T.V. Series Review: Sesame Street Season 4

Sesame Street Season 4 Trailer

Sesame Street Season 4 Summary

Season 4, Episode 0406: 4th season premiere; Gordon and Susan meet Sam the Robot.

A kid narrates: “Hey, I know that street! That’s Sesame Street! You know what they really like on Sesame Street? They really like the alphabet.” The characters hold up letters that introduce their names: A is for Athelstan, B is for Bob, and as Cookie Monster reminds the viewers, C is for Cookie! Then there’s David, Ernie, Farley, Gordon, Hooper, Ingrid, Jay, Kermit, Luis, Maria, Nancy, Oscar, Prairie, Queen, Roosevelt, Susan, Trey, Ursula, Vanessa, Willy, and Xavier. Grover says, “Y is for You, and you visit Sesame Street every day!” Big Bird admits, “And Z… well, Z is for… You know, I don’t think there’s anybody on Sesame Street whose name begins with Z! Oh, well. Can’t have everything!” The problem that Big Bird describes was finally solved in 1993, with the introduction of a character whose name begins with Z.

Season 4, Episode 0407: Officer Bird on patrol

Big Bird dons a policeman’s uniform and declares he’s going to pretend to be a member of the law enforcement, but he doesn’t know what police officers actually do. He asks David, who tells him police often arrest people for such crimes as stealing. He tries to arrest Maria when he sees her removing a bag from the Hooper’s Store counter, but Mr. Hooper confirms the bag belongs to her – it’s her groceries.

Season 4, Episode 0408: Luis makes a phone call with Sam the Machine.

Gordon greets the viewer by waving four of his hands. Big Bird is amazed by this, not realizing Gordon has help from a young child behind him.

Season 4, Episode 0409: Big Bird washes his face.

Big Bird approaches Susan playing in the arbor with some kids. He says he has a neat trick which involves counting from 1 to 10 forward and backward. First, he counts to 10, then turns his back, and counts to 10 again. He’s impressed by his joke, but Susan challenges him to count down from 10 to 1 and leads the viewer for the count.

Season 4, Episode 0410: Oscar adopts a pet skunk.

Susan helps Big Bird find the bus stop on the block. He reads the sign to make sure it’s correct, which causes him to miss his bus.

Season 4, Episode 0411: Oscar and his tin cans; Big Bird learns the importance of admitting an honest mistake.

Gordon and Susan water the plants on their windowsill. Oscar thinks they’re yucky to look at, but Gordon says it’s their window, so he doesn’t have a choice. Oscar gets inspired …

Season 4, Episode 0412: Episode 0412

Susan greets the viewer, pointing out that she appears to be upside down on a chair, but she’s really not: the camera rotates to reveal her standing, holding the chair above her head.

Season 4, Episode 0413: Big Bird learns about magnets.

Mr. Snuffleupagus greets the viewer, and “telestrates” the letter O with his snuffle.

Season 4, Episode 0414: Bob gets a lesson in ecology

Big Bird greets the viewer, and shows the difference between big and little, comparing his size to that of a kid. He notices that Gordon is bigger than the kid, but smaller than him. Just then, a giant (David) emerges, asking Big Bird for directions to the nearest beanstalk.

Season 4, Episode 0415: Snuffy-sized trash can.

Mr. Snuffleupagus greets Jay on the street and explains that he was writing the alphabet, but he made a mistake, so he’s going to throw his paper away. When he tosses it on the ground, Jay tells him he can’t just dispose of it anywhere, it has to go in a trash can. Snuffy realizes what he’s done, leaves the trash where it is for now, and leaves to go home and retrieve his trash can.

Season 4, Episode 0416: Episode 0416

David, Bob, Maria and Susan try to stack and count 12 cartons, but Big Bird knocks them over while looking for Alphabet Bates. They stack the boxes again, but Big Bird knocks them over again while looking up. They all decide to take a rest.

Season 4, Episode 0417: Oscar babysits; Big Bird’s taxi service.

David and some kids demonstrate first and last by getting in a line.

Season 4, Episode 0418: Snuffleupagus drinks soapy water from a bucket.

Maria recruits Oscar the Grouch to teach the concept of here and there. Oscar obliges, militantly barking orders to the viewer. Maria says there’s a nicer way to do it, but Oscar grows tired of her standing here near his trash can, and there behind the construction doors of Big Bird’s nest. Just as he’s complaining about how dull it all is, a second Maria appears next to him, placing her both here and there.

