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Aspiring teenage musician Anna Coleman lives with her widowed therapist mother, Tess, and younger brother, Harry. Tess is about to marry her fiancé, Ryan, whom Anna has not entirely accepted due to her own father’s death three years earlier.

At school, Anna’s English teacher, Mr. Elton Bates, treats her unfairly, giving her an F on every assignment regardless of her effort. She’s also feuding with Stacey Hinkhouse, her former best friend-turned-nemesis. Anna has a crush on a school staff member, Jake, of whom her mother disapproves. Anna plays guitar in a band, Pink Slip, which is scheduled to audition for a gig at the House of Blues, the same night as the wedding rehearsal, so Tess forbids Anna from going. At a dinner at Pei-Pei’s Chinese restaurant, the two get into a heated argument. Pei-Pei’s mother interrupts their arguing to give them fortune cookies. They both leave into separate rooms, read their fortunes out loud, and immediately feel an intense earthquake that the rest of the restaurant is oblivious to.

The next morning, Anna and Tess wake up in each other’s bodies. “Anna” (Tess in her daughter’s body) has to go to school and begins to understand her daughter’s woes. She recognizes Mr. Bates as an old high school classmate, who is picking on Anna because her mother once turned down his prom invitation years ago. “Anna” threatens to report Mr. Bates to the school board unless he ceases his unfair treatment. Meanwhile, “Tess” (Anna in her mother’s body), after giving her new body a makeover, has difficulty handling the patients. At lunchtime, “Anna” and “Tess” return to the restaurant, but Pei-Pei explains that only showing selfless love for each other will cause the switch to be reversed.

“Tess” attends Harry’s parent-teacher conference, where she reads a composition about how much he actually admires Anna, and decides to be nicer to him. “Anna” attempts to make amends with Stacey, but Stacey frames her for cheating on a test and “Anna” gets sent to detention. When Jake notices “Anna” sneaking out of detention, he offers to help her finish the test. Jake takes “Anna” to the file room in the teachers’ lounge and she realizes that she misjudged him, but he loses his enamoration towards “Anna” after she sabotages Stacey’s test by erasing most of the answers and writing “I’M STUPID!” on it. Ryan surprises “Tess” with a talk show interview to discuss her latest psychology book. To disguise the fact that she hasn’t read the book, “Tess” goes into an amusing tirade about getting older. “Anna” and Jake watch the interview on television and while she is embarrassed, he is impressed. “Tess” bumps into Jake at his second job, a coffee shop, and they bond over their favorite music.

At the rehearsal dinner, Anna’s bandmates try to convince “Anna” to sneak off to the audition, but they are caught by security. Ryan surprisingly gives “Anna” permission to go, explaining that he just wants the kids to accept him, and urges “Tess” to support the band, finally winning her over. Since “Anna” cannot play, “Tess” plays the guitar backstage while “Anna” only pretends to play. Realizing the talent of her daughter’s music, “Anna” promises to treat her daughter’s band with more respect, and during the show, Jake becomes enamored with “Anna” again upon seeing her perform.

Back at the rehearsal dinner, “Anna” tells “Tess” to ask Ryan to postpone the wedding, so that her daughter will not have to marry him in her mother’s body. Instead, “Tess” proposes a toast, finally accepting Ryan because of how happy he makes her mom. This act of selfless love switches back Anna’s and Tess’ bodies. Tess and Ryan later marry, she and Anna finally make up, and Anna and Jake start dating with Tess’s approval.

At the wedding, Pei-Pei notices her mother offering Anna’s grandfather, Alan, and Harry two fortune cookies after seeing them argue. She immediately rushes over and tackles them both, and sighs in relief when she’s able to grab the cookies. During the credits, Anna is playing with her band at Ryan’s and Tess’s wedding.

Freaky Friday Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A fun movie for pre teens and teenagers. It definitely brings me back to my teenage days.

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