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In 1987, geeky Jenna Rink yearns to be popular, but can only persuade the “Six Chicks” – the ruling clique led by “Tom-Tom” – to attend her 13th-birthday party by doing their homework. Jenna’s best friend, Matt “Matty” Flamhaff, who likes her, gifts her a pink dollhouse he made himself, and a packet of “magic wishing dust” he sprinkles on the dollhouse roof.

The Six Chicks arrive with the cutest boys in class, and trick Jenna into playing “seven minutes in heaven”. While Jenna waits blindfolded in a closet, expecting to kiss one of the boys, the Six Chicks and the boys leave with their completed homework, and Matty finds Jenna alone. Humiliated, she tearfully wishes to be “30, flirty, and thriving”, as the wishing dust falls on her. The next morning, Jenna awakens in a luxurious Fifth Avenue apartment – her wish has come true – it is now 2004, and Jenna is 30, with no memory of the intervening 17 years.

Jenna discovers she works as an editor for her favorite fashion magazine Poise, with her co-editor and best friend, Lucy Wyman. Poisehas been scooped so often by rival magazine Sparkle that editor-in-chief Richard believes someone is tipping them off. Jenna finds Matty’s address and races to Greenwich Village where the adult Matt, a struggling photographer, is unable to fill her in on her past, as she apparently had become the head of the “Six Chicks” and stopped speaking to him. Lucy is revealed to be the adult Tom-Tom, having had plastic surgery.

While delighting in her freedom, Jenna stumbles through adult life, learning enough to advise the 13-year-olds she prefers to spend time with. She saves a dull and awkward Poiseparty by leading the guests, including Matt, in an impromptu “Thriller” line dance. The following night, he introduces Jenna to his fiancée, Wendy. Her slowly emerging past reveals that the adult Jenna is nothing like the sweet, shy girl she was before – the adult Jenna plagiarizes ideas, refuses to speak to her parents, and had office sex with a co-worker’s husband. The struggling magazine is forced to redesign, and Jenna overhears Lucy planning to cut her out of her redesign presentation.

Jenna returns to her childhood home in New Jersey, weeping in the same closet and reuniting with her parents. She apologizes to Matt, and hires him for her yearbook-inspired redesign photoshoot. Even though Wendy is eager for Matt to move to Chicago, he and Jenna begin to fall for each other.

Jenna’s plans to save Poise are a rousing success, while Lucy’s presentation fails. Lucy lies to Matt, claiming Jenna decided not to use his photos. While looking for Matt to deliver the good news, Jenna finds Wendy, who reveals that their wedding is the next day. Richard informs Jenna that Lucy has become the new editor-in-chief of Sparkle after presenting them with Jenna’s material, including Matt’s photographs. Jenna confronts Lucy, who scornfully reveals that Jenna was the one conspiring with Sparkle and sabotaging Poise; Lucy merely stole the job Jenna was to receive.

Jenna rushes to Matt’s childhood home, where the wedding will soon be underway. She declares that she is not the bad person she seems to be and begs Matt to give their relationship a chance. Matt realizes though that Jenna is from the past and although he still cares for her, too much time has passed, but returns to Jenna the dollhouse he made her that he has kept for the past 17 years, and confesses that he has always loved her. As Jenna sits outside with the dollhouse, she looks inside to see a young Matt and herself. She begins to cry as the wedding begins, but as she cries, remnants of the wishing dust begins to swirl around her.

Jenna reawakens to find herself back in 1987 on her 13th birthday. This time, when Matt finds her alone in the closet, she embraces and kisses him, and realizes that Lucy was never a true friend. She rips up the homework she did for them and with this second chance, Jenna lives the intervening 17 years differently, with her and Matt emerging in 2004 as a newly married couple. They share their favorite childhood candy, Razzles, while moving into a pink house identical to the dollhouse.

13 Going on 30 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A fun teenage friendship and romance. Great family movie but also the girl who plays the kid Jenna turns 30 herself soon. Oh and Bri Larson and Mark Ruffalo end up being Avengers together.

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