Season 4, Episode 0419: Oscar looks for a new house.

Oscar is constantly bothered by people tapping on his trash can. Susan suggests he find a home that isn’t made of metal.

Season 4, Episode 0420: Maria and Big Bird play a rhyming game

Gordon appears on Sesame Street (wearing blue against a chroma key background) with parts of his body missing. He talks to the audience as each body part returns (removing blue sleeves and leggings).

Season 4, Episode 0421: Episode 0421

Bob greets the viewer, and thinks he hears the sound of the milkshake machine inside Hooper’s Store. He goes in and asks David for a milkshake, and David jokingly gives him a glass of wood shavings from the board he was drilling.

Season 4, Episode 0422: Oscar warns everyone that it’s going to rain.

David finishes painting a chair, and is about to make a “wet paint” sign, when Sam the Robot offers to do it for him. The first sign he generates is too small, then the next one is too big. David shows Sam the kind of size he wants for his sign, and Sam starts spewing signs all over the place.

Season 4, Episode 0423: Big Bird makes his own drum

Big Bird observes Luis and some kids playing with drums, and suddenly wants to build a drum of his own.

Season 4, Episode 0424: Sam the Robot does Bob and Oscar’s laundry.

Susan, Bob, Luis and Big Bird greet the viewer, then they all watch a parade of all the letters of the alphabet.

Season 4,Episode 0425: Episode 0425

Luis is cleaning three mud spots off the front window of the Fix-It Shop which he suspects were left from a car driving by. He asks the viewer if he cleans one off, how many will be left. He cleans off each spot, subtracting as he goes, until all the spots are gone.

Season 4, Episode 0426: Sam the Machine makes lunch

Bob displays a picture with words ending in “IG.”

Season 4, Episode 0427: Oscar mistakes his reflection in the mirror for another Grouch.

Big Bird encounters Mr. MacIntosh’s produce cart, which is unattended. He tries to clear it so he’ll be able to ride on it, but ends up making a mess of apples. He decides to sneak away from Sesame Street, but then the kids help pick up all the apples.

Season 4, Episode 0428: David gives Oscar a lesson in manners.

David greets the viewer, and gives a lesson in subtraction using his feet.

Season 4, Episode 0429: Big Bird offers to be Luis’ songbird.

Gordon and the kids imagine threes of different things they don’t usually count on the street. Oscar can’t stand hearing their discussion, but unwittingly does three of something – put out his “DO NOT DISTURB” sign, put on his earmuffs and go inside his can.

Season 4, Episode 0430: Somebody keeps squirting Bob and Luis with water

Maria greets the viewer, and hears Oscar throwing trash out of his trash can, which puts him in a musical mood. He sings “I Love Trash”, and Maria begins putting the trash back into his can.

Season 4, Episode 0431: Luis, Susan and the kids work together to clean the street.

Luis, Susan and the Kids sing “We’ve All Got to Work Together” while cleaning the street. Oscar doesn’t believe they can do it, but they succeed. Oscar even helps by taking a big pile of trash into his can.

Season 4, Episode 0432: Loud and soft.

Maria greets the viewer, while quietly reading a book. Oscar, meanwhile, practices for a yelling contest, which bothers Maria. She repeatedly tells him to stop, and Oscar is impressed with her loud yelling.

Season 4, Episode 0433: Big Bird tries to blow a balloon.

At Hooper’s Store, Mr. Hooper climbs up and down the ladder to get balloons off the top shelf for customers.

Season 4, Episode 0434: Big Bird accidentally breaks Luis’ vase.

Maria shows the viewer what the Sesame Street sign looks like without its E’s.

Season 4, Episode 0435: Sam the Machine tries to make a handball.

Gordon demonstrates up and down by showing how Oscar lifts his trash can lid whenever he comes up and goes down

Season 4, Episode 0436: Susan tests Big Bird’s memory

Susan explains to Luis, in his first day on the job, how to stack and count sacks that come off an assembly line.

Big Bird and Grover play hide-and-seek. Grover is “it” but he keeps forgetting what number comes next and has to get help from Big Bird, who’s trying to hide. He reaches 10 and finds Big Bird right away.

