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The Lost World Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Professor George Challenger and a group of adventurers embark on an expedition to the Amazon, hoping to prove the existence of dinosaurs on an isolated plateau, located in the dense Amazon jungle. When their hot air balloon leaves them stranded atop the plateau, they must put their trust in a jungle girl to save them from the dangerous predators that inhabit it.

Season 1, Episode 2: Stranded

As a way to get off the plateau, Marguerite tries to make a deal with the chief of a local tribe, in which Veronica will marry the chief, something she wants no part of. Things do not go as planned, and the explorers must now face a variety of threats to save their own lives.

Season 1, Episode 3: More Than Human

After being forced into a whirlpool by a Tyrannosaurus, the explorers end up in the midst of a new culture, where humanoid lizards rule and humans are their slaves. The group must find a way to escape the cold-blooded captors and their evil leader Tribune.

Season 1, Episode 4: Nectar

After Summerlee is stung by a giant bee, the explorers search for an antidote, which can only be found in the bee’s gigantic hive.

Season 1, Episode 5: Cave of Fear

As Roxton and Marguerite venture into a cave to rescue Challenger, they discover that this is no ordinary cave. Hallucinogenic gases in the cave cause memories of their past mistakes to haunt them. As Summerlee searches for them, both come nearer and nearer to ending their lives.

Season 1, Episode 6: Salvation

When Challenger, Veronica, and Summerlee save a girl from drowning using CPR, Tolmac, part of the Christec people, declares Summerlee a witch for bringing the girl back from the dead. The Christecs have combined Catholicism and Aztec religions, with a Conquistador Inquisition feel, to form their own theocracy. As Veronica escapes to summon help from the others, Challenger takes on the role of Summerlee’s lawyer ~ if found guilty, both men will be burned at the stake.

Season 1, Episode 7: Blood Lust

The explorers race against time to save Roxton’s life after a series of events cause him to become a vampire.

Season 1, Episode 8: Out of Time

Roxton, Marguerite and Malone are mapping a series of caves, trying to find one that leads off the plateau, when a fog begins to fill the air around them. Once the fog clears they find themselves surrounded by Druids who swarm over Marguerite. The Druids reveal to Marguerite that her fate is to fulfill an ancient prophecy. What it means, she must discover for herself, but it involves retrieving a sacred gemstone. She, along with Roxton and Malone, must go through several obstacles like headhunters and a leap of faith to accomplish Marguerite’s task. Meanwhile, Veronica discovers an abandoned baby in the jungle, whom she looks after, much to the dismay of Challenger.

Season 1, Episode 9: Paradise Found

An aged guide who brought Veronica’s parents to the Lost World years ago, dies in Veronica’s arms, singing “Ode to Joy,” leading Veronica and the explorers to seek out a hidden paradise, where Veronica suspects her parents might be.

Season 1, Episode 10: The Beast Within

Out in the jungle, Malone is hit in the neck with a poisoned dart and is killed. A shaman named Lento, heals him and Malone is brought back to life, but due to this, Lento has been driven mad. He is sentenced to death by his village, but Malone rescues him. Summerlee is kept captive in Lento’s place and will die unless Roxton, Malone, and Challenger can capture Lento. Lento leads them on a chase, having booby-trapped the jungle. Meanwhile, back at the treehouse, Veronica and Marguerite have had a huge fight, and wind up down an old well.

Season 1, Episode 11: Creatures in the Dark

Challenger, Veronica, Malone and Marguerite are out tracking a stream, when they run into a group of Vantu headhunters. Fearing for their lives, the run into an overgrown cave opening. Once inside, they discover it is man-made mine shaft. There is a cave in, in which Veronica escapes, but the others are trapped inside. They are saved by Garza, part of a tribe banished to the mine by a plague, and led by a blind little boy known as The Oracle, who declares the explorers shall remain underground forever. On the outside, Veronica manages to get Roxton and Summerlee from the treehouse, but they meet up with the Vantu again, who are not easily persuaded to let them rescue the others from their mountain prison.

Season 1. Episode 12: Tribute

When Roxton saves Tayra of the Tinta people from a Hikari warrior who is chasing her, he learns that Tayra was part of a tribute that the Tinta pay the Hikari to ensure they can live in peace. Roxton, Veronica, and Challenger convince the Tinta they can stop the tribute and begin teaching them to fight. The Tinta must now fight the Hikari for their freedom, with the help of the explorers. Back at the treehouse, Malone, Marguerite, and Summerlee are taken prisoner by a World War I pilot, Hans Dressler, who still thinks WWI is going on, and who shares a mysterious past with Marguerite.

Season 1, Episode 13: Absolute Power

Our adventurers find the ruins of an ancient temple and at its center, Challenger is amazed to find the crude etching of an atom. Curious to unlock the mystery, Challenger places a nearby crystal sphere into the “keyhole” of the atom. Suddenly a blinding white light engulfs Challenger, leaving him near death. As Challenger’s friends fight to save his life, we see an alternate reality, where Challenger emerges from the light unscathed and with extraordinary powers. When the vicious Dirkon and his band of Slavers kidnap Veronica, Challenger easily defeats them. Unfortunately, after this Challenger’s arrogance increases tenfold with his powers with murderous results. With Challenger near death in one world, and his friends dying in the other, the two worlds begin a collision course with destiny.

