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In a world where the children of superheroes are all enrolled in a covert, ever-flying institution called Sky High, teenager Will Stronghold is hesitant to start ninth grade (his first year) at the school – While his parents Steve and Josie (A.K.A. Commander and Jetstream) are renowned superheroes, Will himself has not developed any super powers and feels the burden to live up to his family’s reputation.  On his first day at school, while making friendships with other alike students such as Zach, Ethan and Magenta, Will and his long-time friend Layla are bullied by senior students Speed, Lash and Penny, while both are assigned into hero sidekick classes by Coach Boomer after failing to demonstrate potential at his power revelation class.

Despite being welcomed as a superhero and shown the family’s “secret sanctum” and the background of how Steve and Josie first met, Will himself takes long to open up to his family, and when he does, the family still decides to support him, despite expressing disappointment.  One day in school, Will accidentally gets into a fight with pyrokinetic student Warren Peace, and Will’s super strength manifests after Warren threatens his friends.  While impressing most students, Will and Warren get into detention, maintaining a grudging peace amongst each other.  Will’s introduction of his superpowers has him transferred into Hero Class, where he works alongside technopath Gwen Grayson, the school’s most popular girl, as well as Speed, Lash and Penny, becoming distanced and alienated from his other colleagues.  Gwen visits and Stronghold’s house, inviting Will’s parents to attend the school’s Homecoming Dance party, and eventually invites Will as well, wishing to become his girlfriend, which Will accepts.  Noticing the growing rift between herself and Will, Layla attempts going out more with Warren in an attempt to arouse jealousy, revealing to him she has loved Will for a long time.

On the night prior to the party, Gwen has Will throw a party into his house where he takes her into the secret sanctum and kisses her.  As Layla comes to the house to investigate the noise and discovers the party, she confronts Gwen, whom lies to her and has Layla break up with Will.  Will himself, when he realizes he’s merely being used after trying to talk with Layla, breaks up with Gwen and refuses to attend the dance, even though his parents were invited as honored guests, remaining behind at his house.  At the sanctum, he looks at his family’s school yearbook and notices a girl akin to Gwen, named Sue Tenny, holding a mysterious weapon named the Pacifier, which belonged to the Commander’s science-themed nemesis Royal Pain, believed to have been killed years ago.  Will then notices that the Pacifier itself is missing. Piecing together that the party was a ruse to acquire the Pacifier, and that Gwen is related to Tenny, Will contacts school bus driver Ron Wilson to take him back to Sky High.

At the party, Gwen reveals herself as Royal Pain to the stunned students and teachers of Sky High, as well as the Commander and Jetstream, and unleashes the Pacifier (a weapon that turns anyone into infants) into the crowd, as Speed, Lash and Penny trap everyone but Layla, Warren, Zach, Ethan and Magenta within the school.  Arriving too late, Will makes amends with Layla and the others and the sidekicks effectively engage Speed, Lash and Penny while Will confronts Gwen herself.  Gwen reveals to Will she’s actually Sue Tenny herself, out for revenge against the school after being shunned and placed as a sidekick in her school years, and became de-aged herself when her first battle with the Commander and Jetstream caused an accident with the Pacifier, making her be raised by her clown sidekick Stitches.  Since then, she plotted her return to destroy Sky High and form a supervillain school, raising the converted teachers and students as villains.  While Will fights and eventually defeats Royal Pain, his flying powers emerging in the process, she has the school’s anti-gravity device sabotaged and the school free falls, being saved in time by both Will’s combined powers and aid from the sidekicks.

Sue, Speed, Lash and Penny are detained as the students, teachers and Will’s parents are returned to their proper ages, finally recognizing the sidekicks and their deeds.  As Will and Layla become a couple, the final narration states that Ron Wilson became a superhero after falling into a vat of toxic waste, Will and Warren became best friends and Sue and her henchmen are now Will’s archenemies.

Sky High Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I enjoyed this film when it first came out. It is fun for young kids and pre teens but as adults I can look back and cringe. The films that came out in this era came out with all a very similar plot and putting heroism on young kids. Okay granted these are superhero kids but the pressure is intense.

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