T.V. Series Review: Psych Season 8

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Psych Season 8 Summary

Season 8, Episode 1: Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire

Using a “Guy Ritchie” style voiceover, Shawn and Gus recount being summoned to London by Interpol to take part in an undercover sting operation against ruthless criminal Ronnie Ives (Vinnie Jones). Since Gus is more interested in attending a Harry Potter convention, he has to be strong-armed into a case yet again. They also learn that they were called in by Pierre Despereaux (Cary Elwes), who tells them he’s been undercover for the last 10 years. Doubting his story, Shawn calls Lassiter for help, and he’s more than happy to assist since he’s been demoted.

Season 8, Episode 2: S.E.I.Z.E. the Day

Lassiter is in a funk since Interim Chief Harris Trout (Anthony Michael Hall) not only demoted him, but refused to give him any credit for saving his life. Shawn takes on the job of Lassiter’s life coach since Trout refuses to hire him. After Lassiter learns that his wife is pregnant, he suddenly develops an extreme fear of death, which leads Shawn to believe that he’s dying, all while trying to figure out who tried to kill Trout, and others like him.

Season 8, Episode 3: Remake A.K.A. Cloudy… With a Chance of Improvement

In the first-ever remake episode of the series (using the first season episode “Cloudy… With a Chance of Murder”), Shawn arrives at the courthouse to pick up his impounded motorcycle, and sees a woman (Lindsay Sloane) whom he later learns has been accused of murder. Believing that she is innocent, Shawn and Gus join struggling attorney Adam Hornstock (Michael Weston) for the defense. Previous guest stars (Alan Ruck, Ralph Macchio, Dana Ashbrook, Janet Varney, Ed Lover, and Ray Wise among others) fill in other roles from the original episode.

Season 8, Episode 4: Someone’s Got a Woody

An ex-con takes Woody hostage claiming to have been framed for murder. Woody arranges for Shawn and Gus to get involved, even though Trout wants none of their assistance. Unfortunately, Trout isn’t willing to wait for long, and when it appears that he’s willing to sacrifice Woody to end the siege, Lassiter and Juliet must take matters into their own hands, as well as buy Shawn time to find the truth. Once the real culprit is caught by Lassiter, Trout fires Lassiter and Juliet, refires Gus and Shawn, and is in turn fired himself for his recklessness.

Season 8, Episode 5: COG Blocked

Upon arriving at the scene of an apparent suicide, Gus immediately sees much of himself in the victim, who worked at an insurance company. Though Gus immediately believes it was a murder, Shawn is not entirely certain of that, but Gus forcefully takes the lead. Running into a private investigator (Kali Hawk) along the way, Shawn and Gus begin to discover why the man is dead, but the case gets even more confusing.

Season 8, Episode 6: 1967: A Psych Oddessy

Everyone is delighted when Chief Vick returns, until she announces she’s accepted a job in the Bay Area. Though Vick has put in a good word to Mayor Swagerty (John Kapelos) on Lassiter’s behalf, Swagerty isn’t keen on him for the job of Chief, but gives him a chance to prove himself by asking him to solve the murder of his uncle Archie Baxter, a journalist who was found dead in 1967. Shawn, Gus, Juliet, Henry and Woody all join the case. Lassiter learns that if he accepts the position of SBPD Chief, he cannot have Juliet as his head detective, a job that Vick has offered her. At Juliet’s encouragement, Lassiter takes the job as Chief, leaving Juliet to take the job with Chief Vick. The episode ends without clarifying how these changes will affect Shawn’s relationship with Juliet.

Season 8, Episode 7: Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up

Shawn and Gus arrive at the scene of a murder (at Chief Lassiter’s request) only to find that the victim is the driver of their favorite food truck. They instantly set out to investigate. Their investigation is complicated by Henry selling the house Shawn grew up in to Lassiter’s family and by having to look after Marlowe, who is in her last stages of pregnancy. Right as they are about to nab the culprit, Marlowe goes into labor and winds up delivering the baby in the back of the food truck with Henry serving as “midwife.” This episode is further complicated by Shawn’s attempts to retrieve his stuff from home only to have Gus take the stuff away claiming it belongs to him.

Season 8, Episode 8: A Touch of Sweevil

Shawn and Gus are invited to a convention for paranormal crime solvers. There they meet a woman (Yvette Nicole Brown) who claims to be a witch and a man (Tom Arnold) who claims to communicate with a ghost. When the man who spearheaded the convention is murdered, the consultants must set aside their differences to work together to solve the murder. In the meantime, Chief Lassiter asks Shawn and Gus to kick their tomfoolery up to an 11 in an effort to scare off his unwanted new head detective (Mira Sorvino) and get Juliet the position. Their efforts to do so backfire, however, and in the end, Lassiter is forced to acknowledge that he has more in common with his head detective than he originally thought.

Season 8, Episode 9: A Nightmare on State Street

Selected by Psych fans from an online poll with the original title “Dream Therapy,” Shawn and Gus are on the verge of solving a case for Lassiter. While Shawn shops for refreshments, Gus falls into a deep sleep. His sleep is interspersed with memories of visiting a dream therapist (Bruce Campbell) about nightmares he had relating to events of the case. Gus, recently dumped by a girl, is afraid of the recent changes in his life and that Shawn will abandon him. Gus wakes up to find Shawn returning with the refreshments. When they go to report their investigative results to Chief Lassiter, they find that they have been upstaged by Lassiter’s new head detective.

Season 8, Episode 10: The Break-Up

In a video log, Shawn details not only his final case of the series, but also his decision to move to San Francisco to be with Juliet, one that he doesn’t know how to divulge to Gus. This final case involves a man (Billy Zane) suspected of murdering his business partner, which initially proves difficult to solve since Brannigan (Mira Sorvino) is outpacing Shawn at every turn. The case is solved with an assist from Henry, who has become a criminology professor. In the end, Gus, Woody, Henry, Lassiter, and the previously unseen Dobson (Val Kilmer) all receive a DVD featuring Shawn saying goodbye. Buzz McNab is made junior detective and becomes Brannigan’s partner. Henry decides to take over the Psych office. Lassiter decides to break his DVD before Shawn confesses that he is not psychic. Shawn tracks Juliet to a crime scene in San Francisco where he also reunites with Vick, and Gus has also followed him there after stealing their old high school’s driver’s ed car. Shawn and Gus agree to move the Psych office to San Francisco, though Vick tells him that they already have a consultant (a deliberate reference to Adrian Monk) busy “alphabetizing the pantry.” Shawn proposes to Juliet, but after she accepts, his grandmother’s ring is stolen, and the episode and series ends with Shawn, Gus, and Juliet chasing the thief in the driver’s ed car.

Psych Season 8 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The end of a fun and mysterious series that really latched on to the detail in the crimes.

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