Season 4, Episode 0438: Episode 0438

Luis finishes fixing a mirror frame, and invites some kids to look into the mirror and make different faces. Luis’s reflection, however, has a mind of its own.

Season 4, Episode 0439: “Smart” Alex beats Big Bird

At Hooper’s Store, Big Bird tells David that he’s been practicing adding and subtracting. A new kid in the neighborhood, Alex (nickname “Smart Alex”) approaches and asks for an orange. Big Bird tries to solve the subtraction problem, but Alex beats him to it. Big Bird worries that David might like “Smart Alex” better than him.

Season 4, Episode 0440: Sam the Robot makes orange juice.

Bob welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, pointing out how nice it is to be together with friends.

Season 4, Episode 0441: Snuffy is missing

Susan engages Big Bird, John-John, and Shola in a guessing game on the steps of 123 Sesame Street. Matching items to the words they rhyme with, Susan says the last item in the box rhymes with “big”. Big Bird asks if it could be a pig…

Season 4, Episode 0442: Oscar gets a job as a dishwasher / Oscar looks for a job

Bob greets the viewer while pushing Debo on the tire swing. He asks the other kids around if they have any older or younger siblings, then gauges how old each of them are (as well as the viewers). He then imagines what it was like when he turned six years old…

Season 4, Episode 0443: Snuffy spills Luis’ can of tacks

Outside the Fix-it Shop, Luis welcomes the viewer while putting tacks into a coffee can. He leaves for the bank, and Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus find the coffee can. Snuffy thinks it’s a perfect thing to keep his crayons in, but he accidentally knocks it over. Big Bird gets the idea to find Luis and tell him the truth about the accident.

Season 4, Episode 0444: Big Bird waits for Susan’s phone to ring.

Maria paints shapes on a plexiglass screen – a square, a triangle and a rectangle – then obscures the entire screen.

Season 4, Episode 0445: Big Bird helps collect empty bottles; Oscar’s phone ringing prank.

Big Bird encounters his friends collecting empty bottles to be recycled, and offers to help out.

Season 4, Episode 0446: Oscar is tired of people dumping garbage in his can.

Big Bird demonstrates the difference between fast and slow with his toy box: first, he dumps the toys on the ground and picks them up one by one (slow). Then, he dumps them out again, and they all go back into the toy box themselves with a reverse-tape edit (fast).

Season 4, Episode 0447: Sam the Robot takes Gordon’s photo; Oscar disguises himself as a bush.

While some kids play softball in the arbor, Maria introduces the letter H. She joins in the game, and points out the words “hit” and “home run”.

Season 4, Episode 0448: Snuffy runs away from home.

Luis saws a wood plank into 6 pieces as kids count them. He then puts the plank back together with a reverse-tape edit, as the kids count backwards.

Season 4, Episode 0449: Big Bird tries to fit a barrel through his door.

Big Bird greets the viewer, wheeling a giant styrofoam L. He gives it back to Gordon, then notices his dolly cart also looks like an L.

Season 4, Episode 0450: Oscar’s noise machine; Big Bird looks after Hooper’s Store.

Loud crashes and bangs are coming from inside Oscar’s trash can. Luis and Susan ask what’s going on, and Oscar says that he’s making something he likes… noise.

Season 4, Episode 0451: Big Bird needs to make a phone call to Luis; Oscar plays “Grouch Steps.”

Luis plays a “what happens next” game with some kids: he shows them some out-of-order picture sequences and has them arrange them correctly. He introduces Batman.

Season 4, Episode 0452: Big Bird is all ready for the cold weather.

Bob, Maria, and the kids observe their cold weather clothing as Big Bird joins them. He’s been sent a package of winter clothes from his Granny Bird, but he’s wearing each item incorrectly. Everyone helps him to dress properly

Season 4, Episode 0453: Oscar orders a million snowballs.

Everyone steps out into the morning snow, but they’re not quite ready. With the blink of an eye, each of them gets equipped with the gear they need for the weather.

Season 4, Episode 0454: Another snowy day.

David demonstrates “next to”.

Season 4, Episode 0455: David and Maria figure out how to carry a load of bricks.

At the Fix-it Shop, Luis welcomes the viewer, and explains the importance of adding spaces between words by displaying a “SESAMESTREET” sign.

