T.V. Series Review: Scooby Doo, Where are You? Season 3

Scooby Doo, Where are You? Season 3 Trailer

Scooby Doo, Where are You? Season 3 Summary

Season 3, Episode 1: Watch Out! The Willawaw!

While visiting Velma’s Uncle Dave, the gang find out he has been kidnapped from his home, and that a mysterious Willawaw is haunting the area.

Season 3, Episode 2: A Creepy Tangle in the Bermuda Triangle

While on a boat flowing down the Gulf Stream, the gang end up in the Bermuda Triangle and discover an airplane-snatching flying saucer and a trio of Skeleton Men.

Season 3, Episode 3: A Scary Night with a Snow Beast Fright

After being invited by Professor Krueger at the North Pole, the gang finds out that he has been captured. After they meet an Inuit named Chief Minook, he gets captured as well, and the gang attempts to solve the mystery.

Season 3, Episode 4: To Switch a Witch

On Halloween night, the New England town of Salem, Massachusetts is being haunted by the ghost of the witch Milissa Wilcox, who was burned at the stake in 1778. After receiving a distressed call from their friend Arlene Wilcox, a descendant of the accused witch, the gang arrives to help, despite being warned off by the town’s mayor. The gang realizes the witch looks exactly like Arlene.

Season 3, Episode 5: The Tar Museum

The gang go to the ancient city of Byzantius in Turkey. On the way there, they meet the Tar Monster, who frightens the workers away while opening the inner sanctum.

Season 3, Episode 6: A Highland Fling with a Monstrous Thing

The gang travel to Scotland to visit their friend Aggie MacDuff, who says people have left her castle in fear after ghost sightings. It seems the ghost plays bagpipes to call on the Loch Ness Monster to help him scare people away from the castle.

Season 3, Episode 7: The Creepy Case of Old Iron Face

As the gang go water-skiing, they encounter Old Iron Face, a phantom who is supposed to have a hideous face. Later the gang’s guide, Captain Morgan, disappears, and they set out for the island to find him.

Season 3, Episode 8: Jeepers, It’s the Jaguaro!

After an emergency landing in a jungle in Brazil, the gang get caught between headhunter natives, and the Jaguaro: a creature with the head of a Smilodon, and the body of an ape.

Season 3, Episode 9: Make a Beeline away from the Feeling

As the gang goes to New York City to visit Daphne’s aunt, they learn from her that a strange and unexpected package containing a cat medallion arrived at her door. She believes that every night, she turns into the cat creature — the same cat creature that robbed a jewelry store in town.

Season 3, Episode 10: The Creepy Culture of Vulture’s Claw

The gang discovers a humanoid mantis creature roaming around the Vulture’s Claw Botanical Gardens.

Season 3, Episode 11: The Diabolical Disk Demon

The kids discover a phantom musician. He wants the half-finished song of a missing songwriter and will stop at nothing to get it.

Season 3, Episode 12: Scooby’s Chinese Fortune Kooky Caper

The gang runs into the Moon Monster. There are rumors that if you run into his shadow, you will be turned into stone.

Season 3, Episode 13: A Menace in Venice

The gang goes to visit their friend Antonio in Venice. They soon find out that a ghost is haunting him and the ghost plans to steal the ancient necklace Antonio is wearing.

Season 3, Episode 14: Don’t Go Near the Fortress of Fear

The gang arrives at Puerto Rico to visit the ancient fortress El Morro. While there, the kids run into a ghostly general who warns them to stay away from his creepy fortress.

Season 3, Episode 15: The Warlock of Wimbledon

The gang meets Jimmy Pelton, a star tennis player, while cruising England. Jimmy has been cursed by the Warlock Anthos that if he plays in Wimbledon, he is doomed.

Season 3, Episode 16: The Beast Is Awake in Bottomless Lake

The gang goes to Canada at the newly deserted village of Bottomless Lake. It turns out that a beast has scared everyone away.

Scooby Doo, Where are You? Season 3 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was the final season, it was actually cancelled mid way before later being picked up again and re run. However other shows featuring Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne have been on air since the original.

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