T.V. Series Review: Criminal Minds Season 14

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Criminal Minds Season 14 Summary

Season 14, Episode 1: 300

When messianic cult leader Benjamin David Merva (Michael Hogan) and his followers take Reid and Garcia hostage, the BAU juggles rescuing their colleagues and stopping Merva from carrying out a sinister agenda.

Season 14, Episode 2: Starter Home

When nine sets of mummified female remains are excavated from a remote South Carolina cabin, the BAU sets out to determine if a two-person killing team was responsible or if the crimes were committed by a lone killer. Meanwhile, Rossi continues to rekindle his relationship with Krystall.

Season 14, Episode 3: Rule 34

When six women in the Washington metropolitan area receive packages containing male appendages severed by disarticulation, the BAU works to identify the victim and establish a connection between the six recipients. Meanwhile, Simmons and Kristy try to communicate with their son, David, after he is suspended for hitting a classmate

Season 14, Episode 4: Innocence

When a woman from Tallahassee, Florida is bludgeoned to death and her husband’s alibi rules him out as the prime suspect, the BAU works with local authorities in Tallahassee and Arlington, Virginia to identify the killer. Meanwhile, Prentiss grows increasingly concerned about Garcia’s behavior.

Season 14, Episode 5: The Tall Man

When three East Allegheny, Pennsylvania teenagers go missing and one resurfaces the following day with limited memories, the BAU juggles locating the other girls and establishing the role a regional urban legend plays in the disappearances. Meanwhile, JJ finds herself flashing back to the events surrounding her sister’s suicide

Season 14, Episode 6: Luke

When four people living in various cities along the East Coast are tortured and murdered over a three-day span, the BAU attempts to connect the spree with a DEA-Federal Police manhunt for an infamous Mexican cartel hitman. Meanwhile, Alvez juggles moving in with his girlfriend and becoming emotionally involved in the investigation.

Season 14, Episode 7: Twenty Seven

When three people in the Washington metropolitan area are hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after being attacked with a machete, the BAU works with the local field office to track down a pair of spree killers driven to take a life every twenty-seven minutes.

Season 14, Episode 8: Ashley

When a couple from Plymouth, New Hampshire is gunned down in their sleep and their eight-year-old daughter is reported missing, the BAU searches for a budding abductor set on recreating a person from his past. Meanwhile, Rossi plans to take the next step in his relationship with Krystall.

Season 14, Episode 9: Broken Wing

In Los Angeles, California, when seven recovering drug addicts die from opiate overdoses hours after completing various in-patient addiction treatments, the BAU sets out to profile a budding Angel of Mercy bent on relieving his victims of their suffering. Meanwhile, Lewis finds herself forced to face her past after reconnecting with her ex-husband.

Season 14, Episode 10: Flesh and Blood

When two local attorneys are abducted, tortured, and found with their hearts crudely cut out of their chests, the BAU attempts to establish a connection between the investigation and a case from their past. Meanwhile, Prentiss juggles wrestling with her inner demons and organizing a romantic date with SSA Andrew Mendoza (Stephen Bishop).

Season 14, Episode 11: Night Lights

When the mysterious abduction of a man from Portland, Oregon is connected to an unsolved double homicide, the BAU sets out to track down a killer who blinds his victims before forcing them to play a deadly cat and mouse game. Meanwhile, Alvez invites the rest of the team to a housewarming party at his new apartment.

Season 14, Episode 12: Hamelin

When three Iowa children disappear from their homes on the same night and surveillance cameras in a local park capture the children freely entering their captor’s van, the BAU sets out to profile a budding injustice collector with dark motives. Meanwhile, JJ spends personal time with her mother, Sandy (Candy Clark), after renovation jobs force them out of their respective houses.

Season 14, Episode 13: Chameleon

After returning from an investigation in Nashville, Tennessee, Rossi breaks down in front of Krystall and begins to question his actions as he recounts the events surrounding the BAU’s attempt to track down a con artist-turned-serial killer with misogynistic attitudes.

Season 14, Episode 14: Sick and Evil

When four Lewiston residents are stabbed to death in their homes, the BAU searches for a paranormal-obsessed serial killer who operates on the belief that the residences they target are haunted. Meanwhile, Rossi juggles tracking down wanted killer Everett Lynch and recovering from his near-death experience

Season 14, Episode 15: Truth or Dare

The BAU returns to Los Angeles to track down a possible spree killer after two people are killed in car accidents-turned-shootings. Meanwhile, Rossi and Krystall prepare for their wedding and an unexpected confession promises to change the course of everyone’s lives forever.

Criminal Minds Season 14 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An interesting crime show that really gets you connected with the main agents.

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