Season 4, Episode 0456: Snow on Sesame Street

Oscar the Grouch is positioned behind his trash can with four snowballs to demonstrate subtraction. As Gordon, Susan, and Bob walk by, he tosses a snowball at them, subtracting one each time. The final snowball is for the viewer, but he misses.

Season 4, Episode 0457: Oscar tries to do something rotten, but ends up helping people.

On another snowy day, Big Bird leads David into Hooper’s Store because he made a present for him. Inside, they find a wagon filled with water, a scarf, some cork pieces and a carrot. Big Bird says he made a snowman, and imagines that the snowman escaped. David explains how snowmen are made of ice, which ice melts indoors

Season 4, Episode 0458: Another snowy day: Susan misses seeing Snuffy.

On another snowy day, Gordon is about to brush the snow off the 123 Sesame Street basement railing, when The Count shows up, looking for something to count. Gordon says he can count the number of times it takes him to brush off the snow.

Season 4, Episode 0459: Episode 0459

Gordon plays a rhyming game with Big Bird and the kids. Gordon tells them to do something that rhymes with “mop”, and the kids start to hop. Big Bird does something that rhymes with “cheer”: disappear.

Season 4, Episode 0460: Oscar gives out Grouch winter gear.

Bob has another encounter with salesman Samuel Snively, who is peddling bermuda shorts, swim flippers and suntan lotion. Bob points out that it’s the middle of winter and he has no need for these products. Samuel asks Bob to keep this information on the down low as he tries to sell them to Big Bird.

Season 4, Episode 0461: Luis explains “LOVE” to Sam the Robot.

Big Bird can’t find his gloves and resolves to buy a new set, only he doesn’t know how many he needs. Luis points out that since he has two hands, he’ll need two gloves. Big Bird repeats this on the way to Hooper’s Store, but ultimately forgets. Inside, Susan reveals he forgot his gloves at her apartment and presents them to him.

Season 4, Episode 0462: Another snowy day

Gordon and two kids count three snowballs, arranging them in different ways

Season 4, Episode 0463: Big Bird wakes up in the morning; Sam the Robot helps Bob scratch his back; Oscar disguises himself as a pile of snow.

In the morning, Big Bird wakes up and notices he’s the first one up; everyone else is still asleep. He wants to practice his drum, then wants to build a birdhouse, but he imagines the kind of reaction he’d get if he wakes people up with such loud activities. Instead, he decides to go back to sleep

Season 4, Episode 0464: Big Bird helps David put away dolls; Oscar disguises himself with a beard.

David sings “What Can I Do?” with the kids.

Season 4, Episode 0465: Snuffy helps Big Bird find something that rhymes with “man.”

Oscar the Grouch tries to trick everyone into saying the word “no”, but David tricks the Grouch and has the last laugh.

Season 4, Episode 0466: Another snowy day.

Maria has the kids (and Oscar) point out the things she’s wearing that start with S: her sweater, scarf, skirt, shoes, and socks. Oscar throws a snowball at her.

Season 4, Episode 0467: Oscar and Maria prank each other.

Bob greets the viewer, as his head moves up and down out of the shot. What’s he doing? … Jumping rope.

Season 4, Episode 0468: Big Bird the pirate; Sam the Robot writes a note for David.

David welcomes the viewer, and tries to display the word UP, but the word keeps rising up.

Season 4, Episode 0469: Slimey the Worm performs tricks.

Big Bird demonstrates front and back with aid from a kid on a bicycle (and tape edits).

Season 4, Episode 0470: Snuffy fills Big Bird’s pool; Sherlock Hemlock solves the mystery of Big Bird’s missing birdseed.

Big Bird finds Bob taking a photo of Gordon and Susan. He suggests Big Bird get in the picture as well, but he struggles getting behind them. When he finally does, he faces the wrong way. He suggests Bob get in the picture instead while he takes the photo…now struggling to get behind the camera.

Maria introduces the letter B. Harvey Kneeslapper comes in with a B word – box, “the funniest box in the world,” he claims. Maria opens it and spring-loaded snakes fly out.

Season 4, Episode 0472: Episode 0472

Oscar witnesses Gordon and Susan being affectionate with one another. They explain what love is.