Season 1, Episode 14: Camelot

When Marguerite catches the eye of fourteen-year-old boy-king Gawain, he decides that she should be his bride and she is left with the choice to either marry him or die. Veronica fetches Malone and Roxton to try to free Marguerite and before long, they become embroiled in a power struggle between Gawain and Vordred, Gawain’s Grand Vizier who wants to kill the boy-king and seize the throne for himself. While Marguerite tries to protect Gawain from Vordred, Roxton and Malone are sent on a quest to slay a T-Rex and events culminate with Roxton engaging in joust with Vordred to decide the fate of the Kingdom.

Season 1, Episode 15: Unnatural Selection

The discovery that one of Challenger’s old friends from London is living on the plateau with his daughter causes Challenger some concern considering he was at the girl’s funeral fifteen years ago. Furthermore, Veronica’s disappearance coupled with encounters with armed, intelligent ape men, lead Roxton and Challenger to uncover the secret genetic experimentation being carried out by Dr. Hargrove. Meanwhile, a faint image in a photograph helps Summerlee, Marguerite and Malone locate an elderly woman, who claims to be an exiled fairy queen, who may have access to a radio transmitter, however she is only willing to divulge its location in exchange for help in breaking her curse, all she requires is a few drops of blood from a virgin.

Season 1, Episode 16: Time After Time

While out hunting with Veronica, Roxton accidentally shoots a young woman who appears suddenly in a flash of light. Returning to the treehouse, Summerlea helps Roxton nurse her back to health. Meanwhile, Marguerite, Malone and Challenger discover a tablet that points to a possible way off the plateau. After making their way to some ancient ruins, the trio are attacked by armed warriors but a stranger arrives to help fend off the attackers. As events play out for the two groups, the two mysterious new arrivals tell separate tales of what they are doing on the plateau. They both purport to be from the future and Marguerite is the focus for each of them, one wants her dead to stop her unleashing a deadly plague, while the other wants to ensure she returns to London.

Season 1, Episode 17: Prodigal Father

Roxton, Malone, and Marguerite rescue a man from certain death, and soon make the startling realization that the man is Tom Layton, Veronica’s long-lost father, who has escaped his life as a slave working in the mines and is now on running from Kartas, a merciless bounty hunter who is stalking him. The group return to the tree house where Veronica is reunited with her father, but is this man really who he appears to be?

Season 1, Episode 18: Birthright

Deep in the jungle, Marguerite, Challenger and Malone come upon a mummified corpse. Surprised when it shows signs of life, they learn the would-be corpse, Ramses, is Egyptian royalty. He tells a story about how his throne has been stolen from him by his sister, Nefertiti. After agreeing to help him regain the throne, the three discover there is more to the dispute than Ramses is revealing. He blinds his sister, and leaves her to die. Marguerite, Challenger and Malone help her escape. The explorers must now come up with a plan to dethrone Ramses and give Nefertiti control again. Meanwhile, Summerlee is pursued by a T-Rex after she mistakenly believes him responsible for the death of her babies. Roxton and Veronica must help their friend or die with him as a T-Rex meal.

Season 1, Episode 19: Ressurection

After days of searching the mountains for a pass off the plateau, Roxton and Marguerite are camped for the night when they are taken by surprise by Norse warriors. Roxton is run through with a sword by the leader, Ursula. As he sinks to his knees, Marguerite is hauled off by the raiders. Near death, Roxton is visited by a mystical young boy named Osric, who offers a deal. Osric will restore Roxton’s life so he can save Marguerite. However, as a deal, Roxton must murder Bergen, an old man with a long-standing hold over the boys’ manipulative intentions. Roxton refuses to kill the old man, but Osric has many deadly ways to get what he wants. Meanwhile, Malone and Veronica must defend their Treehouse from a band of cutthroats who will stop at nothing to take it from them.

Season 1, Episode 20: The Chosen One

Roxton is bestowed with the honor of safely ensuring the delivery of a young leader and a slain mans quarterstaff to their final destination. Along the way, the group must battle the evil Goths who seek destroy the boy’s tribe, and Roxton finds himself taking a personal interest in seeing that the boy fulfill his destiny as the Saviour of his people. Meanwhile, back at the Tree house, Malone finds himself falling for Kaya, a beautiful young woman whose sudden appearance has Veronica struggling with more than her own jealousy.

Season 1, Episode 21: Prophecy

When the explorers rescue a fortune teller from her runaway horses, she tells them their future, which begins to come true little by little, but in a different way than they expect. Meanwhile Challenger and Summerlee collect some prehistoric plants, they however being hunted by pack of smart raptors waiting for them to run out of ammo as they dodge and hide while they try to get to the balloon.

Season 1, Episode 22: Barbarians at the Gate

The explorers are caught in the middle of a raging war between Tribune, who now holds gunpowder, and Drakul, the leader of a barbaric tribe. One of the explorers will be lost, possibly forever, when this battle reaches its peak.

The Lost World Season 1 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was a great series that was similar to Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park combined. I would love to see this make a come back.

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