T.V. Series Review: Gargoyles Season 3

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Gargoyles Season 3 Summary

Season 3, Episode 1: The Journey

The public are now fully aware of the Manhattan clan’s existence. Bluestone tries calming the public, while Xanatos hides the clan. MacBeth goes on television to convince everyone gargoyles are no more dangerous than humans and are just as intelligent. Former Hunter, John Castaway, takes advantage of the people’s fear and confusion, creating an anti-Gargoyle group called the Quarrymen. Their goal is to eradicate any and all gargoyles.

Season 3, Episode 2: Ransom

Alex Xanatos is kidnapped, inciting the wrath of both Xanatos and Lexington; the ransom is a gargoyle. Xanatos refuses to give into the demand, as it will show his enemies that he can be manipulated; instead, he focuses all his resources on finding his son. Lexington tracks the culprit down, but ends up caught in a trap and to be used in mayoral candidate Doyle’s speech to the public. After escaping, Lexington saves Alex and returns him home to Fox and Xanatos. The episode ends with Lexingon turning to stone as he rocked Alex; Alex gave Lexington a kiss on the cheek.

Season 3, Episode 3: Runaways

After a heated argument with Goliath, Brooklyn runs away from the castle and befriends two runaway teenagers. Through a series of events, Brooklyn realizes Goliath was just looking out for him and trying to show him how to be responsible, and the runaways are reunited with their parents.

Season 3, Episode 4: Broadway Goes to Hollywood

Seeing the gargoyles need a way to improve their image to ease the public’s concern about them, Fox helps Broadway go to Hollywood for a TV interview. Unfortunately, the Quarrymen have hired a few old faces to ensure they fail: Hyena and Jackal are back! They strap a jetpack and wrist-laser to Broadway, hoping to film the ensuing destruction to turn public opinion further away from accepting gargoyles. However, Fox saves him using a Hunter’s armor. Back in Manhattan, Broadway reconciles with Angela for being so egotistical.

Season 3, Episode 5: A Bronx Tail

While exploring the New York railway tracks, Bronx and Lexington are separated after the latter falls into a river at dawn. Ending up in Pennsylvania, Bronx befriends a runaway Amish boy and defends him from a pack of wolves. Out of gratitude, the Amish boy shelters him inside a barn, providing him with sausages. Two Gargoyle-hating men discover Bronx’s presence, prompting him to flee with the Amish boy at night. Meanwhile, Xanatos helps Goliath and Elisa to search for Bronx. Following a highway pursuit, Bronx ends up in a frozen lake. The Amish boy helps Goliath to rescue Bronx, reuniting him with the Manhattan clan. The grateful Amish boy gives a favorable account of his encounter with the Gargoyles to the news media.

Season 3, Episode 6: The Dying of the Light

Hudson has been having a recurring nightmare about when the Archmage blinded his left eye, coming to the conclusion his other eye is going blind; Hudson is suffering from glaucoma. Visiting his blind friend Jeffery Robbins, Hudson learns Jeffery figured out he was a gargoyle because of his nightly visits and refusal to shake hands. Per Jeffrey’s encouragement, Hudson is introduced to his friend’s optometrist, who reveals Hudson’s sight can be saved with some surgery and medication. The surgery is successful, but the Quarrymen learn of Hudson’s location and attack the hospital. Though advised to flee as he cannot use his eye yet, Hudson protests as it is a gargoyle’s duty to protect others. With Jeffery’s help, Hudson manages to set traps for the Quarrymen, which leave them defeated.

Season 3, Episode 7: And Justice for All

After foiling a robbery, Goliath is unfairly accused of being one of the perpetrators and arrested. Though the rest of the Manhattan clan wish to break him out of jail, Goliath explains abiding by human laws will help make humans fear him less. Due to Goliath’s nocturnal nature, the trial is held at night; Goliath points out several faults with the evidence that supposedly designates him as the guilty party. He later tricks the true culprit of the robbery into revealing his guilt, earning his pardon and showing humans that he is willing to abide by their laws and not resort to violence.

Season 3, Episode 8: Genesis Undone

Thailog and his Gargoyle clones are dying by slow petrification, due to some kind of fault in their DNA. A sympathetic Manhattan Clan seeks out Dr. Sevarius to help them. Though Sevarius takes DNA samples from the clan to help heal the clones, he ends up using it to bring a new gargoyle to life, which he names Lil’ Anton. Thailog, having originally made a deal with Servarius to leave the scientist in peace in exchange for a cure, gives the false serum to Goliath who uses it on Lil’ Anton, petrifying him. Unfortunately, all of the clone clan petrify, with Servarius fleeing while the Manhattan Clan can only hope to restore the clones one day.

Season 3, Episode 9: Generations

After falling out with Goliath, Angela takes refuge with her estranged mother, Demona. Demona shows Angela her life, such as several secret hideouts with nurmerous hi-tech gadgets and weapons, in an attempt to try winning her daughter over to her side.

Season 3, Episode 10: For It May Come True

Goliath awakens in an alternative universe where he is human, married to Elisa with children, and works for Xanatos. Things are actually much worse for the Manhattan Clan; they never met Elisa or Matt, thus leaving them distrustful of humans. Xanatos is also still a villain, as all his scheming against the Manhattan Clan led to him meeting Fox and ending the feud. Goliath is then revealed to have been living in a dream world created by Titania. She reveals that though he may doubt himself sometimes, Goliath is doing a great good at the cost of personal desires.

Season 3, Episode 11: To Serve Mankind

The Illuminati capture the Manhattan Clan. Knowing of Goliath’s great strength, they decide to use him as a scapegoat to kill a politician whose agenda threatens to destabilize the lower portion of their organization. Placing a chip on Goliath’s head, the Illuminati trick him into thinking the clan was wiped out and the target is to blame. However, the rest of the Manhattan Clan escape, revealing the ruse. Goliath overcomes and destroys the chip. The grateful politician sees gargoyles are not so different from people.

Season 3, Episode 12: Seeing Isn’t Believing

Proteus, the villain from New Olympus, escapes from captivity and heads for New York to cause trouble for the clan and Elisa. Taking Goliath’s form, he commits many crimes. When contronted by (his New Olympian jailer) Taurus, Elisa and Goliath, Proteus takes on Elisa’s form to cause confusion. However, Goliath easily tricks Proteus into revealing himself by asking if Elisa ever doubted his innocence; Proteus answered “no”, which is the opposite of what Elisa would say. Captured, Proteus is taken back to New Olympus by Taurus. Elisa tells Goliath that it was rather cruel of him to ask that question.

Season 3, Episode 13: Angels in the Night

The clan is lured into a trap by John Castaway and the Quarrymen, where it is believed all but Angela and Bronx were killed in an explosion. Luckily, it is revealed Xanatos saved the Manhattan Clan by predicting John’s plan and bribing the builder of the trap to build a secondary one within to save them, though they remain hidden. Captured, Angela and Bronx are sent on a train to be put in proper captivity. However, the Quarrymen attack the train, speeding it up and planning to send it and the passengers on board over a now-destroyed bridge. The public now sees the Quarrymen are insane, and are even more shocked when the Manhattan Clan save the train and capture the Quarrymen. The episode comes to an end with Goliath repeating the Season 2 narration, but ends with how his clan is now accepted by the world.

Gargoyles Season 3 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was the final season of the show, it should have lasted longer. Even 30 + years later its still a beloved show.

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