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Best friends Claire and Hailey are enjoying their last few days of summer vacation together in their small beach town of Baybridge, near Tampa, before Hailey moves to Australia due to her mother’s job as a marine biologist. Hailey prays to the ocean god for a miracle to make her mother change her mind about moving; minutes later, a violent storm occurs. 

The next night, the girls sneak into the local pool where they discover a mermaid named Aquamarine, who was washed in by the storm. Aquamarine befriends the girls and explains that she ran away from home due to being forced into an arranged marriage. In order to end the engagement, Aquamarine must to prove to her father that true love exists.

Aquamarine (who is able to change her tail into legs during the day as long as she does not get wet) has set her eyes on Raymond, the lifeguard Hailey and Claire have had a crush on for years. They are reluctant but when Aquamarine explains you get a wish if you help a mermaid, they agree, hoping they can prevent Hailey from moving.

As Aquamarine is not human, she does not understand how love works and is rejected by Raymond when they first meet. The girls promise to make Raymond fall in love with her in the next three days, using strategies found in teen magazines. However, a group of popular girls headed by Cecilia, the spoiled daughter of the local meteorologist also interested in Raymond, gets in the way.

Aquamarine and Raymond bond at a local dance but she is forced to leave since she transforms back at sunset. Before departing, she kisses him and asks him to meet her on the pier in the morning. Cecilia follows the three girls to the water tower where Aquamarine is staying, and discovers her secret. She unhooks the ladder to prevent Aquamarine from getting down and calls the news so she can expose her on national television. However, the town’s mysterious handyman helps Aquamarine escape and she grants him a wish. Cecilia’s father confiscates her car as punishment for embarrassing the family on national television.

The next morning, Aquamarine asks Raymond if he loves her. Raymond admits that he likes her but has not fallen in love with her yet as they have only been on one date, and that he wants to get there with her slowly. Aquamarine is heartbroken, when Cecilia interrupts and pushes her into the ocean, where Aquamarine turns back into a mermaid. Raymond is shocked but rushes to get his rescue board to save her, much to Cecilia’s dismay. 

Aquamarine’s father summons a giant storm, dragging Aquamarine back homeward, but Hailey and Claire jump into the ocean to her aid. When Aquamarine asks why, they respond that they love her. The power of the girls’ friendship finally convinces Aquamarine’s father of true love’s existence and the storm abates. The girls receive their wish but decide to not use it to keep Hailey from moving away as her mother worked hard for it. Instead, they save the wish and say goodbye to Aquamarine, who promises to visit. Raymond asks her to visit him as well and they kiss. Back on shore, Raymond thanks the girls for their bravery and for introducing him to Aquamarine. Hailey and Claire tell each other they will miss one another and part ways.

In the stage booklet, it is revealed that a year later Claire, Raymond, and Aquamarine meet up with Hailey in Australia exploring the great barrier reef together.

Aquamarine Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

3 Legendary women who dominated the industry as teenagers. Jojo, Sara and Emma made this so much fun. I mean who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid. A great family movie for teenagers or for sleepovers.

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