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Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 1 Summary

Seasonal 1, Episode 1: Destination Dinohenge

65 million years ago, the evil Sporix Beasts ravaged the planet Rafkon before traveling to Earth. Six Rafkonian knights followed them and, together with six dinosaurs, were granted the power to become Dino Fury Power Rangers by the Morphin’ Masters. All but one seemingly fell in battle as the Sporix were captured while the survivor, the Red Ranger Zayto, went into stasis. In the present, reporter Amelia Jones tricks her boss Jane Fairfield into letting her do a story on the mysterious Dinohenge statues while secretly hunting for ghosts. There, she encounters Ollie and his mom, Dr. Akana, and discovers a hidden chamber underneath the statues before they incur Park Warden Carlos Garcia’s wrath for not having permits. While Dr. Akana accompanies Garcia, Amelia and Ollie witness a mysterious warrior named Void Knight enter the chamber searching for the Sporix before a cyborg dinosaur named Solon tries to stop him. Ollie and Amelia defend Solon, becoming the Blue and Pink Rangers in the process respectively before Solon reanimates Zayto. He intervenes, but accidentally unleashes the Sporix, forcing Void Knight to retreat. After recounting what happened to him to Ollie and Amelia, Zayto offers to train them in their newfound powers.

Seasonal 1, Episode 2: Sporix Unleashed

While restoring Dinohenge’s defenses, Solon finds Void Knight’s energy scanner. Ollie wants to combine it with Dr. Akana’s drone to find the Sporix quickly, but Zayto prioritizes warning the city of Pine Ridge to minimize casualties. Ollie reluctantly agrees, but the Rangers cannot convince anyone, so Ollie breaks off to implement his idea. After the other Rangers learn that a Sporix Beast named Mucus has hatched, he leaves Dr. Akana to join them. The Rangers defeat Mucus, but another Sporix Beast, Shockhorn, attacks them before escaping with Mucus. Returning to Dinohenge, Zayto and Amelia learn what Ollie did and return to Dr. Akana, who Void Knight and the Sporix Beasts have forced into helping them. As the Rangers fight Void Knight and Shockhorn, Dr. Akana overpowers Mucus and destroys her drone and the scanner, forcing the villains to retreat. When Shockhorn grows into a giant, Solon deploys the T-Rex Champion Zord so Zayto can turn the monster back into a Sporix. The Rangers attempt to reclaim it, but Void Knight steals it and takes it to the abandoned Area 62 to power a machine he is operating. Afterward, the Rangers address Zayto and Ollie’s concerns by establishing a Ranger hotline.

Season 1, Episode 3: Lost Signal

Zayto reminisces about his life on Rafkon and hopes his people are still alive. Solon receives a message from the galaxy Rafkon is in, but her modulator is destroyed, and she is unable to fix it. Zayto starts to lose hope, but Amelia and Ollie suggest they see a psychic and the observatory, respectively, to find out if they can decipher the message. Zayto agrees, but the psychic proves to be a fraud. Suddenly, a Sporix Beast called Vypeera attacks. While the Rangers confront her, she uses her powers to overwhelm them before escaping with Mucus. Once they recover, the Rangers try the observatory, but fail to learn anything. A crestfallen Zayto returns to Dinohenge while Ollie and Amelia investigate a disturbance at internet company BuzzBlast, where everyone present is paralyzed by a video Vypeera and Mucus created. Remembering his mother telling him to never give up, Zayto confronts Vypeera with a blindfold and a Dino Boost Key that enhances his hearing so he can destroy Vypeera’s video. When she enlarges, Solon deploys the T-Rex Champion, Tricera Blade, and Ankylo Hammer Zords so all three Rangers can defeat Vypeera and reclaim her Sporix before Void Knight can.

Season 1, Episode 4: New Recruits

Void Knight sends Mucus, Sporix Beast Draknarok, and his new robotic general Boomtower to steal the Nephrite Orb from the city museum to make Boomtower invincible. Meanwhile, Zayto applies for a reporter job at BuzzBlast, but goes up against musician, Javi Garcia. As such, Jane sets them both a reporting task for their application. Javi must study the Nephrite Orb while Zayto must interview Javi’s athlete step-sister, Izzy Garcia. However, Javi’s interview is cut short when the Orb is stolen and Zayto must end his to stop the monsters. During the battle, Boomtower drops the Orb, and Javi steals it while Izzy helps the Rangers locate her brother. After the Rangers rescue the siblings from Boomtower, Javi smashes the Orb, which contained the lost Green and Black Dino Keys. Izzy and Javi bond with them and turn into the Green and Black Rangers respectively. The five Rangers defeat and force Boomtower and Mucus to retreat while Draknarok enlarges, though the Rangers summon the Dino Fury Megazord to defeat him and reclaim his Sporix. After introducing the Garcias to Solon, the Rangers return to BuzzBlast, where they learn Javi got the job for his valor in protecting the Orb.

