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Supervillain Megamind and his arch-nemesis, the superhero Metro Man, were both infants that were sent to Earth by their dying planets. Though both arrived in Metro City at the same time, Metro Man was raised in a mansion, while Megamind was raised by prisoners. In the present, Megamind, aided by his fish-like companion Minion, frequently and unsuccessfully battles Metro Man for control of the city.

At the grand opening of the new Metro Man Museum, Megamind escapes his prison, kidnaps reporter Roxanne Ritchi, and lures Metro Man to an abandoned observatory to rescue her. Once there, Metro Man collapses, claiming the copper-lined observatory roof weakens his powers; Megamind then shoots (and apparently kills) Metro Man with a sun-powered weapon. With no one around to stop him, Megamind goes on a crime spree, taking over the city; however, he feels increasingly depressed and purposeless with no hero to fight. 

Megamind decides to blow up the Metro Man museum to forget the hero, but sees Roxanne there and dehydrates the museum’s curator, Bernard, into a small cube instead. Disguised as Bernard using hologram technology, Megamind talks to Roxanne, whose remarks inspire him to use Metro Man’s DNA to create a new superhero to fight. Megamind perfects the formula, but accidentally injects it into Hal Stewart, Roxanne’s dimwitted cameraman who has a crush on her.

Disguising himself via hologram as Hal’s “Space Dad”, Megamind offers to train Hal to become a superhero. Hal, seeing this as a chance to get with Roxanne, accepts and takes on the name “Titan” (though he misspells it “Tighten”). Megamind also begins to date Roxanne in the guise of Bernard, and he and Minion have a falling out over Megamind’s apparent lack of interest in committing further crimes. Roxanne rejects Titan when he comes to court her, and Titan later witnesses her on a date with “Bernard”. After a heartbroken Titan leaves, Megamind’s “Bernard” disguise fails, and Roxanne harshly rejects him as well. 

Megamind arranges to fight Titan the next day, but Titan does not show up. Megamind soon learns Titan is using his powers on a crime spree. Titan offers to ally with Megamind, but Megamind deliberately reveals his disguises and deceptions, hoping to goad Titan into fighting. Angered, Titan savagely beats Megamind. Realizing that Titan has no interest in justice and means to kill him, Megamind traps Titan in a ball of copper; however, he is surprised when Titan easily breaks out. Megamind and Roxanne escape to Metro Man’s old hideout, and discover that Metro Man is still alive, having faked his death to pursue his dream career as a musician. He refuses to help, but asserts that a hero will always rise to defeat evil. 

Dejected, Megamind puts himself back into prison. Titan goes on a rampage, demanding to fight Megamind and threatening to kill Roxanne. Megamind realizes he must act, and reconciles with Minion. The two escape the prison and use holographic disguises to make Megamind appear as Metro Man, and Minion as Megamind, to frighten Titan away and rescue Roxanne. However, Megamind’s speech patterns give him away, and Titan attacks Megamind and throws him high into the air (as shown in medias res at the start of the film). Dehydrating himself into a cube and landing safely in a fountain, Megamind rehydrates next to Titan and manages to extract the DNA, reverting Titan back to his human form. After Hal is arrested, Megamind and Roxanne begin a relationship, and the city celebrates Megamind as a hero. The museum is converted into one celebrating Megamind, and a disguised Metro Man cheers on his former foe at the grand opening ceremony.

Megamind Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A forgettable yet cute kids movie. A fun movie for a family movie night.

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