T.V. Series Review: Criminal Minds Season 15

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Criminal Minds Season 15 Summary

Season 15, Episode 1: Under the Skin

When mutilated bodies appear in the Washington metropolitan area, Rossi becomes convinced they are the work of Everett Lynch (Michael Mosley), otherwise known as “The Chameleon”, the serial killer who nearly killed him and then disappeared. Meanwhile, Reid and JJ struggle in dealing with an awkward situation.

Season 15, Episode 2: Awakenings

With a member of the BAU in the hospital following a confrontation with Everett Lynch, the team continues their manhunt for him and his daughter Grace (Alex Jennings). Meanwhile, Reid, still struggling with recent events, visits his mother Diana (Jane Lynch) as she experiences a moment of lucidity.

Season 15, Episode 3: Spectator Slowing

When a mother and daughter are hospitalized from a mail bombing in Tennessee, the BAU searches for a serial bomber who appears to be selecting his victims based on a personal grudge.

Season 15, Episode 4: Saturday

As the team enjoys a Saturday off, Garcia becomes personally involved after a participant in her hacking competition confesses she has a stalker, while Reid meets a woman named Maxine (Rachael Leigh Cook).

Season 15, Episode 5: Ghost

When several people are shot in a rash of shootings in Des Plaines, Illinois, the BAU realizes the crimes match those of a sniper they hunted down fifteen years ago, but their assessment of the killings changes drastically when two of their own are kidnapped.

Season 15, Episode 6: Date Night

When a father and daughter are kidnapped in Washington, D.C., Reid is forced into another confrontation with hitwoman Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza), which threatens his date plans with Maxine.

Season 15, Episode 7: Rusty

When three men are brutally killed in Denver, the BAU links the crimes to a psychotic delusion involving false memories and the Schrödinger equation. Meanwhile, Prentiss is forced to evaluate her future with Special Agent Andrew Mendoza (Stephen Bishop), who she is in a long-distance relationship with.

Season 15, Episode 8: Family Tree

When the bodies of businessmen and prostitutes turn up in Beaumont, Texas, the BAU finds themselves facing a killer with conflicting realities. Meanwhile, Prentiss and J.J. both grapple with decisions they must make on unexpected job offers.

Season 15, Episode 9: Face Off

With one year passing since Rossi’s near-death experience, the BAU travels to Reno, Nevada, to follow a lead on Everett Lynch, “The Chameleon”, and figure out his new motivations. However, they are forced to contend with Lynch’s mother (Sharon Lawrence), who has an agenda of her own that leads to a shocking outcome.

Season 15, Episode 10: And in the End

With Reid in the hospital from a brain injury caused by the BAU’s standoff with Lynch, the rest of the team continues their hunt for Lynch, which leads to a violent and climactic final confrontation. Meanwhile, Rossi contemplates retirement, while Garcia makes a life-changing decision that will alter the course of the BAU’s future forever.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The ending of a great show.

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