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One evening, an elderly woman tells her granddaughter the bedtime story of a young man named Edward who has scissor blades for hands.

The creation of an old inventor, Edward is a humanoid who is almost completed. The Inventor homeschools Edward, but suffers a heart attack and dies before giving Edward real hands, leaving him permanently “unfinished”.

Many years later, Peg Boggs, a local door-to-door Avon saleswoman, tries to sell at the decrepit Gothic mansion where Edward lives. She finds him alone and offers to take him to her home after discovering he is virtually harmless. Peg introduces Edward to her husband Bill, their young son Kevin and their teenage daughter Kim. Edward falls in love with Kim, despite her initial fear of him. As their neighbors are curious about the new houseguest, the Boggs throw a neighborhood barbecue welcoming him. Most of the neighbors are fascinated by Edward and befriend him, except for the eccentric religious fanatic Esmeralda, and Kim’s boyfriend, Jim.

Edward repays the neighborhood for their kindness by trimming their hedges into topiaries, progressing to grooming dogs and later styling the hair of the neighborhood women. One of the neighbors, Joyce, offers to help Edward open a hair salon. While scouting a location, Joyce attempts to seduce him, but scares him away. Joyce lies to the neighborhood women about it, reducing their trust in him. The bank denies Edward a loan as he does not have a background or financial history.

Jealous of Kim’s attraction to Edward, Jim suggests Edward pick the lock on his parents’ home to obtain a van for Jim and Kim. Edward agrees, but when he picks the lock, a burglar alarm is triggered. Jim flees and Edward is arrested. The police determine that a lifetime of isolation has left Edward without any sense of reality or common sense. Edward takes responsibility for the robbery, telling Kim he did it because she asked him to. Consequently, he is shunned by the entire neighborhood, except for the Boggs family.

At Christmas, Edward carves an angelic ice sculpture modeled after Kim; the ice shavings are thrown into the air and fall like snow, a rarity for the neighborhood. Kim dances in the snowfall. Jim arrives suddenly, calling out to Edward, surprising him and causing him to accidentally cut Kim’s hand. Jim accuses Edward of intentionally harming her, but Kim, disgusted with Jim’s behavior, breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Edward flees in a rage, destroying his works and scaring Esmeralda until he is calmed by a wandering dog.

Kim’s parents go out to find Edward while she stays behind in case he returns. Edward returns, finding Kim there. She asks him to hold her, but Edward hesitates, afraid of hurting her. Jim drives around in a drunken rage and nearly runs over Kevin, but Edward pushes Kevin to safety, inadvertently cutting him. Witnesses accuse Edward of attacking Kevin; when Jim assaults him, Edward defends himself, cutting Jim’s arm before fleeing to his mansion.

Kim races after Edward, while Jim obtains a handgun and follows Kim. In the mansion, Jim ambushes Edward and fights with him; Edward refuses to fight back until he sees Jim slap Kim as she attempts to intervene. Enraged, Edward stabs Jim in the chest and pushes him from a window of the mansion, killing him. Kim confesses her love to Edward and kisses him before she departs, leaving Edward alone. As the neighbors gather, Kim convinces them that Jim and Edward killed each other.

The elderly woman finishes telling her granddaughter the story and reveals that she is Kim in her old age. She says that she never saw Edward again, so that Edward would remember her as she was in her youth. She believes he is still alive because it would not be snowing without him. Edward is then seen carving ice sculptures with the bits of ice floating in the wind – sculptures of his experiences with Kim.

Edward Scissorhand Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This film gives us all the feels. Johnny Depp does it again. He really creates such vulnerable yet strong characters. Absolutely a must watch, can be scary for kids though.

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