Season 4, Episode 0473: The Little Theatre of the Deaf visits

Big Bird spots a sign on the construction doors in front of his nest that he has trouble reading, so he calls Maria over for some help, who comes over with Linda. Maria reads it out, “Little Theatre of the Deaf Coming to Sesame Street,” and asks Big Bird if he remembers Linda, who can’t hear. They’re then met by David, a performer with the troupe who explains that all of their members are deaf and speak with their hands, except for him. He introduces Ed, Tim, and Julianna. Big Bird says that he’s really pleased to meet them.

Season 4, Episode 0474: Big Bird decides to become a famous inventor.

Mr. Hooper, Gordon and Kate follow a long clothesline which stretches from Hooper’s Store to Big Bird’s nest area. Big Bird claims it’s his “new invention” which allows him to place orders from Hooper’s without leaving his nest. They inform him that he could just use the telephone, but Big Bird vows to invent something else.

Season 4, Episode 0475: Episode 0475

Big Bird attempts to take a box from a pile, but despite Bob’s warning, he gets the box from the bottom of the pile, causing the others to fall over. With the help of a reverse-tape edit, Big Bird corrects his mistake

Season 4, Episode 0476: Oscar wins the Grouch of the Year Award.

David and Luis play two different kinds of music at the same time, starting a music feud. Maria thinks it’s a silly fight, but Oscar is delighted. David and Luis apologize to each other and decide to keep their music down, which disappoints Oscar.

Season 4, Episode 0477: Episode 0477

Susan greets the viewer and introduces the letter N. Luis has a newspaper, and David has a napkin. Oscar replies “no”, “never” and “nuts”.

Season 4, Episode 0478: Gordon and Susan have Oscar and Kate over for dinner.

Susan is in the kitchen, preparing for a dinner visit from Oscar and Kate. The Count appears, looking for something to count. Susan lets him count the eggs as she cracks them for a cake she’ll be baking.

Season 4, Episode 0479: Big Bird redecorates Hooper’s Store to give it bird appeal.

Gordon watches Big Bird rapidly show off some R words – run, race and rush (which he does while imitating the Road Runner), carrying a sign with each word. He finally brings in a stool, which Gordon notices is not an R word – it’s for Big Bird to Rest on.

Season 4, Episode 0480: Oscar auditions new Grouches.

Maria invites the viewer to imagine with her. We imagine that she’s as small as a pair of jacks, and frightened by an enormous kitten which Luis brings.

Season 4, Episode 0481: Episode 0481

Big Bird watches as David balances a (matted) triangle on his finger, showing that it has three sides and three corners.

Season 4, Episode 0482: Oscar builds a hat rack.

The Count counts people who say hello: David, Maria, Luis and Big Bird.

Season 4, Episode 0483: Hooper’s Store blows a fuse.

At Hooper’s Store, everyone goes about their business. David turns on both the radio and the electric griddle, and they suddenly lose electricity. While Luis fetches a fuse from the Fix-it Shop, Kate recalls what it was like when she was young and visited her grandparents on the farm, and how they got by just fine without electricity. She tells them to wait for her in the store while she goes home to get a few things.

Luis tells the viewer why he likes stormy, overcast days. He describes back in his childhood in the desert, he would be fascinated by watching the lightning and hearing the sounds of thunder. On the other hand, Gordon doesn’t like these kinds of days – he never knows what to wear. The two run into each other and have a laugh over their different perspectives

Season 4, Episode 0485: Mr. Snuffleupagus does animal imitations.

Big Bird demonstrates none, some and allas Mr. Hooper is chromakeyed into the sho

Season 4, Episode 0486: Episode 0486

Maria comes out of 123 Sesame Street carrying a paper bag of trash, but the bag rips apart, so Maria goes back inside to get a broom. Oscar delights in seeing the trash on the steps, and decides to add to it with one of his own tin cans. David catches Oscar red-handed, and scolds him for littering the steps. Oscar says Maria did it, not him, but David doesn’t believe him. Finally, Maria comes outside with a broom and explains to David what happened. David apologizes to Oscar and offers to make it up to him; Oscar wants to see him get angry again.

Season 4, Episode 0487: Ella Mitchell visits.

The camera pans in on Ella Mitchell, sitting along in front of 123 Sesame Street. As she sings “Oh, Brother”, everyone in the neighborhood gathers to hear her sing (including Bob, Maria, David, Brynne, Shola, John-John, and the kids). She asks her audience to help her spell the words “Justice” and “Freedom”. She closes the song by leading the group dancing down the street.

