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Rugrats Season 3 Summary

Season 3, Episode 1: Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster/ Twins’ Pique

Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster: When the grown-ups hear that Randy Carmichael is having the creator of Dummi Bears over for dinner, the grown-ups invite themselves. While the adults are keen to impress, the babies scheme to ruin it as Susie fears she might have to move.

Twins’ Pique: Phil and Lil are tired of being mistaken for each other and yearn to be different, so they decide to change their personalities. While Phil decides to model himself on Chuckie, Lil chooses Angelica as her example.

Season 3, Episode 2: Chuckie’s First Haircut/ Cool Hand Angelica

Chuckie’s First Haircut: With Chuckie’s hair getting longer and longer, Chas decides to get him a haircut. With Chuckie too scared to sit under the scissors, the babies and grown-ups use different methods to try and show him there’s nothing to worry about.

Cool Hand Angelica: When Susie tells the babies about her time at an upcoming day camp, Angelica boasts she’d have no problem there. Eager to prove her wrong, Susie arranges for Angelica to join her.

Season 3, Episode 3: Tricycle Thief/Rhinocertis

Tricycle Thief: When Susie’s brand-new tricycle goes missing, she and the babies suspect Angelica is responsible and put her on trial.

Rhinocertis: Angelica tells Chuckie that he is turning into a rhinoceros when she pretends to be a doctor; meanwhile, Drew helps Stu with taxes.

Season 3, Episode 4: Grandpa Move Out/ The Legend of Satchmo

Grandpa Move Out: Grandpa moves into a retirement home after feuding with Stu and Didi. During a visit to there, Tommy and Angelica cause trouble trying to get Grandpa back.

The Legend of Satchmo: The babies go camping in the backyard, and things turn bad at night when they fear that a “Satchmo” will capture them.

Season 3, Episode 5: Circus Angelicus/ The Stork

Circus Angelicus: Angelica and the babies stage a “circus” of their own after they are forced to leave a real one due to Chuckie’s fear of clowns.

The Stork: Tommy thinks that he is getting a new baby brother, and tries to protect it.

Season 3, Episode 6: The Baby Vanishes/ Farewell, My Friend

The Baby Vanishes: Angelica uses vanishing cream to try to steal desserts while Drew tries to deal with Angelica’s misbehavior, along with other adults who pretend to not notice her.

Farewell, My Friend: When Chuckie’s glasses break during an adventure, he decides to stop going on them causing a rift between him and Tommy.

Season 3, Episode 7: When Wishes Come True/ Angelica Breaks a Leg

When Wishes Come True: The babies think that Angelica has turned into stone after a bad wish. In actuality, it is a statue of Angelica—Drew’s anniversary gift to Charlotte

Angelica Breaks a Leg: While staying at Stu and Didi’s for a week, Angelica fakes a broken leg to get more attention. She has a great time using a buzzer (which Stu set up) to get attention at all times, stressing out her aunt and uncle in the process. However, Angelica’s reign of terror ends when the doctor calls to apologize for the misdiagnosis. He points out that one of the broken legs belongs to the football player and the other is her mother, Charlotte’s, whom was injured during a rafting trip. Upon learning how much she’s caused trouble for Stu and Didi, Drew takes Angelica home to face proper punishment and force her to cater to her mom’s needs.

Season 3, Episode 8: The Last Babysitter/ Sour Pickles

The Last Babysitter: Susie’s older sister, Alisa, babysits for her younger siblings and Tommy, but things go awry when a “monster” appears.

Sour Pickles: Grandpa recalls a turning point in the childhood of Stu and Drew when Angelica gets a kaleidoscope.

Season 3, Episode 9: Reptar 2010/ Stu Gets a Job

Reptar 2010: When watching a Reptar movie, the tape breaks. As Grandpa tries to get it working, the babies supply their own ending.

Stu Gets a Job: After Stu fails to make a perfect toy, he gets a job and is less available to Tommy than usual. Tommy tries to prevent his dad from going to work, and Stu believes that what Tommy is doing is actually what Drew is doing. The episode title of “Reptar 2010” is the same title as the last level in Rugrats: Search for Reptar.

Season 3, Episode 10: Give & Take/ The Gold Rush

Give & Take: Tommy plays with an inflatable clown that Stu made for him, but accidentally gives it to Chuckie, who has a great time with it. Only when Angelica points out his fear of clowns does Chuckie realize his mistake.

The Gold Rush: When the babies find a nickel on the playground, Angelica sees a golden opportunity to get rich and puts the babies to work searching for more (throwing away other “junk” like $100 bills and jeweled rings in the process).

Season 3, Episode 11: Home Movies/ The Mysterious Mr. Friend

Home Movies: After being bored by Stu’s home movies, the babies make “films” about their lives. The home movies are drawn up by the writers’ children in this episode.

The Mysterious Mr. Friend: Stu designs a new toy called Mr. Friend and gives the first one made to Tommy. Although Stu believes he loves it, Tommy is actually scared of the toy (thanks to its strange design and voice) and works with his friends to get rid of it.

