T.V. Series Review: 101 Dalmatians Street

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101 Dalmatians Street Summary

Season 1. Episode 1: Dog’s Best Friend/ Boom Night

“Dog’s Best Friend”: While cleaning the house after the pups made a mess, Dylan notices about his next-door neighbour Clarissa having a human doing chores, and he wishes that he had a human “pet” to do all of his chores for him. Dizzy and Dee Dee overhear, and decide to bring him one of whom they nicknamed “Mr. Fuzzy”. They take him to 101 Dalmatian Street, much to Dylan’s surprise as he tries to get him out of the house. He eventually warms up to the human and sees this as an opportunity to train him to do chores, but to no avail. The commotion from Mr. Fuzzy wakes Doug up, who discovers Dylan let a human into the house and he immediately lectures him. Later, after making a bigger mess of the household, Dylan follows his father’s advice and brings him back “with his own kind”. He lures Mr. Fuzzy outside by stealing his phone and bringing it to the park, where the human meets a vendor from a dating app he was using and the two look into each other’s eyes. “Boom Night”: In a parody of The Purge, Doug and Delilah are getting prepared for “Boom Night” by locking the house, and putting earmuffs on their children. They tell Dylan and Dolly to keep the pups safe as they head off to work. Dylan assists that he’s in charge and commands the puppies to stay inside the house, but Dolly doesn’t take him seriously and decides to hang out on the barge. Dorothy notices that Dolly left the door open as she left and follows her. When Dylan discovers that she’s missing, he decides to leave the house to find her as Dolly arrives at the barge. Dylan finds Dolly and later spot Dorothy at the top of a building without any earmuffs. They attempt to save her by running up their building, but Dolly gets stuck in the entry to the top of the building. After she calls out a trigger word (“ball”), the onslaught of puppies is enough to break her free. When all the puppies land on the top, they realize that Boom Night isn’t as bad as they thought as they are in awe at the fireworks, which was the source of the booming.

Season 1, Episode 2: Power to the Puppies

Dylan and Dolly are fighting over whose puppy-sitting style is better. At Doug’s suggestion, they decide to hold an election to see who should be the top dog. While the voting is close, the puppies prefer the incredibly inept Diesel who only seems interested in digging. Dylan stays in his treehouse despite Dante’s warning of danger and Dolly tries feeding ideas into Diesel, but he instead digs and hits a water valve. Dolly gets Dylan to get the puppies to all work together to drain out the house and clean it up with Dylan and Dolly agreeing that both deserve to be top dog.

Season 1, Episode 3: Who the Dog Do You Think You Are?

The dalmatians discover a painting in the attic of a royal dog who looks like Dylan. Everyone, minus Dolly, believes he is of royal lineage. Clarissa, overhearing them, barges into their home with Prunella and Arabella and pamper Dylan. Anyone opposing him is immediately kicked out of the house. Dylan soon grows bored and learns of Clarissa’s actions as well as her plan to marry him. Dylan gets Dolly to destroy the marriage license, but Clarissa made copies. The painting turns out to be fake and Clarissa and her troupe leave the dalmatians.

Season 1, Episode 4: Walkies on the Wild Side

Dylan has trouble keeping up with Dolly and Fergus’s wildness. He accepts Fergus’ offer on being taught how to survive on the streets, leaving Dolly on single sitter duty back at home, much to her irritation. While he has trouble settling into the lifestyle with Fergus and the Canal Crew, Dylan takes to the life well but misses home. To get out of the rain, he gets on a cat lady’s barge, but it begins to take off. Dolly and the Canal Crew arrive just in time to get Dylan to unleash his inner wild side and escape. While he enjoyed the festivities, Dylan prefers to stay at home.

Season 1, Episode 5: May Contain Nuts

Dolly becomes amazed at Sid the Squirrel’s parkour talents and begs to be trained. She enjoys her new athletic abilities, but Dylan begins to suspect that Sid is only after one thing: nuts. Dolly pays no mind to Dylan’s concerns and continues to take part in many of Sid’s “tests” which are actually just schemes to get more nuts. After dodging a nail clipping session, Dolly ends up helping Sid rob a store and they are chased in the streets. Dolly ends up hanging from Big Ben and Dylan and the dalmatians rescue her while Sid gets “arrested”.

