Movie Review: Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

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Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Summary

In ancient China, a warlord unites the country’s kingdoms into an empire and becomes the Dragon Emperor. He orders the construction of the Great Wall of China, where his enemies’ corpses are buried underneath the site, eventually learning power over the traditional Chinese Wuxing elements. The Emperor grows fearful that his death will end all he has accomplished and summons Zi Yuan, a sorceress said to know the secret of immortality. He sends her to an ancient monastery with his second-in-command and most trusted friend, General Ming, to find the long-lost Oracle Bones. They fall in love, though the Emperor lusts for the former. When he witnesses them consummating their relationship, the Emperor has Ming executed in retaliation after having Yuan perform the procedure and stabs her with a dagger. Having foreseen this event however, she immolates and imprisons the Emperor and his soldiers in clay, turning them into the Terracotta Army, and flees.

In 1946, Alex O’Connell, Rick and Evelyn O’Connell’s son, and his archaeology professor Roger Wilson locate the Emperor’s tomb. Though attacked by a mysterious woman, they bring the sarcophagus to Shanghai. The British government entrusts the O’Connells to take the Eye of Shangri-La gemstone back to China. They learn that Wilson works for a rogue military faction led by General Yang and his assistant, Colonel Choi, who provided the financial backing of Alex’s expedition. Yang believes the Emperor can lead China out of the chaos following World War IIand plans to resurrect him using the Eye. They open the sarcophagus, revealed to have the mummified body of a eunuch decoy. The Eye accidentally lands on the statue of the carriage driver, in which the Emperor’s body resides. Revived, he accepts Yang’s services but kills Wilson and flees, despite the O’Connells’ attempt to stop him.

Along with Evelyn’s brother, Jonathan Carnahan, the O’Connells and the woman, Lin, travel to a stupa in the Himalayas that will reveal the path to Shangri-La when the Emperor places the Eye atop it. With help from yetis summoned by Lin, the group holds off Yang’s forces, but the Emperor discovers Shangri-La’s location. The Emperor throws a sword at Alex as he attempts to trigger an avalanche, but Rick shoves Alex aside and gets stabbed instead. Lin takes the group to Shangri-La, where Zi Yuan still lives, and heals Rick’s wound. The group discovers that Lin is Yuan’s daughter, both rendered immortal due to the powers of the mystical waters. As Rick heals, Alex and Lin grow attached, but Lin cannot bear falling in love with Alex only to watch him grow old and die.

The Emperor and Yang eventually arrive and the Emperor bathes in the waters, which restores his human form and youth. Morphing into a three-headed dragon, he kidnaps Lin and flies back to his tomb. He revives the Terracotta Army, declares his intention for world domination, and directs them to breach the Great Wall, after which they will be invincible. The O’Connells and Zi Yuan pursue the Emperor to the Great Wall, where Yuan, using the Oracle Bones, sacrifices her and Lin’s immortality to raise an undead army from beneath the structure, led by a revived General Ming. As Alex rescues Lin, Yuan fights the Emperor and secures the dagger before he kills her. The Emperor retreats into the Great Wall, where he uses his elemental powers to negate the spell, but is confronted by Rick and Alex while Evelyn and Lin defeat Yang and Choi. The Emperor gains the upper hand over Rick, but he and Alex manage to overpower and stab him with the dagger, vanquishing him and the Terracotta Army. Ming and his army briefly celebrate before entering the afterlife.

The O’Connells and Lin return to Shanghai, where Alex and Lin start a relationship. Jonathan moves to Peru with the Eye of Shangri-La intending to live somewhere with no mummies, not knowing that mummies will soon be discovered there.

Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great film that continued the franchise. The mummy was captivating but this was extending into China’s history and legends.

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