Season 1, Episode 5: Winning Attitude

While Solon works to find Izzy and Javi’s missing Zords, the former trains for a cross-country race with her athlete cousin, Lily, but ends up becoming too determined to win and brushes her off. Meanwhile, Void Knight, his minions, and Sporix Beast Brineblast intend to destroy the Zords. On the day of the race, the villains initiate their plan, forcing Izzy’s allies to leave to confront them. During the race, Izzy helps an injured rival, but loses her lead. She later stumbles upon Boomtower and Mucus, who reveal their plan to destroy the missing Zords with a bomb to her before escaping. Joining the battle, Izzy helps her comrades against an enlarged Brineblast, during which they trick the beast into unearthing the Tiger Claw Zord before the bomb explodes. With the new Zord, the Rangers defeat Brineblast, but Boomtower claims his Sporix. The Rangers return to the race, where Izzy, despite finishing last, is praised for her good sportsmanship and reconciles with Lily.

Season 1, Episode 6: Superstition Strikes

While the Rangers investigate BuzzBlast for Sporix activity, Amelia suffers an accident and believes she is jinxed. Following this, she ends up suffering more accidents when she attempts to engage Sporix Beast Smashstone, during which she loses her morpher to Mucus. Using the morpher, Void Knight plans to access Dinohenge and steal the Rangers’ Sporix while Smashstone distracts them. Meanwhile, still traumatized by her “bad luck”, Amelia opts not to join her comrades in battling the monster. However, Solon helps her focus on life’s positives before Amelia foils the villains’ raid when she engages an invading Boomtower, destroys his stolen morpher, and teleports him out of the base, forcing Boomtower to retreat. Joining her comrades to fight an enlarged Smashstone, Amelia formulates a new Megazord formation. As such, the Rangers use the Dino Fury Megazord Hammer Formation to defeat Smashstone, with Izzy claiming his Sporix before Boomtower can.

Solon works to locate Javi’s Zord while he gets his keytar confiscated by Garcia, which sours his attitude. Meanwhile, Boomtower uses a Sporix on himself to empower himself. Izzy tries to approach Javi when Boomtower attacks the city. The Rangers head out to engage him, only to get overpowered, with Izzy getting injured. The Rangers later discover why Javi was acting distant and that his Zord responds to his music. Ollie, Amelia, and Zayto are sent out to engage an enlarged Boomtower while Javi finds his Stego Spike Zord in the forest and sends it out to aid them. With their new Zord, the four Rangers form the Dino Fury Megazord Spike Formation to defeat Boomtower, forcing the enemy to retreat. Afterwards, the Rangers give a new keytar to Javi, who apologizes to them for being reserved about his issues.

Season 1, Episode 8: Unexpected Guest

The Rangers defeat Sporix Beast Doomsnake, only for another Sporix Beast, Wolfgang, to destroy their Megazord. While the Rangers discuss their situation, Mick Kanic drops in to ask for help in his search for the Ninja Nexus Prism. When Zayto curtly declines, Mick searches Pine Ridge for the prism, but ends up running into Wolfgang. Arriving at the scene, the Rangers engage the beast and rescue Mick. After Mick explains his adventures and mission, Zayto agrees to help him find the Prism. Finding said prism at the waterfront, Zayto discovers its origins before Boomtower and Wolfgang attack. The Rangers are nearly defeated until Mick develops a special lozenge to negate Wolfgang’s powers. Despite this, Wolfgang and Boomtower enlarge, forcing the Rangers to summon their Zords to defeat them, with Mucus claiming Wolfgang’s Sporix and Izzy reclaiming Boomtower’s. Afterwards, Zayto apologizes to Mick as his team socializes with him while Void Knight struggles to revive his lover, who is in a stasis chamber connected to his machine.