Season 1, Episode 6: Winter Funderland

The dalmatians prepare for a major snowstorm, only to be disappointed that it is nothing but rain. Dolly gets an idea to make it snow inside and recruits Dawkins to freeze the interior of their home so that it can freeze. They invite everyone over for a party, much to Dylan’s irritation. Eventually, everything gets out of control and Dolly, Dylan and Dawkins unfreeze the boiler so that everything can warm up. As their parents arrive home, they further heat up the interior so that the water can turn into steam, creating a tropical interior which Delilah said she wanted.

Season 1, Episode 7: Snow Day

Following the events of “Winter Funderland”, London suddenly has a snow day, but Doug and Delilah want to prep all of the puppies so that they can prepare for the weather. Dylan and Dolly growing bored of the long procedure take half of the puppies and challenge the parents to prep them. The parents win, but Dorothy is nowhere to be found, having been accidentally been let out by Dolly. Doug, Delilah, Dylan and Dolly search endlessly and find her hiding in a snowman, but a snow plower is about to run her over. The family rescues her, but the snow melts into mud which still does not prevent them from having fun.

Season 1, Episode 8: Perfect Match

Dolly is shocked to learn that her friend Roxy Rottweiler has a crush on Dylan. She decides to hook the two up as a practical joke, but Dylan, who initially started off frightened of Roxy, begins to appreciate her presence when she displays an interest in constellation watching. Dolly begins to envy the two of them together and tries to break them up, unaware of the fact that Roxy had prepared an apology tent for her. After Dolly attacks the two with a water hose, she learns the truth and apologizes while Roxy loses interest in Dylan when he refers to her as a sometimes friend.

Season 1, Episode 9: All Fired Up

As part of taking your child to work day, Doug invites Dolly after choosing at random. When Dolly arrives at the fire station, she is shocked to discover that it is an incredibly boring place. She tries to energize the firemen, but she puts them all to sleep. Meanwhile, Dylan tries to have time to himself, but his cat allergy begins acting up when the next-door neighbour cats are holding a Japanese themed party. His telescope starts a fire and Doug and Dolly manage to wake up the firemen in time to rush to Dalmatian Street to put out the fire and rescue Dylan and the cats.

Season 1, Episode 10: Poetry Scam

Dolly tries to impress her crush Hansel but is too nervous. She discovers that he is attracted to Dylan’s poetry and begins repeating it to him as her own. Dylan finds out and decides to help her by feeding poetry to her while she is talking to Hansel. He becomes so impressed that he invites her to a slam poetry session. Dolly begins to perform, but cannot bring herself to continue copying her brother, so she invites him to perform while she goes into an impromptu rap poem, known as “Dolly’s Rap”. Hansel is nevertheless impressed and begins conversing with Dylan of whom he begins to admire.

Season 1, Episode 11: Crushed Out

Dylan has a crush on a goth poodle named Portia. Because Dylan is a nerd, Fergus decides to turn Dylan into a goth so that Portia will like him. She is impressed with him, even though she thinks his name is “Danny”, but her assistant Spencer warns Dylan that Portia is unpredictable. Not only is Portia incredibly dark, but she is also clingy and continues to stalk Dylan. He decides to revert to his nerdy ways, but she instead takes to it as some sort of new style. With Dolly’s help, Dylan begins showering Portia with affection and she leaves. However, Dylan still has a crush on her.

Season 1, Episode 12: Girls’ Day Out

Dolly’s plan to surprise Delilah on Mother’s Day goes up in smoke when she angrily chastises her in a botched attempt while accidentally praising Dylan. Realizing her mistake, Delilah reluctantly takes up Doug’s offer to go to the spa with her. Delilah sticks her neck out for Dolly when Clarissa insults them. Later, they cause a mess and Delilah and Dolly come out looking like hyenas. They are picked up by a woman who plans to send them to the Serengeti. After making up with one another, they manage to successfully escape and make it home for a long day’s rest.

Season 1, Episode 13: The Woof Factor

Triple D (Destiny, Dallas and Déjà Vu) accidentally double book two commercial spots. Fearing that they will not get the money to literally keep a roof over their heads, Dylan, Dolly and Deepak attend one of the commercials posing as Triple-D. Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong as the unfamiliarity with the sets as well as the comic blunders forces the three to realize all the hard work and dedication that goes into being superstars. When it seems that everything falls apart, Triple-D comes to the rescue and the dalmatians are able to finally fix the roof.

