T.V. Series Review: 101 Dalmatians Series Season 1

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101 Dalmatians Series Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1: Home is Where the Bark Is

Roger and Anita are planning to move to the countryside thinking it would be better for their dogs. Three particular pups: Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig, are against the idea of moving from their city home, but they end up moving there anyway. Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig are not happy with their new home, so they decide to travel back to their old home only to discover it’s not as fun as they remember it. This is when they realize home is actually being with family, so they decide to head back to the farm and settle there, but Cruella holds them there for ransom so that Roger and Anita could sell the farm to her.

Season 1, Episode 2: He Followed Me Home/ Love ‘Em and Flea ‘Em

“He Followed Me Home”: A circus elephant named Jimbo escapes from his circus train and follows Rolly back to the farm. The main pups try to take care of him while at the same time keep him hidden from Roger, Anita and Cruella. Little do the pups know, Cruella does know about Jimbo, and thinking the Dearly’s are keeping him as a pet tries to get them exposed so they would be forced to leave the farm.

“Love ‘Em and Flea ‘Em”: With the pups’ annual fall ball approaching, Two-Tone is expecting Mooch to ask her out, but after acting rude with her, Two-Tone decides to break up with Mooch. Lucky offers to take Two-Tone to the dance instead. When Mooch finds out about this, he gets revenge on Lucky by getting him infested with fleas and then dying his fur pink during his flea bath. Lucky is now forced to suffer through his humiliation.

Season 1, Episode 3: Howl Noon/ Easy on the Lies

“Howl Noon”: When the main pups learn about Lt. Pug’s old nemesis, Persian Pete, coming for him, Cadpig insists they try to help him overcome his fear and face off with him.

“Easy on the Lies”: After hearing one of the Colonel’s boring stories, Rolly jokingly says that he wants to hear it again, but Colonel takes it seriously and sets up a time to tell it to him again. This conflicts with the main pups’ schedule as they were going to go swimming at that time and could not reschedule, so Rolly fakes being sick for the Colonel, and now, the pups have to find a way to get to Hiccup Hole without getting caught by Colonel or Sgt. Tibbs.

Season 1, Episode 4: Two for the Show/ An Officer and a Gentledog

“Two for the Show”: Lucky wants to compete on the game show, “Squeal of Fortune”, and trains his friends to see who he thinks has what it takes to be his partner on the show. However, Lucky’s pushy antics cause all his friends to turn against him.

“An Officer and a Gentledog”: Fed up with Tripod always beating him at all the Bark Brigade courses and Lt. Pug calling him a loser, Lucky is determined to win an obstacle course before Tripod does

Season 1, Episode 5: Bad to the Bone/ Southern Fried Cruella

“Bad to the Bone”: Rolly is getting sick of Mooch and his gang bullying him because he’s such a softy. He tries to prove he can be tough by beating up a snake skin in front of them getting them to believe it’s Cydne the snake. Mooch has Rolly join his gang, but how long can Rolly keep up this charade?

“Southern Fried Cruella”: When the Dearly’s leave for a while, Cruella tricks Nanny into leaving too and poses as a farmer to try to get a business man to make a deal with her as one of her schemes to try to expand her business onto the farm.

Season 1, Episode 6: Swine Song/ Watch for Falling Idols

“Swine Song”: Rolly falls in love with Dumpling, so his friends try to get Dumpling to fall for him.

“Watch for Falling Idols”: Thunderbolt comes to Dearly Farm to film his next episode. Lucky is excited at first, but he soon discovers that his idol is a fraud since he relies on stunt doubles to do his stunts for him.

Season 1, Episode 7: The High Price of Fame/ The Great Cat Invasion

“The High Price of Fame”: Spot is fed up with the pups treating her like a clown, but her crazy antics soon make the farm residents view her as a hero, and she lets the appreciation start to get to her head.

“The Great Cat Invasion”: The main pups are fed up with Lt. Pug spreading rumors about a cat invasion and think it’s all a hoax, but they soon find out it’s real when a mob of cats unexpectedly invades the farm and make themselves at home there.

Season 1, Episode 8: No Train, No Gain

Cruella takes a train car for her business, but this train car happens to be where the Colonel lives. The main pups work together to try to bring the Colonel’s train car back to where it rightfully belongs.

Season 1, Episode 9: Rolly’s Egg-Celent Adventure/ Wild Chick Chaase

“Rolly’s Egg-Celent Adventure”: Rolly volunteers to sit on some eggs for Spot. The eggs hatch, and the baby chicks think Rolly is their mother. Rolly decides to raise the chicks as his own children and tries to keep them out of danger as best he can.

“Wild Chick Chase”: The main pups are planning another swim day at Hiccup Hole, but Spot has to babysit Peeps. She brings her along, but it turns out Peeps is much more of a handful than Spot thinks. Now, Spot and the pups have to work together to keep Peeps out of danger.

Season 1, Episode 10: The Dogs of De Vil/ Dog’s Best Friend

“The Dogs of De Vil”: When Cruella calls Anita into work on a day the Dearly’s were planning to go on a picnic, the main pups think Roger and Anita as well as Pongo and Perdita are getting a divorce and are now determined to try to get them back together again.

“Dog’s Best Friend”: A German Shepherd pup named Blaze visits the farm. Lucky thinks he’s cool and wants to hang out with him, but Rolly gets jealous thinking that Blaze is stealing his best friend away from him.

Season 1, Episode 11: A Christmas Cruella

On Christmas Eve, Cruella De Vil turns into Ebenezer Scrooge as Christmas Ghosts (played by the main pups) visit her to try to reform her for Christmas Day

Season 1, Episode 12: Out to Launch/ Prophet and Loss

“Out to Launch”: The main pups discover a rocket underneath Cruella’s mansion, and the rocket blasts them off into space. While up there, they find out that Cruella is reprogramming this spaceship to become the first gym in space. The pups try to help out the ship’s computer, VLAD, to get him out of Cruella’s scheme and help him fulfill his destiny, but after they are returned to Earth, of course.

“Prophet and Loss”: After predicting that Rolly would win a race and saving the farm animals from a falling windmill, Spot’s mother, Cornelia, believes that Cadpig is psychic, and the other farm residents come to her to predict their futures. Cadpig decides to play along, but when her predictions end up falling flat, things backfire on her. Cadpig is now determined to get the farm to love her again.

101 Dalmatians Series Season 1 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fun show featuring the pups.

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