Season 1, Episode 9: Cut Off

The Rangers go to the woods for a camping trip, but Ollie brings gadgets that serve no useful purpose. Discovering their campsite, Void Knight, Mucus, and Sporix Beast Roostafa launch a disruptor into the sky to disable the Rangers’ technology and cut them off from the city so the villains can search for unhatched Sporix in peace. While Ollie stays behind, believing he can use his gadgets to destroy the disruptor, the others attempt to hike back to the city, but end up traveling in circles and hiking back to their campsite. Working together, the Rangers destroy the disruptor and teleport to the city. They defeat Roostafa with the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation and Ollie claims his Sporix, but Void Knight escapes with three unhatched Sporix he found.

Season 1, Episode 10: Phoning Home

Mucus creates a new robotic general named Slyther, a master illusionist who can disguise himself as anyone, before Void Knight orders him to infiltrate the Rangers’ base and retrieve their Sporix. Meanwhile, Zayto sends another message to Rafkon hoping for a response. Witnessing the attempt from afar, Slyther disguises himself as a Rafkonian named Arla and appears before the Rangers, claiming she came to investigate Zayto’s signal and that Rafkonian technology has developed to the point where they can destroy Sporix. Knowing the last claim is impossible, a concerned Solon refuses Arla access to the Rangers’ Sporix, but an excited Zayto refuses to listen. As Void Knight lures the Rangers away from Dinohenge, a suspicious Solon exposes Slyther, but he subdues her. When the Rangers return, Arla offers to help Zayto find Solon, but he discovers Slyther’s identity and forces the foe out of Dinohenge before assembling with his team to defeat him, forcing Slyther to retreat. Afterwards, Zayto apologizes to Solon and resolves to continue searching for his people.

Season 1, Episode 11: McScary Manor

“Pop-Pop”, Amelia’s grandfather, is going to clean an old mansion, but flees after hearing strange noises. Believing it is haunted, he tells Amelia, who investigates, only to discover Sporix Beast Tombtress inside. She calls the other Rangers, but the beast uses her ability to temporarily heighten victims’ emotions on them and escapes with Mucus’ help. While under Tombtress’ effects, an angry Amelia ruins Pop-Pop’s efforts to find the mansion’s keys, though he finds the Blazing Dino Key inside. Relieved of the monster’s effects and transforming into her Ranger form, Amelia follows him inside, where he tells her a great secret regarding her missing parents before handing the key to her. She later uses it to awaken the Dimetro Blazing Zord and combine it with the T-Rex Champion Zord to form the T-Rex Blazing Megazord and defeat Tombtress. Afterwards, Amelia and Pop-Pop reconcile.

Season 1, Episode 12: Super Hotshot

Izzy learns of a new gym and convinces Garcia to let her try the free trial despite the expensive membership. Zayto accompanies her to the gym, where they encounter Coach Bella and Izzy’s friends Fern and Adrian. Following their first session however, Bella forces Adrian to trade his watch to pay for a mandatory uniform. Meanwhile, Slyther and Mucus hack a cell tower to intercept the Ranger hotline and find the Sporix first. Soon after, Slyther finds an unhatched Sporix. While the Rangers find and fight him, Slyther escapes with it. Izzy and Zayto return to Bella’s gym, but he becomes suspicious of her after overhearing her brown-nosing her clients. Izzy is uncertain, but upon meeting Bella later, she realizes the gym is a get-rich-quick scheme and buys Adrian’s watch back. On her way out, Izzy learns Carlos discovered a Sporix Beast and called the hotline, but Solon never received the call. She and Javi discover Slyther, Mucus, Sporix Beast Fogshell, and their plot before destroying the villains’ hacking device with their friends’ help, forcing the villains to retreat. Afterwards, Izzy returns Adrian’s watch and exposes Bella’s scheme to her clients.