Season 1, Episode 14 and 15: The Nose Job

Part 1: Dylan enters a sniffing contest after training his nose but is shocked when Diesel, who has had absolutely no training and is not all that bright, easily beats him. To make matters worse, Pearl the Police Horse bans the dalmatians from going to the park after all the flowers have been ripped up and the statue defaced with paw prints. Dylan refuses to have Diesel help him and he scours the city looking for potential culprits all of whom turn out to be innocent. After some persuading from Dolly, Dylan finally has Diesel help, but he cannot identify a smell at the crime scene. Dylan and Dolly see flower petals in Diesel’s bed and the former waits at night. He sees Diesel sneaking out of the house, but he is actually sleepwalking. Pearl arrives, believing that he was returning to the scene of the crime and promptly arrests him.Part 2: Dylan tries to get Pearl to listen to him about Diesel’s sleepwalking, but she refuses to listen to him. He recruits Dolly and the other dalmatians to break Diesel out of prison, unaware of the fact that someone is spying on them. After hearing that a cat tipped them off to the crime, Dylan and Diesel confront Constantin, but he denies any turning the dalmatians in and tells them that there was another cat at the park. Diesel reveals that he did catch a rubbery smell and that the reason that they did not get the cat smell was that he was hairless (Dylan is allergic to cat fur and could not smell it). Pearl follows them to the park and they find the culprit, but he escapes in a limo. The dalmatians celebrate clearing Diesel, but the cat’s owner is revealed to be after the dalmatians.

Season 1, Episode 16: My Fair Dolly

Clarissa beckons Dolly to be more proper instead of rambunctious. With Dawkins and Dylan’s help, she learns to be a pedigree type dog; changing her look and mannerisms through a series of tests. Dolly tries to enter the Petiquette Pooch Cup, but she does not have an owner, so she goes to the park and picks a fashionista. When she begins to act snooty towards her siblings, Dylan, Dawkins and the rest try to talk sense into her, but she refuses to listen. Upon seeing Dizzy and Dee-Dee acting like her, she reverts to her wild self and gets dirty with her siblings with the other dogs, minus Clarissa, following suit.

Season 1, Episode 17: Flea-Maggedon

In a spoof of 28 Days Later, Dylan learns that the rest of his siblings did not take a bath like they were supposed to, resulting in many of them getting fleas. Similar to a zombie epidemic, Dylan, Dolly, Dawkins, Dante and Dorothy are left with Clarissa mocking them next door. As they do not have flea powder, they try to survive, but soon the fleas begin to spread. Eventually, Dylan, Dolly and Dawkins are left hiding in the treehouse and discover, to their shock, that the fleas came from Dylan’s moon rock that was given to him by Clarissa. Dylan absorbs all the fleas and bounces over to Clarissa’s house, giving them all to her.

Season 1, Episode 18: A Right Royal Rumble

The dalmatians prepare for the arrival of the Royal Corgis in their caravan, but Clarissa’s owner Hugo has made a deal with the government to allow himself to build a viewing wall that blocks the viewpoint of the dalmatians. Pearl’s hooves are tied as she is in the running to get a promotion and wants to impress her superior Apollo. Dylan and Dolly decide to sabotage the wall with their siblings, but end up blocking the caravan’s path. At the last minute, the dalmatians use ice cream cones to make that new path and the Corgis are impressed with them, while Clarissa and Hugo are made to look like fools.

Season 1, Episode 19: Dal-Martians

When Dylan mocks Dolly for her hyperbolic stories, she and Dawkins team up to get back at him by making him believe that aliens exist after Roxy mentions that her owners are setting up for an alien parade. Dawkins and Dolly make numerous clues towards Dylan by having him believe that aliens have taken over Camden Town. They soon realize that they went too far when Dylan sabotages the parade; sending himself, Dolly and Dawkins speeding through the park on a UFO float. They manage to land the space ship in the river and Dylan and Dolly apologize with the former going easy on the latter’s stories.

