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Saved by the Bell Season 4 Summary

Season 4, Episode 1: The Last Dance

In order to afford a costume for the school’s costume ball, Kelly gets a job working at The Max. However, as Kelly spends more time working with her boss Jeff Hunter (Patrick Muldoon), she falls for him and may have to tell Zack that their relationship is over.

Season 4, Episode 2: Zack’s Birthday

The gang takes summer jobs at a beach resort, but have trouble dealing with their boss Mr. Carosi. Meanwhile, Zack hits on the boss’ daughter Stacey (Leah Remini). However, Stacy’s arrogant attitude toward Zack leads him to having second thoughts–especially when Carosi leaves Stacy in charge and she lets the job go to her head.

Season 4, Episode 3: The Aftermath

After catching Kelly and Jeff together at the movies, Zack retaliates by dating other girls and trying to make Kelly jealous.

Season 4, Episode 4: The Game

Zack bets Mr. Carosi (Ernie Sabella) that if he wins a volleyball game, Zack can buy his car. However, Zack’s team is short of a player when the star player Gary is injured.

Season 4, Episode 5: Operation Zack

Zack sprains his knee before the big basketball game, and while in the hospital learns that Lisa is a part-time candy-striper, a job that her mom, a surgeon at the hospital, apparently helped her to get. However, Zack also learns that he will need surgery to repair his knee and worries that it may go wrong, but Lisa assures him that everything will be fine, especially since her mom will be performing the surgery

Season 4, Episode 6: Fourth of July

The annual Fourth of July beauty pageant at the beach resort is taking place, and Zack is selected as one of the judges. However, he is put under pressure when Carosi tells him that he wants Zack to choose Stacey no matter what it takes.

Season 4, Episode 7: Check Your Mate

With the annual chess competition between Bayside and their rival Valley approaching, Valley decides to get some dirt on Screech, the school’s chess champion. Things turn ugly when Valley steals Screech’s lucky beret given to him by Violet. Meanwhile, Zack and Slater try to pull the old switcheroo with Valley’s chess jock, a Russian exchange student.

Season 4, Episode 8: My Boyfriend’s Back

Zack and the gang enter in the annual ATV race. Meanwhile, Zack feels inferior when Stacey’s ex-boyfriend Craig shows up at the beach resort from Boston

Season 4, Episode 9: Fake IDs

Zack falls for a college girl named Danielle when she drops by The Max to use the phone because she is stranded with a flat tire. In an attempt to impress her, Zack offers to change Danielle’s tire, lies about his age and then makes fake IDs so that he, Slater, and Screech can sneak into The Attic, an over-18 nightclub where Danielle is a regular patron. However, they get a big surprise when they see Kelly’s boyfriend Jeff there dancing with another girl. The boys, along with Jessie and Lisa, decide to make a return visit with the intent to catch Jeff in the act. They do; and just as they are about to bust Jeff, Kelly unexpectedly shows up and catches Jeff embracing the other girl in a slow dance. Kelly then confronts Jeff and breaks up with him. During all of this, Zack’s mom finds out that the boys had snuck out from a supposed sleepover to go to The Attic. Just as Danielle shows up at The Attic, Zack’s mom is there to bust the boys.

Season 4, Episode 10: Boss Lady

When her father goes away, Stacey is left in charge of the resort. However, she cannot manage by herself so the gang pitches in to help her when things go wrong: gold fever hits the beach, someone accidentally booked two parties at the same time, and the chef decides to quit

Season 4, Episode 11: Pipe Dreams

When the school strikes oil, the kids go crazy for it after they find out how much the well is worth. However, they soon realize the costs outweigh the benefits

Season 4, Episode 12: The Last Weekend

Stacey and her father fight over Zack, Kelly gets hit on by an 11-year-old, Slater meets a girl, and the whole staff builds an enormous sand castle. In the end, even Mr. Carosi realizes that goodbyes are hard

Season 4, Episode 13: The Wicked Stepbrother (Part 1)

Jessie meets her new stepbrother, Eric, but soon discovers that he has a dark side, as he uses blackmail to get his way. Meanwhile, Eric takes a liking to Lisa, and Zack and Slater decide to get their revenge on Eric by setting him up to get caught driving Mr. Belding’s shiny new red convertible while on a date with Lisa. Things go awry, however, when Eric lets Lisa drive the car and she gets blinded by the flash of the camera that the boys use to take a picture of Eric in Belding’s car, causing her to crash into a wall.