Season 1, Episode 13: The Matchmaker

While working out together, Javi notices Izzy has been in a good mood lately. Assuming she has a crush on Adrian, he sets them up on a date without telling Izzy. However, a disguised Slyther calls in Fogshell to distract the Rangers while he kidnaps Adrian and assumes his form in the hopes of kidnapping Izzy. Later, Javi gets Izzy and the disguised Slyther to come to the same place and leaves them alone. Believing Javi’s assumption, Slyther lures her to a secluded location and nearly succeeds, but Izzy escapes. At Dinohenge, she scolds Javi for meddling with her life behind her back before he calls Adrian to discern his location. Slyther answers and demands he bring the Rangers’ Sporix in exchange for Adrian. The Rangers use a Dino Boost Key to create a fake version of their Sporix chest, which Mucus takes before the Rangers use their own disguises to ambush Slyther into a retreat and rescue Adrian. Fogshell enlarges, but Zayto uses the T-Rex Blazing Megazord to defeat him so Izzy can reclaim his Sporix. Afterwards, an angered Void Knight discovers the Rangers’ deception while Javi reconciles with Izzy and Adrian before realizing Izzy is dating Fern.

Season 1, Episode 14: Old Foes

Void Knight joins forces with a necromancer named Reaghoul, who has revived Lord Zedd and enslaved him via a compliance collar, to gain more Sporix. Meanwhile, Ollie boasts that he is not afraid of anything, so the other Rangers bet that they can scare him once they make a haunted forest trail for him. After sending him off however, the Rangers are captured by Void Knight, Reaghoul, and Zedd. When Ollie encounters revived Sporix Beasts, he overcomes them before facing Zedd, but a concerned Solon teleports Ollie away for fear of Zedd’s power. Looking into Zedd and past Power Rangers’ histories, Ollie recognizes Zedd’s collar before facing him once more and destroying it. Incensed by what Reaghoul did to him, Zedd attacks the necromancer, but he flees. Zedd battles the Rangers instead, only to escape himself upon realizing he does not have his staff. While Void Knight imprisons Reaghoul for failing him, Ollie realizes his greatest fear is losing his friends before heading to a Halloween party with them.

Season 1, Episode 15: Storm Surge

After Jane tells Javi to cover a strange storm over Pine Ridge Bay, Ollie promises to help by letting Javi interview him while the other Rangers recall the Ninja Nexus Prism landed in the bay and theorize the Morphin’ Masters were using it to search for something. To his annoyance, Ollie finds Dr. Akana searching for the storm’s source using an outdated laptop while Slyther and Mucus secretly observe. When a Sporix Beast called Tidemare attacks, the Rangers mobilize to fight him, but he overpowers them before retreating. Ollie and Javi return to BuzzBlast for their story until a disguised Slyther tricks Ollie into winning a new laptop, derailing the interview. Using the new laptop and an ROV, Javi, Ollie, and Dr. Akana locate the storm’s energy source, a stasis pod, but Slyther hacks the laptop in order to retrieve it for Void Knight. With Solon’s help, the Rangers uncover Slyther’s plot, but Tidemare defeats them. Slyther and Mucus retrieve the pod, but the original Gold Dino Fury Ranger, Aiyon, emerges from it and defeats Tidemare. As a dumbfounded Zayto brings Tidemare’s Sporix back to Dinohenge, the others regroup with Dr. Akana and Ollie apologizes to Javi for abandoning him.

Season 1, Episode 16: Ancient History

Returning to Dinohenge, Aiyon reveals he was separated from Zayto and their original team, warned of Zedd’s return by the Green Morphin’ Master before he was put in stasis, and the Rafkonians created the Sporix to protect them. All except Zayto are glad to have a new member, but Aiyon refuses to join unless he is named leader because he still holds a grudge against Zayto, who refused to warn his superiors about the Sporix’s hazardous properties and stopped Aiyon from destroying the Sporix before it was too late. Zayto attempts to explain himself, but the Rangers learn Mucus is attacking the port. They arrive to stop her, but Zayto is incapacitated by a string of bad luck. Aiyon easily defeats Mucus, but Slyther escapes with boat parts, which he later uses to build a robot called Wreckmate, in order to destroy Aiyon’s Mosa Razor Zord. A doubtful Zayto allows Aiyon to lead the others in saving the latter’s Zord. However, while fighting an enlarged Wreckmate, Aiyon realizes being a leader is harder than he thought, reconciles with Zayto, and joins him in reactivating the Mosa Zord so they can destroy Wreckmate before handing leadership back to Zayto.

