T.V. Series Review: PB & J Otter Season 2

PB & J Otter Season 2 Trailer

PB & J Otter Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: Gotta Dance / Otter Pox

A dance contest is held on Lake Hoohaw but Peanut cannot dance.

Jelly gets Otter Pox on her birthday and friends try to find a way for her to be in her party.

Season 2, Episode 2: The Dollhouse / The Tell-Tale Candy Wrapper

Munchy accidentally eats Pinch’s wooden dollhouse and PB&J try to help him find a way tell her the truth.

Flick eats all of PB&J’s candy.

Season 2, Episode 3: Eye Spy / Happy Harmony

Flick tries to hide the fact that he has to wear reading glasses.

After hearing an argument between Peanut and Jelly, Mayor Jeff tells them a story about a similar argument between a barber shop man and a young woman.

Season 2, Episode 4: Strike Up the Band / World’s Strongest Otter

After playing a Mother’s Day song for Opal on homemade instruments, the kids decide to perform it for all the mothers in Lake Hoohaw.

After failing a test your strength game, Peanut wishes for him to be like the muscle men on television.

Season 2, Episode 5: Come Back, Little Monster / The Big Sweep

Jelly meets a manatee named Kevin, but her friends do not believe her because Kevin keeps going away when they come.

Peanut searches his messy room for his special blue marble.

Season 2, Episode 6: Butter Tags Along / Flick’s Big Find

Butter secretly tags along with Peanut, Munchy, and Flick on their trip around the world.

Flick finds one of Ootsie and Bootsie’s toys in the ground and takes it away.

Season 2, Episode 7: Tub O’ Butter / El Dorado, Seat of Gold

Peanut and Jelly try to convince Butter to take her bath so they can be in bed by 8:00 and still have time to hear a bedtime story.

PB&J secretly take Mayor Jeff’s main attraction of his toilet seat exhibit, but accidentally loses it.

Season 2, Episode 8: Mayor Flick / The Greatest Sleepover Ever

Mayor Jeff chooses Flick to be the mayor of the kids.

Ootsie and Bootsie are spending the night at PB&J’s while their parents are away. But none of them can agree on anything

Season 2, Episode 9: Save Oaky Oak Tree / The Duck Who Cried Wolf

While Ootsie and Bootsie are trying out their supercharged golf clubs, they want to cut down the kids’ favorite tree when Bootsie can’t get her golf ball past it.

While on a campout, Flick tries to convince PB&J that a bear is coming. Flick thinks it is fun until a real bear shows up.

Season 2, Episode 10: Poor Bubbles / Poodle Power”

After seeing that Bubbles isn’t feeling happy, PB&J try their best to cheer him up.

Ootsie and Bootsie’s new video game accidentally causes a blackout. PB&J try to show them that they don’t need video games to have fun.

Season 2, Episode 11: Forgive Me Not / These Shoes Are Made for Walking

Pinch accidentally rips Jelly’s prized rodeo cape and Jelly refuses to forgive her.

Peanut wants a pair of Ootsie and Bootsie’s cool new shoes.

Season 2, Episode 12: Mama Peanut / Bye-Bye Bubbles

A baby turtle mistakes Peanut for his mother and begins following him around everywhere.

Bubbles mysteriously disappears and PB&J must find him.

Season 2, Episode 13: Practice Makes Perfect / Three’s a Crowd”

Peanut does not know how to ride a bike and he tries to learn after his friends made fun of him.

Opal babysits the Muskrat triplets and PB&J feel ignored.

Season 2, Episode 14: Lost and Found Sherlock Otter

Peanut and Jelly accidentally get separated from their parents at the Snooties’ carnival

Objects around the Otter house are disappearing so Peanut and Jelly become detectives to solve the case.

Season 2, Episode 15: I’ll Be Your Best Friend / Otterly Alone

Munchy and Flick fight over who is Peanut’s best friend.

Mayor Jeff babysits PB&J while Opal is gone for the day.

Season 2, Episode 16: Lemon-itis / Duckbird Alert”

Peanut stars a lemonade stand with Jelly and Butter but they get Lemon-itis, a case from eating too much lemons.

Flick tries to learn how to fly.

Season 2, Episode 17: Follow Your Nose

While out on a picnic, PB&J and Flick meet 3 mole children, who are also having a picnic.

Season 2, Episode 18: The Ice Moose

It is the season of Hoohaw Hoo, but Flick isn’t feeling the spirit. 

Songs: Star of Hoohaw Hoo / Practice Makes Perfect (version B) / Happy Hoohaw Hoo

Season 2, Episode 19: Baby Butter’s Bankie / Three Super Otters

The Otters find Butter’s baby blanket in the basement.

PB&J and Munchy become superheroes and try to save Pinch’s favorite doll, which fell into the fast-moving stream.

Season 2, Episode 20: Butter’s First Check-Up / The Legend of Ponce de L’Otter

Baby Butter is nervous about her first dentist appointment, so Peanut and Jelly try to help her.

After Mayor Jeff tells the kids a story about a legendary telescope, they set out to find that telescope.

Season 2, Episode 21: Gotcha! / The Mysterious Mirror

The kids are scared after watching a scary movie. So Flick starts scaring them.

Jelly finds a mirror in the sand and is convinced that it has magic powers.

Season 2, Episode 22: A Tree Grows in Hoohaw / Flick’s Big Fakeout

When an old pine tree that has been in Mayor Jeff’s family for years begins to get very sick, PB&J try their best to nurse it back to health.

Flick is jealous of all the attention that Pinch (who broke her leg in a sledding accident) is getting, so he fakes an injury.

Season 2, Episode 23: This Little Light of Mine / Look Ma, No Hands

Peanut and Jelly capture a firefly but Butter sets it free.

PB&J try to learn manners for a fancy dinner party at the Snooties’ mansion.

Season 2, Episode 24: Chez Otter / Hooray for Peanut

PB&J want to make their parents a fancy dinner for their anniversary.

Butter saves Wanda from crashing her boat by ringing a bell, but Peanut is mistakenly given credit.

Season 2, Episode 25: The Great Water Race / Be Nice to Beavers

Flick challenges the Otters to an inner tube race

Munchy thinks the kids are making fun of him when he is having a bad day.

Season 2, Episode 26: Kid Court / A Frog Named Measles

The kids act out a courtroom trial to see which TV show to watch.

Munchy thinks that PB&J are giving him measles.

PB &J Otter Season 2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fun Saturday morning cartoon for young kids.

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