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In 1900 in Paris, Christian, a young writer in mourning for his deceased love, begins writing their story. 

A year earlier, he arrives in Paris to join the Bohemian movement. He quickly meets Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and his troupe of performers who are writing a play called Spectacular Spectacular. After Christian helps them complete the play, they go to the Moulin Rouge where they hope Christian’s talents will impress Satine, the star performer and a courtesan, and that she will in turn convince Harold Zidler, the proprietor of the Moulin Rouge, to let Christian write the show. However, Zidler plans to have a wealthy and powerful Duke sleep with Satine in exchange for the financing to convert the club into a theater.

That night, The Duke catches Christian with Satine. To prevent him from leaving, Satine claims that they and the Bohemians were rehearsing Spectacular Spectacular. The Duke asks about the plot of the play, so Christian and the Bohemians improvise a story about a beautiful Indian courtesan who falls in love with a poor sitar player she mistook for an evil maharaja. Approving of the story, the Duke agrees to invest, but only if Satine and the Moulin Rouge are turned over to him.

Later, Satine claims not to be in love with Christian, but he eventually wears down her resolve and they kiss.

During construction at the Moulin Rouge, Christian and Satine’s love deepens while the Duke becomes frustrated with all the time he thinks Satine is spending with Christian working on the play. To calm him, Zidler arranges for Satine to spend the night with The Duke and angrily tells her to end their affair. She misses the dinner when she falls unconscious, leading a doctor to diagnose a fatal case of consumption. She does try to end things, but Christian writes a secret song to include in the show that affirms their love no matter how dire the circumstances.

At the final rehearsal, one of the performers hints to the Duke about Christian’s and Satine’s relationship. The Duke demands that the show end with the courtesan marrying the maharaja, instead of Christian’s ending where she marries the sitar player. Satine promises to spend the night with him after which they will decide on the ending. Ultimately, she fails to seduce the Duke and is saved by one of the performers before being raped. Christian decides he and Satine should leave the show behind and run away to be together while the Duke promises to kill Christian.

Zidler finds Satine in her dressing room packing. He tells her of her illness and that if she wants Christian to live, she will cut him off completely and be with the Duke. Mustering all her acting abilities despite her heart breaking, she complies, leaving Christian devastated. 

On opening night of the show, in front of a full audience, Christian vows to leave Satine and give her to the Duke. Satine sings their secret song and he changes his mind. After the company thwarts several attempts to kill Christian, the show ends with Christian and Satine proclaiming their love. The audience erupts in applause, but Satine collapses backstage. Before dying, she tells Christian to write their story so she will always be with him. The Duke leaves for good. 

In the present, the Moulin Rouge is in disrepair, The Duke and the Bohemians are gone, and Christian finishes his and Satine’s story, declaring their love will live forever.

Moulin Rouge Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Love this film. Sexy, musical and Parisian. A must watch in the musical and romance, semi appropriate for kids but older like pre teens and teenagers.

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