T.V. Series Review: Sesame Street Season 37

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Sesame Street Season 37 Summary

Season 37, Episode 4109: Abby Cadabby comes to Sesame Street

Oscar the Grouch unwelcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. It’s his kind of morning, since there’s no one around his trash can! His solitude soon disappears with a flash. Abby Cadabby appears and introduces herself: She and her family just moved to Sesame Street, and she’s looking for someone to play with.

Season 37, Episode 4110: Abby Cadabby’s first day of school

Elmo is in the Fix-It Shop having the windmill in Dorothy’s fishbowl fixed. Baby Bear comes in and asks where Abby Cadabby is: It’s her first day at the Storybook Community School! Abby soon appears, and she and Baby Bear get ready to go. Elmo looks forward to hearing about the experience when they get back.

Cookie Monster sings “Cookie World” to a parody of the “Elmo’s World” theme song. Naturally enough, he’s thinking about cookies, and so is his cookie in a goldfish bowl (which, luckily, is not filled with water).

Season 37, Episode 4112: Gabi and Miles graduate from High School

Gabi and Miles are graduating from high school. The entire cast is congregated in the arbor, where Alan and Gina take pictures of the two graduates in their caps and gowns. Elmo walks by and wonders what’s going on. He can barely believe that they’re finished with school, while he hasn’t even started!

Season 37, Episode 4113: Herb, the plant eating dinosaur

Alan is in Hooper’s Store preparing a salad for Gordon — but then the ground shakes, and he sees a dinosaur through the window. He can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Season 37, Episode 4114: Snow White’s Meltdown

Elmo welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. He soon hears the sound of Snow White (Amy Sedaris) and her seven dwarves, looking for Sesame Street.

Season 37, Episode 4115: Maria and Luis’ wedding anniversary/H Day

Today on Sesame Street, you could meet a clumsy camel, rhyming farm animals or Matt Lauer!

Season 37, Episode 4116: Elmo and Alan play school

Elmo prepares to play school. Alan comes by, and Elmo asks him if he’s willing to play the role of teacher. He agrees even though he’s busy working at Hooper’s Store at the moment.

Season 37, Episode 4117: Good-bye Elmo, Hello Jelmo

In honor of J, Elmo has changed his name to Jelmo. He jumps around and resolves to do other things beginning with the letter.

Season 37, Episode 4118: Ask Oscar Show

It’s time to “Ask Oscar!” After the Oinker Sisters sing the theme song, Telly reads off a letter by Little Ricky Roma inquiring what the round fasteners on his jacket are called. Being a Grouch, Oscar refuses to answer the question, and disappears into his trash can to clean his elephant.

Season 37, Episode 4119: Big Bird wishes the adults were kids

Big Bird looks for someone to play with. He approaches Maria, but she’s too busy working at the Fix-It Shop to play.

Season 37, Episode 4120 Baby Bear writes a story called “The 3 Astro Bears”

Baby Bear prepares himself to write an original story about the Three Bears. Elmo notes that he likes stories about stars, planets, and rocket ships, promptly inspiring Baby Bear to title the work “The Three Bears in Outer Space.”

Season 37, Episode 4121: Telly’s doll Freddy wants to play with Rocco

Zoe is pretending to be a day care teacher and prepares her dolls and pet rock for a field trip to the park. Telly walks by and rushes over to enter his own doll, Freddy, in the school, but there’s no room left on the school bus!

Season 37, Episode 4122: Healthy Food Pageant

A play is about to begin! Prairie Dawn plays the piano and brings forth the Healthy Food Pageant.

Season 37, Episode 4123: Baby Bear builds an automatic lemonade pouring machine

Telly, Baby Bear, and Elmo are enjoying refreshments in Hooper’s Store. Baby Bear notes how busy Miles is tending to duties, and proposes a brilliant invention: An Automatic Lemonade Pouring Machine.

Season 37, Episode 4124: Slimey wants to be a hero like Trash Gordon

After Oscar finishes reading a chapter of Trash Gordon, Rosita and Elmo come by and notice Slimey’s enthusiasm. Inspired, Slimey suggests that he wants to be a hero like Trash Gordon. Rosita and Elmo express doubts about the worm’s size and strength, but Oscar refutes them

Season 37, Episode 4125: Alphabet Road Show comes to Sesame Street

Telly, Baby Bear, and Elmo rush into Hooper’s Store to watch the Alphabet Road Show on television. Their excitement only increases when they hear of the next stop the road show will take: Sesame Street!

Season 37, Episode 4126: Zoe has a birthday party for Rocco

It’s Rocco’s birthday! Zoe has prepared party invitations and gives them to Gordon and Elmo. But: What do you give a rock for a present?

Season 37, Episode 4127: Oscar gets a Rottendoodle

Grundgetta plays with her Rottendoodle, Itchy — a flea-ridden Grouch dog that does absolutely nothing she asks it to do. Oscar asks where he can get a Rottendoodle of his own. Grundgetta calls the breeder.

Season 37, Episode 4128: Zoe wants long hair like Rapunzel

Gabi and Miles dramatize the story of Rapunzel to Elmo and Zoe. After they finish, Zoe mentions that she wished she had long hair like Rapunzel did.

Season 37, Episode 4129: What Comes Next Game Show

Manning the counter at Hooper’s Store, Miles welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. After Elmo walks in, Mr. Pattern appears and invites everyone to play the “What Comes Next” game.

Season 37, Episode 4130: Gina Adopts a Baby, part 1

Perched on the roof, Hoots the Owl sings “It Takes a Street.” The camera pans, and scenes from Sesame Street and other locales are shown.

Season 37, Episode 4131: Gina Adopts a Baby, part 2

With Marco’s arrival impending, Luis and Gordon try lifting a crib from the entrance of 123 Sesame Street. Elmo asks what baby is arriving and what “adopting” is. Big Bird and the others explain, with Gordon noting his and Susan’s own adoption of Miles as an example.

Season 37, Episode 4132: Gina Adopts a Baby, part 3

Gina welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. A pair of dancing pigs (Joey Mazzarino and Fran Brill) ask her when she’ll be going back to work. Big Bird and Snuffy stop by, and want to play with Marco. They suggest baseball, roller skating, pogo stick jumping, and checkers as activities…but Marco’s not old enough yet.

Season 37, Episode 4133: National Try a New Food Day

Alan welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. Baby Bear sits at the counter of Hooper’s Store and asks for a dish of porridge with brown sugar and honey; his usual treat. At that moment Telly, Monster on the Spot reporter, walks in and announces the day’s event: It’s National Try a New Food Day on Sesame Street!

Season 37, Episode 4134: Oscar and Grundgetta race the Sloppy Jalopy

Oscar and Grundgetta are heading off to the Nasty Car Races in the Sloppy Jalopy, which they sing a song about. At the end of the song they try to drive off, but the car won’t start. Grundgetta can’t get it to start, so Luis and Maria offer to help.

Sesame Street Season 37 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a great show for young kids to learn

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