Season 1, Episode 20: A Date with Destiny… Dallas and Déjà Vu

A while after the events of “The Nose Job Part 2”, Triple-D’s new commercial goes viral. However, Dylan is horrified with how violent and dangerous it was and insists that they be protected. Nevertheless, Triple-D go to their next commercial shoot where they hang out with a contest winner named Hunter. Dylan follows, trying to protect his sisters, but constantly gets kicked out by the producer. Hunter suggests shooting a new commercial from skydiving off a helicopter. Dallas’ chute does not open, but Dylan rescues her and is hailed a hero at home. Hunter gets a piece of Dallas’ hair and confirms a DNA match as the “same” dalmatians.

Season 1, Episode 21: The Wow of Miaow

When Dylan fails to defend his next door neighbor cats from Dmitri 1, 2 and 3’s insults, Deepak, the peaceful pup, decides to leave and move in next door with them. Soon, the house begins to fall into disarray with Dolly pointing out that Deepak is the only one who keeps things cool and calm. Dylan, adorned with a helmet to protect from his cat allergies, heads over next door to get Deepak back, but Constantin insists that he partake in a series of challenges to get his little brother back. Dylan manages to surpass them all and admits that he cares about Deepak’s feelings, bringing peace to the house.

Season 1, Episode 22: Fear Window

In a spoof of Rear Window, Dolly has a broken leg and must wear a cone to prevent her from itching and is holed up in her room. To help her pass the time, Dylan gives her his telescope to look around. She witnesses Clarissa supposedly disposing of Hugo’s things and believes that she has done away with him. Despite Dylan’s doubts, she convinces him to help her by sneaking in next door. The siblings soon find evidence that suggests that she really did commit murder until Hugo suddenly shows up. He had gone away to get a hair transplant. Upon seeing him holding Dolly, Clarissa angrily attacks her owner; ruining his new hair.

Season 1, Episode 23: The Dog House

Clarissa is none too pleased with her dalmatian neighbours and sets up Dylan to make it look like he attacked her owner, Hugo. When Hugo complains on the phone to pest control while at the hospital, Delilah takes an unconscious Doctor Dave and speeds across Camden Town using the World Wide Woof to warn her children of pest control. Pearl aids Delilah in getting home and gets Doctor Dave to pretend to be their owner while the rest of the puppies hide in places in their house. Pest control arrives, but they do not find any wrongdoing. As Clarissa angrily complains, pest control takes her instead.

Season 1, Episode 24: A Summer to Remember

Part 1: The dalmatians rent out a double decker bus and head out into the country, while singing a musical number called “Dogs Are Out for Summer Sun”, which ends as a rain storm came out of nowhere, it stops when Dylan sets up his tent. Upon arriving, Dylan falls in love with a Border Collie named Summer and Dolly falls in love with a Doberman named Spike. They also meet a cow named Bessie who, after being insulted by Dylan, proceeds to do everything she can to ruin their day such as sending them all to certain doom with Dante being the only person aware of her misdeeds. They also encounter a “dumb” seagull named Chips who Dylan thinks was trying to eat Dorothy. Dylan obliviously continues to say negative things about “locals”, upsetting Summer, but after getting help in rescuing Dizzy and Dee Dee from a cave, changes his tune and gets on Summer’s good side. While Dylan, Summer, Dolly and Spike spend the night looking at the moon, the bus rolls down the hill and begins hanging off of a cliff.

Part 2: Doug and Delilah proceed to use a life raft and jump off the bus so that it can roll back. They end up on a small island off shore and decide to take the opportunity to spend time alone, until another rain storm rolls in. Dolly and Spike find a boat and swim out to them, but a hole causes it to sink trapping them on the island with the parents. Dylan, Summer and Dawkins get up to the lighthouse and use Chips to bring the rope to the small island and then have Dylan ride his tent down to rescue them. They tie themselves and use the gale winds to fly back up, but the rope snaps and they fly high into the clouds past thunder and lightning. Nevertheless, they make it back safely. After spending the night, the dalmatians go home with Dylan and Dolly promising to see Summer and Spike again. As they leave, Dylan realizes that Bessie was trying to kill them this whole time.

