Movie Review: Final Destination 3

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Final Destination 3 Summary

Wendy Christensen and her friends visit an amusement park in Pennsylvania, where they board the Devils Flight roller coaster. Prior to the ride leaving the station, Wendy has a premonition that the rollar coaster will suffer a hydraulics failure during the ride and will ultimately derail, killing her and her friends. Wendy pleads to be let off the ride, along with nine of her friends except her boyfriend. Outside, they watch as Wendy’s premonition comes true, killing the remaining riders.

Some time later, survivor Kevin Fischer tells Wendy about Flight 180 and how after the accident the remaining survivors all died in mysterious circumstances. At the same time, Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin are burned alive in a tanning salon. Wendy and Kevin then discover in photographs taken on the evening of the roller coaster accident possible signs that allude to their friend’s demises (Ashley and Ashlyn are shown in a photo with too much exposure, making it look like they are burning).

While in a drive-thru, Wendy and Kevin narrowly escape an accident caused by a runaway truck, which causes Kevin’s car-motor to eject and kill the driver in front who turns out to be survivor Frankie Cheeks. Lewis Romero, another survivor is killed the next day by loose weights on a Bowflex machine, and Erin Ulmer, girlfriend to Ian McKinley is also killed in a DIY Store that evening. Identifying the last two survivors from the photographs, Wendy realizes that her sister Julie and one of her friends are next. Rushing to a tricentennial fair, Kevin saves Julie from being impaled, but is unable to save the other survivor Perry Malinowski moments later. A grief stricken Ian later arrives and confronts Wendy, Kevin and Julie, blaming the former two for Erin’s death but is crushed by a collapsing cherry picker before he can have his revenge.

Five months later, Wendy and Julie are riding a subway train where they unexpectedly meet Kevin. Wendy then has another premonition that the train will derail, killing everyone on board and the film ends with the three friends desperately trying to stop the train, leaving their fates unknown.

Final Destination 3 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A horror film that will stay with you for life. The usages of random ways to die really get to you.

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