Season 1, Episode 17: Our Hero

As the Rangers help Aiyon acclimate to Earth, they are forced to fight a Sporix Beast called Trawler. However, Aiyon gets distracted showing off for BuzzBlast and gets the others captured. He eventually rescues them before Mucus teleports Trawler away to recruit him into Void Knight’s fold. Taking inspiration from Aiyon’s showboating, Slyther and Trawler set up a beach party in the Rangers’ honor. The Rangers are suspicious, but Aiyon falls for it and is goaded into summoning the Mosa Razor Zord, which Trawler captures so Slyther can hypnotize it into obeying Void Knight. After helping Aiyon realize his mistake, the Rangers battle battle Trawler while Javi and Aiyon rescue the latter’s Zord. When Trawler enlarges, Aiyon combines the Mosa Razor and Dimetro Blazing Zords to form the Electro Zord to help his friends destroy the beast and reclaim his Sporix.

Season 1, Episode 18: Crossed Wires

Despite failing in her electronics class, Izzy claims the opposite to her friends before the Rangers are called to the park after several people are found lying unconscious. Due to a Sporix Beast attack at the chemical plant, Zayto, Ollie, and Amelia break off while the others stay behind to protect the victims. Both parties find a sleep-bomb, with Ollie disarming and recovering his before he, Zayto, and Amelia defeat the Sporix Beast protecting it, Stone-Rad, and reclaim his Sporix. However, Izzy fails to disarm hers and causes Aiyon and Javi to fall asleep despite awakening the victims. Upon regrouping at Dinohenge, Izzy confesses her mistake, though Solon and Ollie help her reconfigure Ollie’s sleep-bomb to wake Javi and Aiyon. Suddenly, the Rangers learn Stone-Rad’s brothers, Stone-Mad and Stone-Sad, intend to detonate a mega sleep-bomb Void Knight built and put all of Pine Ridge to sleep to avenge Stone-Rad. After Ollie is incapacitated by a hidden sleep-bomb and the Stone Brothers enlarge and fuse together, the Rangers create the Fusion Ultrazord to defeat them while Izzy successfully disarms both sleep-bombs, though Mucus steals the brothers’ Sporix.

Season 1, Episode 19: The Makeover

After learning Pop-Pop is going on a date, an overexcited Amelia gives him a makeover. Meanwhile, Void Knight learns the Pine Ridge Museum acquired a pirate chest potentially containing talismans he can use to power his machine and tasks newly recruited Sporix Beast, Boneswitch, with stealing them. The Rangers mobilize to stop the beast, who discovers the chest is empty and destroys it before body-swapping all but Izzy and Aiyon. Failing to morph, the affected Rangers are forced to retreat while Aiyon and Izzy drive Boneswitch into doing the same. Due to what happened to them, Amelia convinces a doubtful Zayto to help Pop-Pop for her, but the date goes awry until Zayto tells Pop-Pop to be himself. Solon hypothesizes the Rangers’ energies were switched too and they need to use each others’ Ranger Keys. Learning Boneswitch has returned, the Rangers prove her theory and successfully morph before reversing Boneswitch’s effects and defeating him, though Void Knight claims the beast’s Sporix. Following this, Amelia apologizes to Pop-Pop for ruining his date before he rebuilds the chest and discovers it contains a map leading to two new Dino Keys buried under Dinohenge.

Season 1, Episode 20: Waking Nightmares

Aiyon and Zayto experience nightmares about their final battle with their original team. The next morning, the Rangers and Dr. Akana unearth the Light and Shadow Battle Keys before joining Solon in locating the corresponding Zords. When she finds them on the planet Nibyro, Aiyon uses the new keys to open a portal to the planet, but the portal proves unstable and closes after Zayto enters and is attacked by apparitions of his fallen teammates. Suddenly, Dr. Akana contacts the Rangers to reveal she has built an energy conductor to tap into the Morphin Grid via Dinohenge. Inspired, Aiyon uses it to power the Keys and pursue Zayto while Void Knight’s group secretly watch from afar, realize they can use the Morphin Grid instead of Sporix, and free Reaghoul to revive Boomtower. Boomtower and Mucus attack the city, forcing the remaining Rangers to stop them. Aiyon and Zayto recognize the apparitions as their nightmares given physical form and use their good memories to pacify them, passing the planetary guardian’s test and receiving the Light and Shadow Raptor Zords before returning to Earth to defeat Boomtower. Following this however, Solon informs the Rangers that Void Knight stole Dr. Akana’s equipment.

Season 1, Episode 21: Void Trap

Season 1, Episode 22: Secret Santa

Dino Fury Season 1 Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

This was my least favorite of the power rangers. Honestly they just keep going with the same story line and its getting boring now.

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