Season 1, Episode 25: Long Tongue Day

On the hottest day of the year, the dalmatians head to the pond in the park, only to find it full of all of Camden’s dogs. In order to hog it to themselves, Dylan and Dolly invent the legend of the Kraken that lives in it which scares everyone. Unfortunately, their siblings believe the story too and they refuse to believe Dylan and Dolly’s truth. They resolve to “slay” the Kraken using a stuffed doll, with everyone realizing the whole thing was a hoax. The pond’s owner, Sir Swan, comes back and kicks Dylan and Dolly out. Everyone instead uses the dalmatians inflatable pool, much to their irritation.

Season 1, Episode 26: Doggy Da Vinci

Following the events of “A Date with Destiny… Dallas and Déjà Vu”, after Snowball’s owner’s shirts get messed with paint, Da Vinci uses the opportunity to paint murals on them. They end up selling really well and the dalmatians use Da Vinci to help pay for a brick wall, but soon she becomes tired of painting the same thing. Da Vinci runs away and gets discovered by the people of Camden including Hunter and his cat Cuddles. Not wanting to be the centre of attention, Da Vinci has a panic attack and flees in terror. Dylan and Dolly, realizing their error, go and rescue her and apologize for their behavior. They use the fixed brick wall to allow Da Vinci to paint. Meanwhile, Hunter has used the events to discover where the dalmatians live.

Season 1, Episode 27: London, We Have a Problem

Part 1: Shortly after the events of “Doggy Da Vinci”, Dylan awaits the arrival of his Dog-Star 3000 Space Helmet so that he can do space training with his parents. Unfortunately, they are both called in for work despite it being the weekend; leaving Dylan to babysit his siblings with Dolly. He then meets Hunter, a human who “understands” him and shows an appreciation for his space fascination and promises to meet him later. Before he leaves, Hunter kidnaps Dorothy. Dylan is pushed to his limits on babysitting, especially when Dolly shows no restraint on how to take care of their younger siblings. After a full day of babysitting, Dylan and Dolly realize that Dorothy is missing and use the World Wide Woof to find her. With his plan set in motion, Hunter has Dorothy respond; knowing full well that Dylan will come directly to him and so that he can capture the puppies.Part 2: With the World Wide Wolf continued in part 2, Dylan realizes where it is coming from, but does not tell Dolly and leaves. Dolly follows him to a tall building and Dylan is reunited with Dorothy, but suckered in by Hunter’s space themed collection. Dolly sees through the window Hunter’s plans to send all the dalmatians to Sweden and she chases after them when they leave the building. Hunter proceeds to vacuum up all the puppies to send them away; leaving Dylan and Dolly the only ones left. They manage to outwit Hunter by getting their siblings to knock over the glass jar they were trapped in and trap Hunter in a container that gets carried away. Doug and Delilah return home and catch a faint whiff that Hunter left behind. They compare it with one at home and realize that Hunter is in fact a De Vil, meaning that Cruella De Vil is back. Hunter weakly calls his aunt for help.

Season 1, Episode 28: It’s My Party

Dylan and Dolly realize that Triple-D’s birthday is coming up. They try to avoid it, but Diesel lets it slip. Triple-D is instead upset that nobody sees them as individuals so Dylan plans a party for Dallas, Dolly plans one for Destiny and Diesel plans one for Déjà Vu. Destiny and Dallas are upset that their older siblings do not get them while Déjà Vu seems to get along well with Diesel’s impromptu planning. In the end, Dylan and Dolly realize that neither made a great effort, but are happy to see that Diesel manage to make a party that sufficiently satisfies Triple-D.

Season 1, Episode 29: Fox in the Dog House

When Dolly accidentally hits Fergus with her skateboard, the dalmatians take him in to make him feel better. Dylan and Dolly are surprised that Fergus has a great grasp on the younger siblings, but he seems to be teaching them to be wild. Dolly finds out that Fergus has begun faking his injury and she and Dylan discover that he has been teaching them to rob places. They eventually out him to the younger puppies, but this does not phase them. Instead Dylan and Dolly point out that Fergus has become too tamed from living with them, which scares him back into the wild.

Season 1, Episode 30: Fetch

Dylan orders an A.I. orb named Fetch and becomes attached to using it for chores around the house. When Dolly and the rest of the pups begin abusing its abilities and breaks it, Dylan has Dawkins reprogram it for him. Dawkins soon becomes attached and through Dolly’s influence orders many more for all the dalmatians. However, they soon begin causing trouble around the house and Dylan and Dolly resolve to collect them all before Doug and Delilah get home. Upon seeing the mountain they collected, they have the Fetches sing their anniversary song known as “We’re Sending You Love”, but the Dmitri Trio’s giant whoopee cushion ruins it.

