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The film opens with a pickpocketing monkey named Babi who tells his nephew, Babu how he met the Buddies. Their great uncle, Digger was the partner of an archaeologist, Thomas Howard, who retrieved one half of a dial which would lead to Queen Cleocatra’s tomb. He never found the other half and retired. The scene then switches to present Fernfield where Thomas is giving his grandson, Pete, a tour of the Egyptian exhibit. The Buddies are also there. Pete stays behind with Thomas who gives his dog, MudBud, Digger’s bandanna. A British archaeologist, Phillip Wellington along with his cat, Ubasti, meets Thomas in his office and reveals to have the other half of the dial, and insists on bringing him and Pete along for the ride, but refuses to bring along MudBud due to certain allergies. Fortunately, the Buddies stowaway in Phillip’s DC-3 Douglas airliner via a box of TNT.

Once arriving in Egypt, they meet Tarik and Seti, while the buddies meet a monkey named Babi (who stole Budderball’s kebab) and a young camel calf named Cammy who Rosebud promises to help her find her mother.

They follow Pete, Thomas, and the others in a hot air balloon but are forced to take shelter in a cave when a sudden sandstorm strikes. The cave is revealed to be a passage to the tomb. There they meet and defeat Slither, a king cobra and protector of the tomb, although Babi abandons the Buddies due to cowardice. The arrive at the tomb and fend off cat statues, using the traps, they encountered earlier. Ubasti manages to steal the collar.

Meanwhile after hiding out, Thomas and Peter discover the pyramid which was unveiled during the sandstorm and manage to gain entrance. After encountering several traps, which results in Seti’s death, the discover Cleocatra’s tomb.

Phillip challenges Thomas to a fierce duel after Ubasti is turned to stone after wearing Cleocatra’s collar. Although he gains the upper hand, he is dazed when Peter slams a golden plate into his head. He escapes with the collar but is captured by the Nomads, tied to a camel and (per request) is placed under the custody of the British embassy. Thomas and Pete are declared national heroes along with the Buddies and the collar is put on permanent display in the museum in Fernfield.

Treasure Buddies Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Another pup filled adventure movie for young kids.

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