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College student Nick O’Bannon watches an auto race with his girlfriend Lori Milligan and their friends Hunt Wynorski and Janet Cunningham at the McKinley Speedway for their semester break. Nick suffers a premonition of an accident from the racetrack that sends debris into the grandstand, causing the stadium to collapse. When Nick panics, a scuffle breaks out and several people leave the stadium, including Lori, Hunt, Janet, racist tow truck driver Carter Daniels, mother Samantha Lane, mechanic Andy Kewzer, his girlfriend Nadia Monroy, and security guard George Lanter. As Nadia berates the group, a stray tire flies out of the stadium and decapitates her.

On one of the nights following the accident, Carter drives to George’s house to burn a cross on his lawn, blaming the guard for preventing him from saving his wife Cynthia at the speedway, but his tow truck ignites him and causes him to be dragged down the street before it explodes. The next day, Samantha is leaving a beauty salon when a rock propelled by a lawnmower is shot through her eye, killing her. After learning of their deaths and similar disasters parallel to the speedway’s, Nick becomes convinced that Death is after them. He and Lori return to the speedway with George’s help to find the next survivor, Andy, but the next day, Andy is killed at the mechanic shop when a carbon dioxide tank launches him through a metal grid fence. After Nick predicts that Hunt and Janet’s deaths will involve water, George and Lori find the latter, who is trapped in a malfunctioning car wash, and narrowly manage to rescue her. However, Nick arrives too late to save Hunt, who accidentally activated a country club’s pool drainage system and ended up being disemboweled by the drain pipe. 

Four days later, Nick realizes from a news report that another spectator, Jonathan Groves, was rescued after the speedway’s collapse. Nick and George track Jonathan down at a hospital where he was recovering from the accident, only to witness him being crushed by an overflowing bathtub falling through the ceiling. As they leave, Nick receives a premonition of a multitude of explosions at the mall that leads to Janet and Lori’s deaths, but fails to save George, who is run over by a speeding ambulance before Nick could warn him. Nick runs back to the mall to try and stop the explosion before it occurs. Despite being pinned to a wall by a nail gun, he manages to stop a fire before it spreads to several combustible barrels, saving everyone.

Two weeks later, Nick, Lori, and Janet go to a café to celebrate. During their conversation however, Nick starts to see more omens and alludes to the theory that the chain of events since the speedway disaster was meant to lead them to where they needed to be for Death to strike. Just as he realizes this, a loose scaffold outside collapses on the road, causing a truck to swerve and crash into the café, killing him, Lori, and Janet.

The Final Destination Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The fourth in the franchise continuing with the curse and use of accidental and freak deaths.

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