Season 4, Episode 0488: Episode 0488

Gordon sees that Big Bird is holding Mr. Hooper’s vase in his beak, and is reaching over the doors to drop it. Gordon thinks the vase will break if Big Bird drops it, but he’s relieved when it lands in Mr. Hooper’s hands.

Season 4, Episode 0489: A rainy day on Sesame Street.

David gets angry when he’s almost hit by a stack of newspapers thrown at his feet by a newspaper deliveryman. The driver of the newspaper truck apologizes to David.

Season 4, Episode 0490: Jimmy Collier and Pete Seeger visit.

Big Bird wonders where everyone is today. Pete Seeger passes through, asking if he’s seen Jimmy Collier around. They follow the sounds of clapping hands to the arbor, where Jimmy is playing to the street residents. Jimmy leads them all in “If You Want to Get Your Freedom, Clap Your Hands.”

Season 4, Episode 0491: Episode 0491

The cast, the kids, and some Muppets all clap to Johnny Carson-style theme music.

Season 4, Episode 0492: Episode 0492

Big Bird turns the world topsy-turvy by bending over and peering through his legs. He sees Gordon throwing the basketball down instead of up, then sees Maria going up the stairs instead of down, and a kid who spills his ice cream up. When Big Bird stands up, he sees Luis, but his vision isn’t quite adjusted yet.

Season 4, Episode 0493: Nighttime on the street.

Ernie & Bert — Ernie and Bert sing “Imagination”.

Season 4, Episode 0494: David tries to study for a law school exam.

Mr. Hooper has the day off, but drops by the store to check-in. He sees David has his nose in a book instead of working, which he finds upsetting at first. David explains that he has a big law school exam tonight, so he’s studying. Mr. Hooper sees this as important work and permits David to spend the day studying while he takes over (in exchange, David must work on his next day off).

Season 4, Episode 0495: Episode 0495

At Hooper’s Store, Oscar asks David to hold a rope for him while he gets a glass of milk. First, Oscar builds a table, then sews a napkin, then milks the cow which is tied to the rope.

Season 4, Episode 0496: Episode 0496

Maria calls Big Bird over so he can assist her in showing the viewer what today’s number is (4). He counts Maria and two kids, which makes 3. Maria points out that he forgot to count himself, and shows him how to do it the right way.

Season 4, Episode 0497: Episode 0497

Oscar sets out six pieces of junk that he intends to subtract. He explains to Gordonthat they keep falling out of his closet, so he’s subtracting them by throwing them out onto the street. Gordon retaliates by adding each one back into Oscar’s can.

Season 4, Episode 0498: Oscar’s air pollution factory.

Gordon and Susan see a giant smokestack coming out of Oscar’s can. Oscar says his new business is manufacturing bottled smoke for other grouches, but Gordon forces him to shut it down.

Season 4, Episode 0499: Sam the Robot tells the story of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

David greets the viewer, mentioning that he has a big headache. He notices a sign on Oscar’s can reading “Doctor Oscar” with a red cross on it. First, Oscar gets out a bullhorn and loudly calls everyone’s attention to David, then has David hold a cymbal while Oscar strikes it, which makes David’s headache worse. Then he tells David to hold out his foot while he drops a large rock on it, but David escapes and goes to Hooper’s Store for some aspirin.

Season 4, Episode 0500: Oscar installs a doorbell on his trash can.

Luis teaches a girl how to play a guitar chord, encouraging her to keep trying

Season 4, Episode 0501: Episode 0501

Oscar shows Maria the “Wet Paint” sign on his trash can, which he put there so that he can go to sleep without anybody banging on his can and bothering him. Shortly after Maria leaves, Gordon and Luis knock on the can to tell Oscar that the paint is dry. Oscar takes down the sign, then Maria knocks on the can to tell him that someone took down the sign.

Season 4, Episode 0502: Mr. Hooper loses his glasses.

The Count is looking for someone to help him count, but everybody refuses. Luis then suggests that he count up to twenty with a man from India…

Season 4, Episode 0503: Gordon threatens to stop giving Oscar trash until he learns some manners.

Mr. Hooper and Kate observe the kids playing. Kate plays guitar and sings “All Over Everything”.

SeaaEpisode 0504: Luis buys a new hat; Big Bird orders bags of birdseed.

