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Successful San Francisco corporate lawyer Peter Banning has become a workaholic, straining his relationship with his wife Moira and their children Jack and Maggie. After promising to attend at least one of Jack’s baseball games, but missing the last game of the season, Peter flies with his annoyed family to London to visit Moira’s grandmother, Wendy Darling. In London, Peter, Moira and Wendy attend a charity dinner in Wendy’s honor at the Great Ormond Street Hospital, leaving Wendy’s old friend Tootles and her housekeeper Liza with the children. When they return, the children are missing, and there is a ransom note from Captain James Hook. Peter involves the authorities, but Wendy insists that only he can save Jack and Maggie, as he is really Peter Pan.

Peter refuses to believe her; later, in the nursery, he encounters Tinker Bell, who brings him to Neverland with pixie dust. She drops Peter into Hook’s pirate haven, where he reveals himself to Smee and Hook after seeing his children on display. Surprised to see how weak Peter has become, Hook challenges him to fly and rescue his children, preparing to execute him when he fails. Tinker Bell persuades Hook to release Peter instead, promising to train him for battle over the next three days. After accidentally falling overboard and being saved by Neverland mermaids, Peter is then taken to the Lost Boys, now led by Rufio. The boys mock Peter at first, but eventually recognize and train him, encouraging him to use his imagination to restore his memory and abilities. 

Meanwhile, Hook despairs that he will not have true revenge on Peter, until Smee suggests they manipulate the Banning children into switching sides. This does not work with Maggie, but Jack is swayed due to Peter’s repeated broken promises. Hook has the pirates play a game of baseball, which Peter sees while trying to steal Hook’s namesake. Dismayed to see Jack treating Hook as a father-figure, Peter returns to the Lost Boys’ camp with renewed determination. After seeing his shadow move independently, Peter follows it and discovers the treehouse where Wendy and her brothers once stayed. Inside, Tinker Bell helps Peter remember how he was lost as an infant in the early 1900s, brought by her to Neverland, and had his adventures with the Darlings. He also recalls frequently visiting Wendy after the Darlings returned to London, until Wendy grew old. Peter then fell in love with Wendy’s granddaughter Moira and chose to stay, losing his memory and being adopted by the Bannings.

Recalling Jack’s birth is the strong, happy thought that restores Peter’s ability to fly, bringing him back as Peter Pan. Rufio turns his sword over to Peter in reverence, the Lost Boys celebrate and, that night, Tinker Bell professes her love for Peter with a kiss. However, Peter still chooses to save his family.

Peter and the Lost Boys fight Hook and his pirates the next day, as Jack watches. Peter rescues Maggie, and Hook’s crew surrenders, but Rufio duels Hook and is fatally wounded. With his dying breath, Rufio wishes he could have had a father like Peter. Jack comes to his senses about his father, and they reconcile. Peter duels Hook and defeats him, whereupon Hook is devoured by the reanimated corpse of the taxidermied Crocodile. Tinker Bell takes Jack and Maggie back to London, and Peter appoints young Lost Boy Thud Butt as his successor, before leaving. 

Peter awakens in Kensington Gardens, seeing someone resembling Mr. Smee sweeping up some empty bottles nearby. Tinker Bell appears and bids a tearful farewell to Peter before departing. Reuniting with his family at Wendy’s house, Peter decides to devote more time to them. Peter hands former Lost Boy Tootles his old bag of marbles (which Thud Butt had given to Peter earlier), whereupon Tootles joyfully sprinkles himself with pixie dust and takes off. As Peter and his family watch Tootles fly back to Neverland, Wendy remarks that their adventures are truly over; Peter counters that “to live would be an awfully big adventure”.

Hook Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Robin Williams is a cinematic genius. Beyond that this is such a twist on the story of Peter Pan and it doesn’t fail at all. It is fun for the whole family.

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