Season 1, Episode 31: Don’t Push Your Luck

Dolly enters the skateboarding competition to compete against her crush Hansel. Fearing that she will have bad luck, she is convinced that Big Fee will help her win and she assigns herself her manager. Soon, Dolly begins to do incredibly well in the competition with Big Fee good luck supposedly making her win. Dylan and Dawkins refuse to believe she is lucky and try to disprove her. Eventually, Big Fee begins cashing in on Dolly’s fame and begins to push her family away. Realizing what she is losing, Dolly finally gets rid of Big Fee at the cost of losing to Hansel.

Season 1, Episode 32: The Curse of the Ferrydog/The Walls Are Alive

“The Curse of the Ferrydog”: Diesel finds a shard from a Greek vase, intriguing Dylan enough to start an expedition. When they dig up a trio of buried skulls that could belong to Cerberus, Dante and Portia demand that they rebury them, but he refuses. Together, Dante and Portia proceed to frighten Dylan, Dolly and Dawkins via an elaborate practical joke with the intent to get Dylan to repent his actions. Dylan eventually loses his sanity to the point where Dante begins to feel guilty. After failing to tell him the truth, Dante breaks out into a song to snap Dylan back to his senses, angering Portia, who considered the practical joke a dramatic performance.“The Walls Are Alive”: The dalmatians are having a party when Dolly accidentally knocks the lights out while trying to start a new game. Suddenly, the walls begin to move on their own and the dalmatians are picked off one by one; assumed to be eaten by the walls, leaving Dolly the only one left. She discovers that they were all sucked up by a ventilation shaft and stuck to a wall in a large room where a fan blows them against the wall. After shutting off the fan, it is revealed that they are in Constantin’s house after he had remolded one of his rooms. The dalmatians’ lights go out again from Constantin.

Season 1, Episode 33: Diamond Dogs/Ride Along

“Diamond Dogs”: Dylan and Dolly prank Clarissa after she insults Dorothy. Later, Dorothy is seen chewing on Clarissa’s prized diamond necklace and believe that she somehow stole it. They decide to pull a “reverse heist” to put the necklace back into her home. Dylan, Dolly, Diesel and the Dmitri Trio break in with the help of the Canal Crew, but upon returning it, realize that Clarissa already has the necklace. It is revealed that the necklace was not special and that everyone has it, making Clarissa angry at Hugo. Stanislav was selling them and decided to give one to Dorothy out of sympathy.“Ride Along”: After witnessing Pearl in action, Dolly decides to tag along on one of her patrols. Dolly tries to be serious and treat everything with suspicion, annoying Dylan and everyone else. Dolly and Pearl learn that various objects have been disappearing all over Camden. They believe that Constantin could be a suspect as he was near all the crimes, but he turns out to be “too boring”. They realize that Chips the Seagull has been eating all the stolen objects. After a frantic chase, they catch him and have him give up the goods. To impress Apollo, Dolly has Pearl arrest her, which she believes may be real.

Season 1, Episode 34: Poodlewolf/The Longest Night

“Poodlewolf!”: Dylan excitedly begins playing Poodlewolf, which Dolly finds “tragic”, and makes fun of him. When Hansel comes over to hang out with Dylan, Dolly sets Dylan’s playtime longer than usual so that she can hang out with him in his stead. Unfortunately, Dylan plays too long and believes he is Poodlewolf and that Dolly is the Feline Princess. With Dawkins’ help, they convince Constantin to pretend to be the evil Furball and have Dylan finish the game. Dolly overcomes the embarrassment and helps Dylan “defeat” Furball which impresses Hansel, but Dolly must clean Constantin’s pool as payment.“The Longest Night”: Hansel invites Dylan and Fergus, and later Dawkins and Diesel, to The Longest Night which is to test their alpha male instincts. When Dolly, Roxy and Snowball are denied entry, they decide to get back at them. After hearing the story of the Ice Troll, the girls begin scaring the boys with noises and eventually get Diesel to help in their prank. Hansel grows scared, but Dylan overcomes his fear and “defeats” the Ice Troll which ends up impressing the girls. Hansel admits that he does not care for being an alpha male and together, along with Big Fee who scared everyone, enjoy the night together.