Luis shows off his new hat, but notes that the box got mangled a bit on the bus ride home. Oscar is in awe of its color and structure, so Luis says since he loves it so much, he’ll give it to him. When he places the hat on Oscar’s head, Oscar scoffs: he was talking about the beat-up box it came in.

Season 4, Episode 0505: Episode 0505

Oscar the Grouch begrudgingly gives a lesson on the shape of a triangle for a Muppet kid.

Season 4, Episode 0506: Episode 0506

Gordon welcomes the viewer and announces that T is the letter of the day. He notices a T on Oscar’s trash can and inquires about why it’s there. He guesses that T is for Trash, Terrible, and Temper Tantrum, but Oscar says it’s to remind people to stay away from him. He points Gordon to a note on a scroll which begins with a letter T, which is for “time” –– as in “Time after time I have told you not to bother me!”

Season 4, Episode 0507: Episode 0507

Maria the magician tries to make a letter V appear from her hat. It takes awhile, but a tiny Kate appears from the hat with the V.

Season 4, Episode 0508: Episode 0508

Part 1: Bob presides over David and Maria’s wedding. After the couple says “I do”, the minister instructs the groom to place the ring on the bride’s finger. David looks confused, so Bob tells him it’s the round thing in his pocket. After some searching, David produces a pizza: it’s round and it was in his pocket. Bob clarifies that it also has to have a hole in it, so David pulls out an inflated bicycle tube. Bob adds an additional caveat: it has to be much smaller than that. David next finds a doughnut in his pocket, but Bob says it has to be smaller still.

Season 4, Episode 0509: Big Bird tries to organize some people in the neighborhood for a photograph.

Big Bird tries to organize some people in the neighborhood for a photograph, including Gordon, Maria and two kids. He arranges them on the steps by size, having some difficulty at first. Now that he’s arranged the “little people” he calls over the “big people” – David and Susan as giants.

Season 4, Episode 0510: The Count counts water drops and leaves

David waters the tree on the street. The Count comes by, eager to count something, and suggests counting the hose and the drops of water coming from it. Ultimately, he asks David to boost him into the tree to count its leaves.

Season 4, Episode 0511: Susan shows Big Bird that he’s important on Sesame Street / Big Bird builds a nest

Luis and some kids notice Oscar doing physical exercises while counting. They join him, and Luis lists the benefits of exercising, but Oscar lists the benefits for Grouches

Season 4, Episode 0512: Big Bird guesses that Susan is going to the shoemaker.

Bob sings “Hi Friend”.

Season 4, Episode 0513: Mr. Hooper watches Snuffleupagus’ postcard.

At Hooper’s Store, Mr. Hooper receives a parcel containing some dolls that he’s ordered. The Count slinks in and introduces himself before counting the 10 dolls Mr. Hooper places on the shelf. The Count’s thunder and lightning rattles the store, causing everything on the shelf to fall off. The Count relishes another chance to count the dolls once again as Mr. Hooper is forced to put them up again.

Season 4, Episode 0514: Stevie Wonder and his band visit Sesame Street.

Stevie Wonder performs “123 Sesame Street”.

Season 4, Episode 0515: Grover is afraid of Sam the Machine.

As Bob and Grover greet the viewer, Sam the Robot arrives on the scene. Grover, never having seen the living machine before, is scared out of his skin. Bob tries to ease Grover’s fears by introducing Grover to the different parts of Sam, such as his gumball machine, telephone and his question-answering feature. Grover feels much more comfortable now, but Sam begins to panic when he learns Grover is a monster.

Season 4, Episode 0516: Sam the Machine becomes a time machine.

Maria finds Oscar is preparing for a Grouch party he intends to throw. He smashes cookies to serve, along with peppered punch and dirty rags as napkins. He asks her to send out his invitations, which instruct the recipients not to come at all. “I hate parties,” Oscar exclaims.

Season 4, Episode 0517: Big Bird finds that life without a telephone can be exhausting.

Kate greets the viewer, then sees Big Bird using the telephone to call Susan. She recalls growing up without a telephone, and having to rely on neighbors to pass along a message to someone. Thus, Big Bird decides to try not using the phone today, and repeatedly goes back and forth between Gordon and Susan to get their messages across to each other, eventually wearing himself out.