Season 4, Episode 14: The Wicked Stepbrother (Part 2)

Eric learns that Zack and Slater paid Lisa off to go out with him in order to get him into trouble for driving Mr. Belding’s car, and when Eric confronts Lisa about it, she is crushed–because she actually fell in love with him. To get back at the guys, Eric has the auto mechanic class take the totaled car apart. When Jessie finds out, she confronts him about it and demands that he fix the car. When Eric refuses and gives her trouble by calling her a “chick,” Jessie gives him a black eye for being a sexist and tells him that she wants him out of her life. To make amends, Eric puts Belding’s car back together himself so that Zack and Slater do not get into trouble, and apologizes. Regardless of what happened, Lisa tells Eric that she likes him and would like another date with him.

Season 4, Episode 15: Date Auction

A “date auction” is held by the school to raise money for new cheerleading uniforms. Jessie is not keen on the idea of a “meat market,” and forbids the girls to bid on Slater. Lisa changes her image to bag her bookworm boyfriend, but is disgusted when she learns that he hates her friends and dumps him. Meanwhile, when an overweight girl bids on Zack and wins, he has to deal with the consequences when she finds out that he has been making excuses to avoid going out with her. Realizing it would have been better to be honest with her, Zack apologizes for his actions and agrees to be her date.

Season 4, Episode 16: All in the Mall

After a failed attempt to buy tickets to the U2 concert, Zack and the gang find $5,000 abandoned at the mall, but things do not work out when the gang is chased by mobsters around the mall.

Season 4, Episode 17: SATs

Jessie’s chances of getting into her dream college are hurt when she scores 1205 on the SAT, while Zack scores an unlikely 1502

Season 4, Episode 18: Palm Springs Weekend (Part 1)

Jessie and the gang are invited to her father’s wedding, which is being held at the luxury hotel that her father manages. Jessie is ecstatic at first, but becomes shocked and displeased when she discovers that her father is marrying a much younger woman. Meanwhile, Slater goes on a date with a royal princess, Zack and Kelly begin to rethink their relationship, and Screech continues his fruitless pursuit of Lisa, this time using a self-help book on attracting girls.

Season 4, Episode 19: Palm Springs Weekend (Part 2)

Jessie attempts to sabotage a dinner date between her father and his fiancee in hopes that it will cause the wedding to cancel, while Zack tries to talk her into letting the wedding go ahead. Slater adjusts to his new girlfriend being of royal blood, and Zack and Kelly go on a date, but decide to just remain friends

Season 4, Episode 20: Hold Me Tight

Zack falls for a new girl named Kristy who wants to become part of the wrestling team, but is barred from the team because of her gender. The gang decides to help her out, but Jessie soon regrets it when Kristy makes the team and becomes “too friendly” with Slater.

Season 4, Episode 21: No Hope with Dope

Bayside is chosen by a Hollywood teen idol movie star as the location to shoot an anti-drug commercial. The gang is set to star in the commercial; however, when the gang learns that someone has been supposedly smoking pot at Bayside, they soon realize that things are not going to be as easy as they thought. The gang later feels deceived after learning that the star himself uses drugs and pressures Kelly to try pot as well. Zack encourages Kelly not to go through with it and tells the star to leave. However, Mr. Belding saves the day when he brings in an old friend, who happened to be Brandon Tartikoff, the then chairman of NBC, to do the commercial.

Season 4, Episode 22: Rockumentary

Casey Kasem tells the story of how Zack’s band, “The Zack Attack,” got together and their rise to fame

Season 4, Episode 23: Cut Day

Jessie and her new friend Graham protest the use of polystyrene foam cups at their school. Meanwhile, Zack dodges Belding after betting against Slater that he will be able to ditch all of his classes for Cut Day.

Season 4, Episode 24: Home for Christmas (Part 1)

Zack falls for a girl who works at the mall, but is unaware that she is homeless. Meanwhile, the gang is busy getting ready for their production of “A Christmas Carol”.

Season 4, Episode 25: Home for Christmas (Part 2)

Zack discovers the true identity of the homeless girl, Laura, and her boss accuses her of stealing a sports coat. This leads to her being fired from her job, prompting the gang to persuade her boss to let her come back. Her boss apologizes by giving her father the sports coat. Zack and his mom let Laura and her dad (Frank) stay until he can find a job.

Season 4, Episode 26: Mystery Weekend

The gang visits a mansion for a murder mystery weekend after winning a competition. However, a real murder attempt is made on the host who soon goes missing, and the gang has to find out who is responsible

Saved by the Bell Season 4 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Set back in the 80s/90s the show follows pre teens and teenagers through issues they will face in school, which can be educational on how to deal with the peer pressure.

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