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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Summary

Lena Kaligaris, Tibby Rollins, Carmen Lowell, and Bridget Vreeland are teenagers from Bethesda, Maryland, who have been best friends their whole lives. The girls are about to spend their first summer apart: Lena is visiting her grandparents in Santorini, Greece; Bridget is going to soccer camp in Baja California, Mexico; Carmen is visiting her father in South Carolina; and Tibby is staying home. While shopping together, the girls find a pair of jeans that inexplicably fit them all perfectly. The girls decide to share the jeans equally over the summer, before parting the next day.

While wearing the Pants, Lena nearly drowns, but a local Greek boy, Kostas Dounas, rescues her. Lena later learns from her grandmother that her and Kostas’ families are enemies. Kostas pursues Lena, saying that the dispute between their families has nothing to do with them. Lena initially rebuffs Kostas’ advances, but eventually begins a secret relationship with him. Later, Kostas tells Lena that he loves her, but her family interrupts and drags her away before she can answer. Lena appeals to her grandfather, who agrees to allow her to see Kostas before he leaves for Athens.

Working at a discount department store, Tibby finds a young girl, Bailey Graffman, has fainted and calls an ambulance. Later, Bailey delivers the pants to Tibby’s house after they are accidentally delivered to her home by mistake. Fascinated by Tibby’s self-made film, Bailey appoints herself as Tibby’s assistant. Initially annoyed, Tibby grows to accept Bailey, and learns that Bailey has leukemia. When Bailey again is taken to the hospital, Tibby avoids her for a while, but eventually visits her with the pants. She pleads with Bailey to take them, but Bailey says the pants have already worked their magic by bringing her and Tibby together. Tibby continues to spend time with Bailey in the hospital, until she eventually passes away overnight. She decides to make a film inspired by Bailey.

Carmen arrives in South Carolina, only to discover that her father, Al, is about to marry Lydia, who has two children around Carmen’s age: Paul and Krista. They are blonde WASPs, unlike Carmen, who was raised by her Catholic, Puerto Rican mother. Although Carmen’s father and step-family initially seem welcoming, they emotionally neglect her. Carmen feels uncomfortable with her father referring to Paul and Krista as his kids, and resents him being an enthusiastic, present father to them while he has usually been absent in her life. Carmen is embarrassed at a dress shop when she tries on the bridesmaid dress picked out for her for the wedding, which is too small and unflattering to her voluptuous figure. Angered when the saleswoman calls her, “the other one,” Carmen shouts at Lydia and runs away. She eventually takes a taxi home and assumes her father and Lydia are out looking for her, but finds them happily enjoying dinner together in their dining room, apparently unconcerned that she’s missing. Carmen throws a stone through their dining room window and returns to Maryland. When Carmen returns home, Tibby tries to help Carmen with her feelings toward her father. Carmen lashes out at Tibby, who leaves in tears, though they eventually reconcile. Tibby convinces Carmen to confront her father with a phone call, during which she finally reveals her feelings of neglect and abandonment. He apologizes sincerely, but Carmen tells him it isn’t enough.

Arriving at soccer camp, Bridget develops a crush on coach Eric Richman. Despite relationships between coaches and campers being forbidden, Bridget flirts with Eric, and tries to seek his attention during games. When Bridget’s turn with the Pants begins, she leads Eric to the beach at night where they have sex. Bridget becomes depressed afterwards, and isolates herself when she returns home. After hearing about what happened in a letter, Lena calls Carmen and Tibby, and they go to Bridget’s house. Bridget worries she is like her mother, whose mood swings and mental issues culminated in deep depression and her suicide. However, Carmen and Tibby reassure Bridget that she is stronger than her mother and comfort her with happy memories of her mother. On his way back to Columbia University, Eric visits and apologizes to Bridget for his behavior and expresses his hope that she will give him a chance when she is older.

The girls meet Lena at the airport and drive to South Carolina to attend Carmen’s father’s wedding, despite Carmen’s reluctance. Carmen’s father publicly apologizes for neglecting her. Carmen accepts his apology and joins the blended family onstage for the ceremony.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This was a fun movie for pre-teens and teenagers to watch. It is based off the book series, which was just as good to read.

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