Movie Review: Foster’s Movie: Destination Imagination

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Frankie Foster has grown outraged about her job as the caretaker of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, doing endless chores for Mr. Herriman and the house residents, who show her little to no gratitude. When Frankie discovers a chained toy box left on the doorstep, Herriman instructs her to leave it in the attic. Frankie intentionally ignores Herriman’s order and peeks inside the box. Upon falling inside, she discovers it is a vast world filled with anthropomorphic toys and delectable treats. She sympathizes with a young boy’s voice (Max Burkholder), who tells her he has been living alone in the toy chest since his family left the box at Foster’s. Frankie adores the world and secretly visits it every day, being treated like royalty by the voice. One day, when she attempts to leave, the voice locks every exit of the castle Frankie resides in. While investigating Frankie’s sudden disappearance, Bloo, Mac, Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt go up to the attic and enter the toy box, discovering the vast world that resides in it. They ask around a town of Frankie’s whereabouts but the faceless toy residents do not respond. A group of weeble policemen chase after the gang, but they are saved by a heroic man. He warns them that their pursuit of Frankie is life-threatening, but they remain determined to rescue her. Meanwhile, Mr. Herriman, outraged by Frankie’s disappearance, unsuccessfully attempts to find a replacement for her.

After the hero sabotages the gang’s attempt to cross a musical bridge, they fall into a pit where sticky material becomes their zombie-like doppelgängers. They escape through a Super Mario-like environment and go to the house of a toy dog, where they are set up for a trap to eat crumpets with sleeping powder. Mac does not eat the crumpets and is able to save the others. As they try to escape, they discover that the policeman, hero, and dog are all controlled by a single face — World, the voice that tended to Frankie — who can animate and control seemingly anything he latches onto. World is trapped on an apple and the gang leaves it at a desert, but it latches on a horse and gallops off to the castle. Having been secretly hiding inside the horse, the gang finds Frankie and attempts to save her. However, Frankie reveals that she was staying of her own free will and is happy to be away from the work at Foster’s. The friends then plead with Frankie to come home, insisting that they need her to take care of them. She believes their pleas to be selfish and storms off. World then gasses them and they fall asleep.

When the gang awakens, they find themselves in a fake version of Foster’s created by World, who shrank them into it. After Frankie hears their voices calling to her and finds them shrunk, World becomes upset and accuses Frankie of planning to leave him alone in the toy box forever. She calms him down enough to befriend and unshrink the gang. Suddenly, Mr. Herriman bursts into the room, having himself gotten into the toy box to look for Frankie, and harshly scolds World, giving him an anxiety attack. World’s world falls apart as he pursues the gang until it is nothing but a white void. As the gang arrives at the entrance of the box, World becomes angry and turns into a chimera-like creature to attack them all. The gang manages to escape the toy box, after which Frankie climbs out as well and tries to convince everyone to let World out of the box. Herriman yields, admitting to his misjudgment of Frankie and accepting World’s release from the box. World adapts to the new environment and lives as a stuffed rag doll in the home. Herriman issues a decree to divide the chores between the imaginary friends and thus give Frankie a break from her job. After the chores, all the imaginary friends in the house are free to travel in and out of the toy box, where they enjoy themselves.

During the post-credits scene, Madame Foster, who was away on vacation, returns only to be greeted by an empty house and wonders where everyone is.

Foster’s Movie: Destination Imagination Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fun movie spin off the show.

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