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In 3067 BC, the Scorpion King leads an army to conquer the world. However, his army is defeated and exiled to the desert of Ahm Shere. After the Scorpion King vows to give Anubis his soul in return for the power to defeat his enemies, an oasis and pyramid magically form, and the Scorpion King is given an army of jackal-like warriors. The Army of Anubis sweeps across Egypt, but once their task is finished, Anubis claims the Scorpion King’s soul and the army returns to the Underworld.

In 1933, Rick O’Connell and his wife Evelyn explore ancient ruins with their son, Alex, where they find the Bracelet of Anubis. In London, the bracelet locks onto Alex, showing him a vision directing him to Ahm Shere. Evelyn is captured by an Egyptian cult who resurrect Imhotep with the Book of the Dead; they wish to use his power to defeat the Scorpion King, giving him command of Anubis’ army to conquer the world. The cult, led by Baltus Hafez, includes enforcer Lock-Nah and Meela Nais, the physical reincarnation of Imhotep’s love Anck-su-namun. The O’Connells set out to rescue Evelyn, accompanied by her brother Jonathan and the Medjai Ardeth Bay. Jonathan gets his hands on a mysterious golden scepter.

Rick frees Evelyn and flees, but Alex is subsequently kidnapped by Lock-Nah and forced to travel to Egypt along with the cult. The O’Connells pursue them, with help from Rick’s associate Izzy. The bracelet gives Alex directions to Ahm Shere that the cult follows; Imhotep forces Alex’s cooperation by warning him that, should he not enter the pyramid’s boundaries within a week, the bracelet will kill him.. At each location, Alex leaves clues for his parents, who follow in Izzy’s dirigible. Imhotep uses the Book of the Dead to give Meela the soul of Anck-su-namun, but by doing so, he allows Evelyn to unlock the memories of her previous life as Princess Nefertiri, the bracelet’s keeper and Pharaoh Seti I’s daughter.

At the edge of the Oasis, Imhotep catches on to the pursuit and uses his magic to crash the dirigible; Izzy stays behind in hope of repairing it. By nightfall, the O’Connells infiltrate the cult, but both groups are attacked by pygmy mummies. Rick retrieves Alex while Ardeth kills Lock-Nah. They escape the pygmies, who kill all the cult members except for Baltus, Imhotep, and Anck-su-namun. The O’Connells arrive at the pyramid just as the sun rises, and the bracelet detaches from Alex. Anck-su-namun, Imhotep, and Baltus then arrive and kill Evelyn before entering the pyramid.

Inside the pyramid, Baltus puts on the bracelet and revives the army, but at the cost of losing his arm. Anubis takes Imhotep’s powers, wanting him to fight as a mortal. Rick finds Imhotep summoning the Scorpion King inside the pyramid and fights him. The Scorpion King, now an enormous monster, interrupts the fight and attacks Rick. At the same time, Ardeth and the Medjai battle Anubis’s resurrected army outside. While Rick and the Scorpion King fight, Baltus is caught in the melee and killed by the Scorpion King. Jonathan and Alex steal the Book of the Dead from Anck-su-namun and use it to resurrect Evelyn, who confronts Anck-su-namun. Rick discovers Jonathan’s scepter is actually a mystical spear, which he uses to stab the Scorpion King, sending him and the army back into the Underworld.

As the oasis then begins to destroy itself and the pyramid crumbles, Rick and Imhotep both cling to the ledge of a pit that leads to the underworld. Rick implores Evelyn to escape before it is too late, but she risks her life to pull Rick to safety. Seeing this, Imhotep pleads for Anck-su-namun to save him, but she abandons him. Heartbroken, Imhotep lets go and falls into the underworld. Meanwhile, the collapse of the pyramid causes Anck-su-namun to fall into a pit of scorpions, killing her. Izzy arrives with a modified dirigible and rescues the O’Connells just before the oasis and the pyramid are totally destroyed, though not before Jonathan swipes the pyramid’s crystal jewel. They depart into the sunset, with Ardeth Bay saluting them before riding off

The Mummy Returns Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great sequel to the original. Fun, scary, emotional and all the same characters.

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