T.V. Series Review: Sesame Street Season 46

Sesame Street Season 46 Trailer

Sesame Street Season 46 Summary

Season 46, Episode 4601: Bedtime Story

Grover says it’s bedtime and attempts to get ready for bed, only he can’t remember what to wear.

Season 46, Episode 4602: Mucko Polo, Grouch Explorer

Cookie Monster uses his senses to explore a cookie

Season 46, Episode 4603: Grover’s Street Safari

Grover announces we’ll be seeing some wild animals today, but doesn’t notice the lion, tiger and bear behind him.

Season 46, Episode 4604: Saved by Super Foods (repeat)

Cookie Monster shows off (and eats) some healthy foods, which we’ll be seeing in just a bit.

Season 46, Episode 4605: Funny Farm

Elmo imitates some farm animal sounds, but can’t remember how a goose sounds. A real goose surprises him, reminding him of her noise.

Season 46, Episode 4606: Valentine’s Day

Elmo is excited because today is Valentine’s Day and has a valentine to explain the holiday. A Bathtub shows up instead, who happens to have a valentine card for Elmo.

Season 46, Episode 4607: The Best Friend Band

Grover introduces a theme of “music” for today’s show, interrupted by some sunglass-wearing chickens.

Season 46, Episode 4608: When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame

Elmo announces we’ll be saying lots of dinosaurs and gets the viewer to roar like one.

Season 46, Episode 4609: What I Love About Art

Grover shows off tons of different things one can make art with…as well as a mess when he trips over himself.

Season 46, Episode 4610: Say Thank You to Your Face Day

Chris and the Two-Headed Monster introduce three parts of the face – the eyes, nose and mouth.

Season 46, Episode 4611: Abby’s Fairy Garden

Grover attempts to water some flowers, but ends up with a face full of water from the uncooperative hose.

Season 46, Episode 4612: Elmo Steps in for Super Grover (repeat)

Super Grover tries to demonstrate his superhero skills by leaping over a penguin, but she leaps over him instead. It turns out she’s a superhero too…Power Penguin!

Season 46, Episode 4613: The Princess Story (repeat)

Grover introduces the theme of princes and princesses by posing as a prince with a glass slipper. He looks for a fair damsel to try it on, but is instead met with the large foot of Freddy.

Season 46, Episode 4614: Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin (repeat)

Elmo tells the viewer about friends.

Season 46, Episode 4615: Birdie & the Beast

Cookie Monster thumbs through a fairytale book, which sets his mind on cookies and he devours the book.

Season 46, Episode 4616: Rocco’s Playdate (repeat)

Cookie Monster presents some crafted cookies he’s made, which he then gobbles up.

Season 46, Episode 4617: Camping Show (repeat)

Grover introduces today’s theme of nature in the garden, where he’s frightened off by a bear.

Grover tells the viewer today is Mother’s Day and tries coming up with a way to celebrate. His mommy rightfully suggests a hug will suffice.

Season 46, Episode 4619: Move It!

Grover demonstrates some moves, which we’ll be seeing plenty of today.

Season 46, Episode 4620: Hooper’s Lockdown

Elmo introduces today’s theme of shapes and meets a few.

Season 46, Episode 4621: To The Moon, Elmo

Elmo and the viewer name things you can find in space: the sun, moon and stars. He then blasts off.

Season 46, Episode 4622: Chicken Thunderstorms (repeat)

Grover gets caught in varying weather conditions while introducing today’s theme of weather.

Season 46, Episode 4623: Music Magic (repeat)

The Great Groverin itries to magically make a rabbit appear from his hat, but nothing seems to work. The cranky rabbit tells him to keep it down; she’s trying to sleep.

Season 46, Episode 4624: Abby Makes the Seasons Change (repeat)

Cookie Monster introduces the four seasons and has a cookie for each one. He concludes any season is best for cookie eating.

Season 46, Episode 4625: Boo Boo Busters

Grover introduces today’s theme of boo-boo bandages and shows off one on his elbow.

Season 46,Episode 4626: Elmo and the Bookeneers (repeat)

Grover introduces today’s theme of books with a large, heavy stack of books.

Season 46, Episode 4627: Bye Bye Pacifier (repeat)

Grover probes baby Emerson for information about babies for today’s show.

Season 46, Episode 4628: Mi Amigita Rosita (repeat)

Cookie Monster recites some Spanish words he’s learned, including his favorite – galletas (cookies)!

Season 46, Episode 4629: Dress-Up Club

Grover introduces today’s theme of dressing up by donning some costumes, including a cookie that attracts the attention (and appetite) of Cookie Monster.

Season 46, Episode 4630: Afraid of the Bark (repeat)

Grover introduces today’s theme of dogs using a pack of dogs, who drag him away.

Season 46, Episode 4631: Good Sport (repeat)

Grover introduces today’s theme of games while playing tackle football with some chickens.

Season 46, Episode 4632: Sesame Ocean

Grover imagines he’s at the beach and gets surprised when a real crab appears.

Season 46, Episode 4633: Don’t Get Pushy (repeat)

Cookie Monster is happy to have a cookie, but is sad when it’s gone. He gets happy when he finds another one.

Season 46, Episode 4634: School for Chickens (repeat)

Grover prepares his backpack for school, but finds it’s too heavy to lift.

Season 46, Episode 4635: Halloween

It’s Halloween and Abby prepares her fairy garden for the occasion. She’s grown some jack-o-lanterns, a bobbing-for-apples tree and stalks of candy corn on the cob.

Sesame Street Season 46 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A great show for young kids to learn.

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