Season 3, Episode 12: Cuffed!/ The Blizzard

Cuffed!: Angelica accidentally handcuffs herself to Chuckie with a gift that is being sent to charity, and things get worse when she loses the key.

The Blizzard: A snowstorm comes to the neighborhood, and the babies imagine they are sledding to the North Pole.

Season 3, Episode 13: Destination Moon/ Angelica’s Birthday

Destination Moon: The babies pretend that Grandpa’s new trailer is a spaceship, and go to the “moon” to find Chuckie’s toy.

Angelica’s Birthday: On the day of her birthday party, Angelica wants to be a baby to avoid the responsibilities that come with getting older.

Season 3, Episode 14: Princess Angelica/ The Odd Couple

Princess Angelica: Angelica thinks that she is royalty when she overhears her parents, and schemes to go to her “castle”.

The Odd Couple: Tommy stays at Chuckie’s house for the weekend, and both of them learn that “you don’t really know someone until you live with them”.

Season 3, Episode 15: Naked Tommy/ Tommy and the Secret Club

Naked Tommy: Tommy wants to shed his clothes to be like his dog, Spike, so he tries out naturism. The other Rugrats join in, with the exception of Chuckie; Stu attempts to keep Tommy’s clothes on.

Tommy and the Secret Club: Angelica forces the babies to compete to see who gets to be in her club.

Season 3, Episode 16: Under Chuckie’s Bed/ Chuckie is Rich

Under Chuckie’s Bed: Chuckie thinks that there are monsters living underneath his new “big boy” bed, but Tommy ventures under it to prove otherwise.

Chuckie is Rich: Chas wins ten million dollars from a sweepstakes and lets wealth go to his head. Pat Sajak makes a cameo appearance

Season 3, Episode 17: Mommy’s Little Assets/ Chuckie’s Wonderful Life

Mommy’s Little Assets: Charlotte is forced to take Angelica and Tommy to work with her, where they nearly ruin an important business deal.

Chuckie’s Wonderful Life: An angel shows Chuckie what life without him would be like, when Chas’s favorite CD vanishes, and the horrible consequences are shown.

Season 3 ,Episode 18: In the Dreamtime/ The Unfair Pair

In the Dreamtime: Chuckie has a very hard time distinguishing dreams from reality.

The Unfair Pair: Angelica worries Phil and Lil about which one is “their parents’ favorite”.

Season 3, Episode 19: Chuckies Red Hair/Spike Runs Away

Chuckies Red Hair: Chuckie is tired of standing out because of his red hair, so he uses Grandpa’s hair dye. He soon finds that not being noticed is not as good as he thinks.

Spike Runs Away: Spike runs away from home and does not return, which leaves Tommy unhappy. Stu and Didi are also upset and decide to try and find a replacement pet.

Season 3, Episode 20: The Alien/ Mr. Clean

The Alien: Angelica convinces Tommy, Phil, and Lil that Chuckie is an alien.

Mr. Clean: Chuckie becomes a neat freak after his father tells him about germs.

Season 3, Episode 21: Angelica’s Worst Nightmare/ The Mega Diaper Babies

Angelica’s Worst Nightmare: Charlotte announces that she may be pregnant, which frightens Angelica to the point of her having a nightmare about being rejected by her parents and her new baby sibling threatening her.

The Mega Diaper Babies: The babies pretend to be superheroes to get back the action figures of their favorite TV heroes from Angelica.

Season 3, Episode 22: New Kid in Town/ Pickles vs. Pickles

New Kid in Town: Tired of being picked on by Angelica, the babies meet a boy named Josh, who turns out to be even worse.

Pickles vs. Pickles: After Drew punishes Angelica, he worries when she tells him he’ll regret it. He then has a nightmare in which Angelica hires a lawyer and sues him.

Season 3, Episode 23: Kid TV/ The Sky is Falling

Kid TV: The babies create their own TV shows after Stu breaks the TV set.

The Sky is Falling: Angelica tells the babies that it is the “end of the world”, but then believes it herself.

Season 3, Episode 24: I Remember Melville/ No More Cookies

I Remember Melville: Chuckie’s pet pill bug dies, and he has trouble dealing with the loss.

No More Cookies: Angelica swears off cookies after she suffers a stomachache but, after several failed attempts to get more, she reminisces about her first experiences with them.

Season 3, Episode 25: Cradle Attraction/Moving Away

Cradle Attraction: Chuckie falls for a new girl named Megan who tries to get his attention by bullying him.

Moving Away: Angelica’s announcement that she may be moving delights the babies — until they recall how they first met.

Season 3, Episode 26: Passover

While attending a Passover seder at Didi’s parents’ house, Boris and the children (and later, most of the adults), get locked in the attic because the door does not open from the inside. To pass the time, Boris tells the children the story of why Jews celebrate Passover, and how Moses saved his people from slavery.

Rugrats Season 3 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fun Saturday morning cartoon following cartoons.

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