of a trip to Mexico City to visit her relatives. During the ceremony, Lizzie trips onstage and accidentally brings the curtain down on her fellow graduates; this causes her to be teased by her younger brother Matt and her former best friend Kate Sanders. After graduation, Lizzie and her classmates embark on a trip to Rome, chaperoned by their future strict high school principal, Angela Ungermeyer. The rest of the class chose a trip to a water park instead. To their dismay, Lizzie and Kate are assigned to the same hotel room.

Their class visits the Trevi Fountain, where Lizzie is approached by an Italian pop star named Paolo Valisari, who mistakes her for his singing partner, Isabella Parigi. Paolo asks Lizzie to meet him at the fountain the next day, and she feigns illness to sneak away. He explains that he and Isabella are booked for the International Music Video Awards, but she left Italy after their partnership breakup. Paolo tells Lizzie that Isabella lip syncs, and begs her to pose as Isabella for the concert so that they won’t be fined for canceling. Lizzie reluctantly agrees, but soon begins to enjoy the experience and falls for Paolo.

Lizzie continues to fake being ill to prepare for the ceremony, but Kate quickly figures out her secret. To Lizzie’s surprise, Kate agrees to help her and the two become friendly again. Meanwhile, Ms. Ungermeyer interrogates the students to learn who has been sneaking out. Gordo takes the blame and is sent back home as punishment. Lizzie is shocked when she learns from Kate that Gordo sacrificed himself to protect her. Back home, Matt browses the Internet and finds Italian gossip sites with pictures of Lizzie as Isabella. When he tells his parents, the family flies to Rome.

At the airport, Gordo meets the real Isabella, who is upset that someone has been impersonating her. She and Gordo realize that Paolo is planning to have a nervous Lizzie unknowingly sing live at the ceremony, as Isabella actually does, creating the impression that Isabella is a fake, which would damage Isabella’s career and embarrass Lizzie. Gordo and Isabella rush to the awards to stop him. When the Mcguires arrive in Rome, Ms. Ungermeyer learns that Lizzie is missing. Gordo’s roommate Ethan Craft reveals that she is performing at the International Music Video Awards, and Lizzie’s family and the class also rush to the ceremony. Backstage, Gordo and Isabella find Lizzie preparing for the ceremony and warn her about Paolo’s scheme. Lizzie refuses to believe them at first, but Isabella convinces her otherwise. Ms. Ungermeyer gets the class and Lizzie’s family into the ceremony by pushing her way through the bouncers.

During the performance, Isabella and Gordo expose Paolo, who is actually the one who lip syncs, by turning on his microphone, revealing his real voice. Embarrassed, Paolo runs off stage, where his manager Sergei abandons him and is ambushed outside by paparazzi. Isabella introduces Lizzie to the crowd, and the two of them sing “What Dreams Are Made Of”. When Isabella leaves the stage, Lizzie finishes the song solo, displaying a newfound confidence. Later, they all celebrate at the hotel’s after party, where Ms. Ungermeyer rescinds Gordo’s punishment. Lizzie’s parents tell her she is grounded for the summer, but they still are proud of her. Lizzie and Gordo sneak away from the party to go up to the roof, where they promise to never let things change between them. The two kiss and then rejoin the party before they get into more trouble. As the film ends with fireworks spelling “The End”, the animated Lizzie does a parody of Tinker Bell, winking at the audience and closing the series.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fun, musical and unforgettable. This is what dreams are made of.

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