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In Hong Kong, internationally wanted criminal Peter Beaupre is instructed by a high-ranking executive of a North Korean terrorist organization to retrieve a $10 million missile-cloaking microchip. Later on, he meets his associates Alice Ribbons, Burton Jernigan, and Earl Unger, where they receive the chip and hide it inside a remote control toy car to sneak it past security at San Francisco International Airport. However, a luggage mix-up causes a Chicago-bound elderly passenger named Mrs. Hess to inadvertently take the spies’ bag containing the car. The four spies arrive in Chicago and systematically search every house in Hess’s suburban neighborhood to find the chip.

Eight-year-old Alex Pruitt is given the remote control car by Hess for shoveling her driveway, but she lectures him for scratching in public. He returns home and discovers that he has chickenpox and must stay out of school. The next day, Alex discovers the spies while spying on his neighbors. After two failed attempts at reporting them, Alex attaches a camera to the remote control car and uses it to spy on them, leading to the spies chasing it when they spot it. Wondering what they want with the toy car, Alex opens it and discovers the stolen chip. He informs the local Air Force Recruitment Center about the discovery and asks if they can forward the information about the chip to the right authorities.

The spies finally realize that Alex has been watching them and decide to break into his house. Alex rigs the house with booby traps with help from his pet rat Doris and his brother’s loud-mouthed parrot. Beaupre, Alice, Jernigan and Unger break in, spring the traps, and suffer various injuries. While the four pursue Alex around the house, he flees and rescues Hess, who has been duct taped to a chair in her garage by Alice. Beaupre ambushes Alex, but the latter uses a bubble gun resembling a Glock to scare him off.

Meanwhile, FBI agents arrive at Alex’s siblings’ school after a tipoff from the recruitment center. Alex’s family brings the agents and the police to their house, where they arrest Alice, Jernigan, and Unger. However, Beaupre flees to the snow fort in the backyard. The parrot drives the remote control car into the snow fort and threatens to light fireworks, which are lined around the inside. Beaupre offers a cracker in exchange for silence, but the parrot demands two. Since Beaupre has only one, the parrot then lights the fireworks and flees; Beaupre is discovered and arrested.

Later, the Pruitts, Hess, and the authorities hold a celebration for Alex as the Pruitt house is being repaired, with Jack returning home from a business trip. The spies are shown to have contracted Alex’s chickenpox during their mugshots.

Home Alone 3 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was a sequel that wasn’t needed but it was cute as a stand alone. While it follows the similar plot idea, it features a different child named Alex. We enjoyed this version as a family.

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