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High school student Alex Browning, along with his French class board Flight 180 bound for Paris. As the plane begins its taxi, Alex has a premonition that Flight 180 will suffer a catastrophic explosion after takeoff, killing everyone onboard. Alex wakes from his premonition, and is removed from the flight along with his best friend Tod Waggner, Carter Horton and his girlfriend Terry Chaney, Billy Hitchcock, Clear Rivers, and teacher Valerie Lewton. Inside the terminal whilst Carter and Alex are restrained from each other, the other passengers watch in horror as Flight 180 explodes, confirming Alex’s vision. The FBI later arrive, suspicious of Alex.

One month later, Tod dies after accidentally hanging himself on a clothesline. Alex and Clear, who has warmed to Alex’s vision, learn from Tod’s mortician William Bludworth that because of Alex’s prior intervention on the plane, he has disturbed “Death’s plan” and now Death has returned to claim who he had previously saved. Later, Alex and Clear unexpectedly meet with Carter, Terry, Ms. Lewton, and Billy. Angered at Carter fighting with Alex again, Terry inadvertently walks out onto a road and is killed by a speeding bus. A subsequent news report on the Flight 180 disaster reveals to Alex that Death is claiming the lives he saved in the order they would have died on the plane.

Realizing Ms. Lewton is next, he journeys to her house but is detained by FBI agents monitoring him. Still wary of Alex but without any evidence of sabotage on his part, they release him. Alex returns to Ms. Lewton’s house too late to save her from a house explosion. The remaining survivors unite though Carter, grieving over Terry’s death and realizing he is next decides to die on his own terms by parking his car on a level crossing. At the last minute, Carter changes his mind and Alex saves him moments before a train plows into his car. Debris from the wreckage is kicked up by the train, and decapitates Billy. Alex realizes that his intervention in Carter’s death meant that Death skipped and moved on to the next person. He then further realizes that Clear is next (Alex had swapped seats on the flight and thus intervened again) and rushes to her house to save her. He finds Clear trapped in a car surrounded by electrical cables which ignite leaked gasoline. Alex grabs the live cable, allowing Clear to escape.

Six months later, Alex, Clear, and Carter all travel to Paris to celebrate their survival. Alex remarks that he feels their struggle hasn’t finished; Death did not come for him after saving Clear. Moments later, a bus nearly hits Alex and swerves into a parking sign which then dislodges and partially collapses a sign. Carter pushes Alex out of the way just in time and saves him, intervening in his death. Carter wonders who will be next, as the sign unknowingly swings back towards him.

Sweeny Todd Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A horror musical but this is a brilliant rendition of the play. A must see.

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