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Sam Lawton is on his way to a company retreat with his colleagues. While their bus crosses the North Bay Bridge, Sam has a premonition that high winds will cause the bridge under construction to collapse, killing everyone except his ex-girlfriend Molly Harper, whom he manages to get across the bridge safely. Panicked, he persuades Molly, his friends Nathan Sears and Peter Friedkin, Peter’s girlfriend Candice Hooper, his boss Dennis Lapman, and co-workers Olivia Castle and Isaac Palmer to leave just as the bridge collapses. After being interrogated by FBI agent Jim Block, the survivors attend a memorial service for their deceased coworkers where they are being watched by coroner William Bludworth.

Later, Candice dies during her gym practice from a chain reaction that causes her to fall off the uneven bars and snap her spine. The next day, Isaac is killed at a Chinese spa when his head is crushed by a falling Buddha statue during an acupuncture session. Bludworth, who has been present for both deaths, tells the remaining survivors that if they wish to cheat Death, they must kill someone who was never meant to die on the bridge and thereby claim their remaining lifespan. At the same time, Sam and Molly fail to save Olivia, who falls out of a window to her death at an eye surgery clinic. Sam learns that the survivors are dying in the order they were meant to die on the bridge and realize that Nathan is next. 

Nathan, who has returned to a factory, accidentally kills his co-worker Roy Carson during an argument. He relays this information to the remaining survivors, who believe that Nathan must have claimed Roy’s remaining lifespan. When Dennis arrives to question the incident, a wrench launched by a belt sander splits his face, killing him. That evening, Sam and Molly rekindle their relationship at a restaurant where the former was working. Peter, who has become unstable after Candice’s death, interrupts the date and decides to kill Molly to take her lifespan. After Peter draws a gun, Sam and Molly both escape to the kitchen as Block overhears the gunshots from outside and enters the restaurant, only to be shot dead by Peter. The former attempts to kill Molly and Sam to eliminate witnesses, but Sam stabs Peter with a meat spit to save Molly.

Two weeks later, Sam and Molly board a plane to Paris. Before taking their seats, they notice a fight between Carter Horton and Alex Browning, who are both removed from the plane with Ms. Lewton and the other students, revealing that the plane they are boarding is Volée Airlines Flight 180. Upon takeoff, Sam overhears Alex’s vision from a flight attendant’s conversation with a passenger. When he realizes that it is too late for him and Molly to escape, both of them perish along with everyone else on the plane in the explosion that follows. At Roy’s memorial, Nathan learns from a coworker about Roy’s autopsy and the discovery of his brain aneurysm that would have resulted in his death anyway. As the worker leaves the bar, the landing gear from the plane breaks through the roof and crushes Nathan, setting off the events of the first four films.

Final Destination 5 Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A great horror film that will mess you up for life. The series does a great job uses a thread of accidental and freak deaths plus a curse to explain the film. Not appropriate for kids.

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