Season 1, Episode 35: Balancing Act/Dawkins Strikes Back

“Balancing Act”: After having Dylan take the wrap for a damaged family photo, Dolly becomes entranced with landing on top of a crate that was then picked up by a crane. When the worker leaves for lunch, Dolly finds herself hanging high with a rainstorm coming in. Dylan does everything he can to try to keep her balanced as the crane keeps shifting. Eventually, Dylan decides to hop on top so that they can stay balanced. Learning humility, Dolly admits that she was the one who damaged the photo, as well as admitting to several other past incidents. Dylan forgives her just in time for the worker to come back and lower them on the roof of their house.“Dawkins Strikes Back”: Dawkins is tirelessly angered with how Dylan and Dolly take him for granted and promptly leaves the house to enjoy himself for the first time ever. Dylan and Dolly quickly learn that they are incapable of working the machinations in the house without him. Meanwhile, Dawkins meets up with the Canal Crew who teach him how to relax, but he cannot stop himself from fixing things. When everything in the house starts to go haywire, the siblings break down and beg Dawkins to come back, with the Canal Crew working out a deal with them so that Dawkins can have more personal time. Peace is eventually restored.

Season 1, Episode 36: Poodlefall/Dotty Dancing

“Poodlefall!”: Dolly joins Dylan’s Poodlewolf gameplay session so that she can be with Hansel. Due to her disregard for the rules, she accidentally gets Poodlewolf “killed”, traumatizing Dylan. The whole family turns on Dolly and Dawkins explains to her, how important Poodlewolf is to Dylan, resulting in her deciding to try and revive Poodlewolf with the Resurrection Bone. Dolly, Dawkins and Hansel go on a quest to retrieve it, but learn that the game piece ordered is at Constantin’s house. Dolly breaks in and outwits Constantin and gets the game piece back in time to resurrect Poodlewolf, pleasing Dylan.“Dotty Dancing”: Portia invites D.J. to a “not a party party”. Upon seeing Dylan dancing, she decides to hold a contest with the loser having to eat Constantin’s hairballs. Dylan recruits D.J. to help him learn to dance. They do not tell Dolly as she once made fun of Dylan for a whole year about his dancing. She soon becomes convinced that Dylan is reforming Howl-A-Rama, a singing group, without her. At the party, Portia is about to feed Dylan the hairballs for his dancing, when D.J. finally tells Dolly what is happening. She dances bad on purpose and brings the other dalmatians in, humiliating Portia and saving Dylan.

Season 1, Episode 37: Yappily Ever After/D-Factor

“Yappily Ever After”: In this take of the “Cinderella” story, Dolly accidentally injures Hugo using a tennis-ball machine. This results in Doug and Delilah making her be Clarissa’s “maid” to pay her back. In addition, Clarissa bans her from going to the “fetch-ball finals”, so Dylan and the canal crew take her place and disguise Dolly so she isn’t seen by Clarissa. Dolly ends up hiding under a bench and is approached by the hidden Prince Corgi, and they bond over their love of skateboarding. As Clarissa and her friends leave, Dolly runs back home, leaving her skateboard behind. Prince Corgi goes around Camden to find the owner and eventually tracks down Dolly, and the two go skateboarding together, whilst Clarissa is arrested for “pet cruelty” at Dylan’s insistence.“D-Factor”: Clarissa tells Dylan that he has no personality and begins to question himself. He finally decides to be the “funny guy”, but his jokes are stale. Nevertheless, Clarissa invites Dylan to her summer soirée party to perform. Everyone begins to ironically laugh at him when Dolly notices that Clarissa plans to prank him by dumping pink paint on him. She fails to stop it and Dylan is humiliated. However, Dylan finally begins talking back to everyone and exploiting their flaws and begins humiliating Clarissa who slips and gets dirty, resulting in Hugo having to give her a bath. Dylan accepts himself for who he is.

