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Sophie, a 10-year-old girl living in a London orphanage, is often awake at the “witching hour”. One night, she sees an elderly giant outside her window, who captures her and takes her to his home in Giant Country. He explains that he cannot allow Sophie to return to her world and reveal the existence of giants. If she ventures out alone, she may be eaten by the nine much larger giants.

In his workshop of dreams, the giant fashions a nightmare to convince the sleeping Sophie to stay with him in safety. The Fleshlumpeater, the infantile leader of the man-eating giants, intrudes and demands for a “boo-boo” on his finger to be fixed. He smells Sophie, but the elderly giant convinces him to leave. Sophie persuades the friendly giant to take her to visit Dream Country. They accidentally awaken the other giants, and after the Bloodbottler suggests they “frolic”, they bully the friendly giant. A thunderstorm drives the man-eating giants into their cave, but the Fleshlumpeater finds Sophie’s dropped blanket.

In Dream Country, Sophie and the friendly giant catch good and bad dreams. The giant reveals that his only name – besides “Runt”, the other giants’ nickname for him – is “the Big Friendly Giant”, which leads Sophie to call him “BFG”. She accompanies him to London for his nightly work: using his dream-trumpet to spread good dreams to sleeping children. They return to Giant Country just as the other giants have finished eating children around the world. The BFG realizes that Sophie has lost her blanket, exposing her presence to the other giants, and leaves her outside her orphanage. Explaining that his last human companion was discovered and eaten by the giants, he is unwilling to endanger Sophie and departs. Unafraid, Sophie jumps off her balcony in the hope he will appear again to catch her, and he does.

They return to the BFG’s workshop and the other giants barge in, hunting for Sophie. They destroy much of the BFG’s work, but Sophie evades detection and the BFG drives them off with a hot iron. Sophie finds the home of the last human to live with the BFG, with a portrait of Queen Victoria among his belongings. This inspires her to devise a plan: to forge a nightmare for Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom, about giants eating the children of England, the British Army fighting the giants, and Sophie appearing to her.

Sophie and the BFG go to Buckingham Palace and deliver the nightmare to the sleeping Queen. Upon waking, the Queen and members of her staff Mary and Mr. Tibbs find Sophie on the windowsill. She introduces them to the BFG, explaining that the child-eating giants are real and must be stopped. At a large breakfast, the BFG shares his favorite drink, flatulence-inducing “frobscottle”, and he and Sophie lead the Queen’s soldiers to Giant Country.

The BFG plans to ambush the man-eating giants with a nightmare, but has forgotten his dream-trumpet. Sophie carries the nightmare herself into the midst of the giants, and is confronted by the Fleshlumpeater. She releases the nightmare which consumes the giants with guilt, except the unregretful Fleshlumpeater, and they are ensnared by military helicopters. Carried away to an isolated island, the giants are left with only “snozzcumbers”, a disgusting vegetable, to plant and eat, much to their despair.

Sophie gets adopted by Mary and comes to live in the Queen’s palace, and awakens from a dream of the BFG, who returns to his life at Giant Country and writes the story of their adventure. She speaks to him whenever she feels lonely; at his home, the BFG hears her words and smiles.

The BFG Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A beautiful representation of the Roald Dahl’s book.

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