Season 4, Episode 0518: Oscar conducts the Grouch Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mr. Hooper stops by as Oscar conducts the Grouch Philharmonic Orchestra. Instead of musical instruments, the members of the orchestra make the sounds of an airplane, a train and a fire engine.

Season 4, Episode 0519: Big Bird tries to fit a big bag of birdseed in a small bucket.

Gordon greets the viewer, introducing some kids to the letter Q. Oscar unknowingly helps them think of Q words: he tells them to be quiet, asks if this is a quiz, says he doesn’t like questions, and finally, “I quit!”

Season 4, Episode 0520: The Little Theater of the Deaf performs a story about animals.

Linda and her friends from the Little Theater of the Deaf (Tim, Ed and Carol) greet the viewer in sign language.

Season 4, Episode 0521: Big Bird’s alphabet show.

In the arbor, Big Bird presents his fabulous, fantastic alphabet show for everyone. First, for the letter A, he acts like an acrobat. For the letter B, he inflates himself like a balloon, then floats away – and crashes, for the letter C.

Season 4, Episode 0522: Big Bird tries to introduce Mr. Snuffleupagus to David.

David demonstrates front and back, without noticing that Mr. Snuffleupagus is in back of him, even as Big Bird points it out to him.

Season 4, Episode 0523: Slimey the Worm has disappeared

Harvey Kneeslapper decides to trick Luis and pretend he’s talking too quietly. Luis greets Harvey, who asks him to speak a little louder. Luis increases his volume until, on his third try, his greeting is so loud that it gives a tremendous echo, reverberating across the whole neighborhood. Harvey is weirded out.

Season 4, Episode 0524: Sam the Robot tries to be like Big Bird.

Maria looks around for Big Bird. Sam the Robot thinks he can take on the role, showing how he can tweet, produce eggs and even fly up into a tree. The real Big Bird arrives and Maria gives him a bag of birdseed. Sam has no desire for birdseed and flies off to get a glass of motor oil.

Season 4, Episode 0525: Episode 0525

At Hooper’s Store, Oscar the Grouch shows the difference between being nice and grouchy when asking Mr. Hooper for a box of crayons.

Season 4, Episode 0526: Bob and Oscar demonstrate how a tape measure works.

Big Bird and the kids greet the viewer.

Season 4, Episode 0527: Oscar keeps airplanes away from his trash can.

Oscar puts signs in several places to warn airplanes not to land close to his trash can. Bob takes the signs down, citing no such thing happening to Oscar in the past. At that moment, several paper and wooden airplanes land around Oscar’s can.

Season 4, Episode 0528: Episode 0528

Luis gives a demonstration of up and downby teleporting around the block, including the top of a ladder. Bob pops in and removes the ladder, leaving Luis suspended in mid-air.

Season 4, Episode 0529: Sam the Robot has a picture with hidden letter Ns.

To a jive beat, David walks down the street, rhyming and counting himself Susan, Gordon, and Maria.

Season 4, Episode 0530: Oscar makes a life-size picture of himself.

Donnie Budd sings about animals in groups of five on a farm.
Artist: Bud Luckey

Season 4, Episode 0531: Oscar has a torn doormat.

Gordon sees that Oscar has an old, torn doormat. Oscar changes his mind about keeping when he finds out that when Gordon puts the WEL and COME pieces together, it spells WELCOME.

Season 4, Episode 0532: Ella Mitchell visits Sesame Street.

Gordon introduces Ella Mitchell, who sings “That’s What My Song is For” with David and the kids.

Season 4, Episode 0533: Mr. Snuffleupagus can’t find anyone to play with.

Poor Mr. Snuffleupagus can’t find anyone to play with him. He gets so lonely and unhappy that he sings a song called “Nobody”.

Season 4, Episode 0534: Episode 0534

Big Bird accidentally knocks Mr. Hooperdown while rollerskating.

Season 4, Episode 0535: 4th season finale; Oscar imagines that there are no people living on Sesame Street.

Oscar feels bothered by his neighbors and imagines all of Sesame Street has vanished, save for his trash can. Since 123 Sesame Street is now gone, the adults must find somewhere else to live. Oscar tosses his tin cans on the ground and blares his siren, but realizes it’s no fun to bother people if nobody’s around. He snaps back to reality and enjoys the aggravation he can really cause everyone.

Sesame Street Season 4 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great show for young kids to learn and enjoy.

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