Season 1, Episode 38: Puppy’s Dreams

Part 1: At night, all of Doug & Delilah’s pups are asleep. Dreams that the pups had include:

  • Diesel’s Dream: Dylan tries cleaning up Diesel so he wouldn’t make the place a mess.
  • Dolly’s Dream #1: Dolly and Snowball try to get Roxy to dance.
  • Fergus’s Dream: Fergus tries to eat a dinosaur bone, which Dylan doesn’t allow.
  • Triple D’s Dream: Triple D are having a competition in order to decide which one of them is cute.
  • Dylan’s Dream #1: Dylan plays a prank on Hugo, which then turns into a disaster.

After his dream, Dylan is having a nightmare all thanks to Hugo ringing his phone.

Part 2: More dreams include:

  • Dawkins’s Dream: Dawkins tries to shoot kibble into a bowl, with Dylan being his assistant.
  • Dylan’s Dream #2: Dylan was going to Mars in his spaceship, but Dorothy interrupts his trip.
  • Deepak’s Dream: After his balloon got popped, Deepak gets Dolly skateboard for a replacement. However, Dolly is not happy.
  • Dolly’s Dream #2: Dolly is being annoyed by Clarissa because of her singing, resulting in Dolly and Clarissa both fighting with each other.

After Dolly wakes up from her nightmare, it’s almost morning. As Dorothy nearly falls down to Dylan, Dylan luckily catches her, and with that Dolly is now fine after waking up from her nightmare and goes back to sleep.

Season 1, Episode 39: Dante’s Inferno/Better the De Vil You Know

“Dante’s Inferno”: Six months after the events of “London, We Have a Problem”, Dante becomes depressed after his predictions are proven false, so Dolly and Dylan act along with his predictions to make him feel better. Meanwhile, Hunter is freed and decides to get revenge on the dalmatians. Hunter attacks the family and captures Dante, who welcomes “doomsday”, however he freaks when it is revealed that Hunter can understand the dogs. Dolly and Dylan rescue him and attack Hunter and Cuddles. During the battle, Dylan realizes that Hunter has a dog-like personality when it’s activated. They win and Dylan apologizes for doubting Dante, who warns them that Hunter will return.“Better the De Vil You Know”: After a few hours continuing from “Dante’s Inferno”, the family begins to prep for Hunter’s return. Dylan, feeling that their previous encounter was all his fault, takes the lead in protecting his siblings as Hunter tries and fails to capture them in increasingly ridiculous situations. Doug and Delilah prepare a bus to transport them to the country while they go to work. However, Hunter takes over the bus and tries to capture the puppies. Dylan once again exploits his dog mannerisms and gets rid of him and rescues his siblings. Hunter finds himself in an ally as he is approached by his great aunt Cruella De Vil.

Season 1, Episode 40: The De Vil Wears Puppies

Part 1: Following the events of “Better the De Vil You Know”, the dalmatians relax knowing that Hunter is no longer a threat. However, they are shocked to find that Cruella De Vil has moved in next door. Doug and Delilah tell Dylan and Dolly about their family history with Cruella and how she plans to kill them and turn them into fur coats. Cruella and Hunter proceed to perform many tactics to weaken the dalmatians’ defenses and starve them out. At Dylan’s indirect suggestion, Diesel ends up digging a tunnel all the way to the park. However, the De Vils catch onto their scheme by accident and attack them from both fronts using Dizzy and Dee Dee’s childlike innocence. The dalmatians escape to the park, only to be captured by Cruella’s hired goons and entrapped in a shipping container to be flown away by helicopter. Doug and Delilah try to fend off Cruella who instead captures the two of them.Part 2: Clarissa, witnessing the events of the previous part, hops on behind Cruella’s car. At the park, the Canal Crew hop onto the shipping container as it is being carried away. Dylan and Dolly manage to evade being captured and hop onto Pearl and proceed to chase the De Vils through the streets of London. Hunter realizes that Cruella plans to kill the puppies for their fur and is locked up with the rest of the dalmatians. Pearl tosses Dylan and Dolly onto the boat and together with the Canal Crew fight off Cruella and her goons to free their family before they are skinned in an elaborate machine. During this, Hunter finally stands up for himself and defeats Cruella by having her fall into the machine. The dalmatians pull her out just in time for the police to arrive after being notified by a citizen. As Cruella is taken away, Hunter is forgiven and Dorothy has spoken her first word “bye-bye”, as the series concludes with the entire dalmatian family and the other recurring characters, heading home.

101 Dalmatians Street Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was such a cute series to watch with the kiddo.

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