T.V. Series Review: Gargoyles Season 1

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Gargoyles Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1: Awakening: Part 1

In the year 994, a medieval castle in Scotland is attacked by Vikings, but they are repelled by guards with help of gargoyles – a race of winged creatures that come to life at night, but sleep during the day as stone statues. While the captain of the guards sees them as heroes and defenders of the castle, the princess, the Magus and others feel revulsion towards them. Goliath and his mentor go after the Vikings before they regroup, but find out it was a diversion and are caught by daybreak outside the castle. The castle is then attacked by Vikings and is betrayed by the captain of the guards, who lets them inside. When Goliath returns the next night, he finds all gargoyles on the walls are smashed and the castle is razed.

Season 1, Episode 2: Awakening: Part 2

Goliath and his mentor return to the castle and find their clan has been smashed during the day. Finding three of their younger comrades, they plan vengeance on Hakon, his vikings and the castle’s captain of the guard who had betrayed them. Believing the princess was killed in the attack, the Magus curses the Gargoyles into their stone sleep until the castle rises above the clouds. Goliath reunites Princess Catherine and the Magus and, unwilling to live without his family, asks him to cast his spell on him.

Season 1, Episode 3: Awakening: Part 3

Having been awakened in Manhattan in the year 1994 by industrialist David Xanatos, a furious battle breaks out causing detective Elisa Maza to investigate, discovering then befriending Goliath. Xanatos informs Goliath that three important computer disks had been stolen during the raid and implores their help to retrieve them.

Season 1, Episode 4: Awakening: Part 4

Goliath and Elisa name the former leader Hudson after the Hudson River before going to explore the city. In Central Park, Goliath and Elisa are ambushed by the men who had attacked the castle. Goliath turns to stone and Elisa saves his life by drawing the guards away from him. It is revealed that Goliath’s mate had survived the attack on the castle as well, and also agrees to retrieve the data disks.

Season 1, Episode 5: Awakening: Part 5

The clan goes to retrieve the data disks, Hudson goes to an underground bunker with Bronx. Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington attack a Cyberbiotics tower on land while Goliath and his mate take their airship, which his mate mercilessly sets to crash before they escape. After Elisa discovers and tells Goliath about Xanatos’ deception, he reveals robotic Gargoyles to kill the group. Goliath’s mate also reveals her allegiances both with the captain at Wyvern and with Xanatos as well as her name, Demona. When both she and Elisa are put in danger, Goliath must make a choice of whom to save.

Season 1, Episode 6: The Thrill of the Hunt

“The Pack” is a popular television show that the Gargoyles enjoy, not knowing the difference between television and reality. Lexington befriends them and offers to introduce them to Goliath who is untrusting of the situation. Little does Lexington know that the Pack has learned about them and has a deadly hunt planned against the two of them.

Season 1, Episode 7: Temptation

Brooklyn takes a motorcycle Lex built out on the town and meets a biker gang who attack him upon realizing he’s not human. He is saved by Demona, who explains her belief that humans and gargoyles will never co-exist, convincing Brooklyn to deliver her the Grimorum Arkanorum to show Goliath the truth of her plight. Little does he realize her plans include removing Goliath’s will and putting them both in danger.

Season 1, Episode 8: Deadly Force

Mobster Anthony Dracon steals a shipment of high-powered laser weapons from Xanatos to distribute them on the streets. Broadway, having seen a western movie, accidentally shoots Elisa with her own gun, sending him on a trip to hunt down all arms dealers to alleviate his own guilt, while the Mazas and Goliath suspect Dracon of shooting her and putting her in a fight of life and death.

Season 1, Episode 9: Enter MacBeth

With Xanatos’ release coming up, Elisa tries and fails to convince Goliath to move out of the castle. Meanwhile, a man named MacBeth who knows all about gargoyles offers to clear them from Xanatos’ home. His real goal is Demona, and to prove his point, he captures Lex, Brooklyn and Bronx, forcing Goliath into a confrontation with him.

Season 1, Episode 10: The Edge

Elisa is assigned a partner, conspiracy theorist Matt Bluestone. Their first case involves the theft of an artifact donated by Xanatos, “The Eye of Odin”, which is stolen by a Gargoyle-like figure. Realizing the Steel Clan has returned, the gargoyles rush in for a confrontation with them as Xanatos has something he needs to prove to himself.

Season 1, Episode 11: Long Way to Morning

Hudson has to keep Goliath alive as Demona hunts them down, remembering old times in a similar survival situation, Hudson has to make sure Demona doesn’t catch them until the sun rises and Goliath is back to his full strength.

Season 1, Episode 12: Her Brothers Keeper

Jackal and Hyena return to steal a diamond Xanatos intends to buy. Elisa’s brother Derek Maza saves Xanatos’ life and Xanatos offers him a job as a pilot and bodyguard, which Elisa abhors. Derek takes the job as Elisa sets out to prove Xanatos’ ploy, while Jackal and Hyena target Xanatos again, forcing the Gargoyles to take action. Elisa decides to leave it up to Derek to choose whether or not to listen to her evidence.

Season 1, Episode 13: Reawakening

Demona and Xanatos combine science and sorcery together to resurrect Goliath’s rookery brother Coldstone, who blames Goliath for the deaths of the entire clan and goes on a city-wide rampage.

Gargoyles Season 1 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

he Awakening was the true wake up call for awesome storytelling through animation in this show. Mixing History with futuristic/modern issues. It really popularized the show for a good reason.

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