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Hercules the Series Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: Hercules and the First Day of School

Hermes visits, reminding Phil and Hercules of his first day of school at Prometheus Academy. Hercules meets Icarus and Cassandra, but is humiliated by Adonis, Prince of Thrace. To prove himself as somebody important, Hercules go to the Realm of Monsters, where he challenges a Bi-Clops named Orthos (Wayne Knight and Brad Garrett), who is the son of Echidna (Kathie Lee Gifford), the mother of all monsters. Despite their new diet of heroes and royalty only, Orthos attempts to eat Hercules as a “hero-in-training” but brush him aside because he is “stale” and a nobody. Orthos go to Prometheus Academy instead, vying to eat Adonis because of his status. Hercules saves the prince and defeats his first monster as well, accepting himself as Phil taught him earlier despite the credit going to Adonis.

Season 2, Episode 2: Hercules and the Visit From Zeus

Hercules is having trouble dealing with Adonis, so when he mentions it to his father, Zeus tells him to show him who’s in charge. Hercules warns it’s not that easy, so to prove him wrong, Zeus spends a day as a teenager; at first as a god, then at Hermes’ request, as a mortal. While he was very popular as a teen god, as a mortal Zeus is just like everyone else, subject to humiliation – and also, as Hades learns from the Fates, death. In an attempt to be rid of Zeus once and for all, he sends his troublesome dog Cerberus after Zeus while he’s still mortal. Zeus gains his godhood back and defeats Hades, but learns a valuable lesson about how hard it is being mortal – though not before getting back at Adonis.

Season 2, Episode 3: Hercules and the Driving Test

Hercules makes a bet with Adonis that he can get his driver’s license by sunset in an effort to impress Helen (Jodi Benson); Zeus and Hermes meanwhile make a bet with Hades that he will do the same, and if he doesn’t, Hades gets the Elysian Fields. Zeus promises to stay out of it, but Hades doesn’t, sending Pain and Panic to stop him. Phil tries to teach Hercules a thing or two, but he eventually goes on his own with Cassandra and Icarus, getting detoured into a game show with Sphinx Martindale (Wink Martindale). After answering the question and winning a chariot, he takes the test, despite being delayed by Pain and Panic. His instructor is tough city trooper Chipacles, so Zeus and Hermes force Phil to aid Hercules. Despite having massive fireballs thrown at them by Hades, Hercules eventually gets his license, impressing Helen and even Adonis, while Zeus gives Hades a teasing “I told you so”.

Season 2. Episode 4: Hercules and the Parents Weekend

It’s Parents Weekend, and Hercules can hardly wait for Zeus and Hera to show up and fix Adonis and his idiotic bragging. However, when his loving, rustic mortal parents, Amphitryon and Alcmene, arrive, Hercules is mortified, leaving his parents crushed at his disappointment. However, Hercules puts all other things aside when his parents – along with Adonis’ and Cassandra’s as well – are captured by Ladon, son of Echidna, for his dinner. Now the farmers, city people and royalty must all get along long enough to forestall dinner preparations until Hercules arrives.

Season 2, Episode 5: Hercules and the Prometheus Affair

After learning that the Titan Prometheus (Carl Reiner) was imprisoned for giving fire to humanity, Hercules sets him free from the Eagle (Jerry Stiller) that has tormented him. However, he is unaware that his father Zeus was the god who imprisoned him, something Hades uses to his advantage to have all the gods hunt down and destroy Prometheus and Hercules. When Zeus finds out what Hercules has done, his son defends himself with the argument that fire has helped humanity, but Hades nevertheless forces a trial by fire – literally, as he turns the Eagle into a blazing phoenix. Hercules, masterfully using Prometheus’ advice about fire, smothers the Eagle with a cloak, convincing Zeus to let Prometheus off the hook, as he merely did what was right.

Season 2, Episode 6: Hercules and the Hero of Athens

While on a tour which explains why the olive tree is the symbol of Athens, Hercules, Icarus and Cassandra are attacked by the Nemean Lion(Jeremy Piven). Hercules saves the day by knocking the Lion out, but his rap sheet is so long he’ll go to prison for the damage he caused, so Icarus takes the blame; it also turns out he takes responsibility for defeating the Nemean Lion as well. Believing himself to be a true hero, Icarus visits Phil for training, who refuses; Icarus instead moonlights as a superhero, facing the Nemean Lion only to have it knocked out again by Hercules. Angry that his friend is getting all the credit, he explains to Icarus that he defeated the Nemean Lion both times. Icarus, refusing to believe, faces the Lion after it escapes once more, without Hercules, realizing that he didn’t defeat the Lion. Hercules comes to his aid at the last second, defeating the Nemean Lion once more, while Icarus gives up the superhero act.

Season 2, Episode 7: Hercules and the Caledonian Boar

Hercules and Phil join Meleager, Nestor and Chiron in Caledonia [sic] to hunt boars for the weekend. However, when Hercules sees one, he cannot bring himself to kill it, and deserts the others. While out on his own, he meets Artemis (Reba McEntire), goddess of the wild, who is impressed by his mercy towards the boars and appoints him their protector. Phil meanwhile searches for Hercules and also encounters Artemis, who transforms him into a boar to teach him a lesson. He is then hunted by Meleager, Nestor and Chiron, who are constantly foiled by Hercules (all unaware of his true identity). After Hercules has tied all three heroes up, Artemis returns and changes Phil back, cautioning that the next time they hunt, their prey might be one of their own.

Season 2, Episode 8: Hercules and the Epic Adventure

The young hero is proud of the epic poem he has created for an assignment, but is scared of reading it in front of his friends, for fear of what they might think. Meanwhile Orthos the Bi-Clops wants revenge for the humiliation Hercules caused him in Hercules and the First Day of School. Will Hercules be able to stand up to both of these mighty challenges?

Season 2, Episode 9: Hercules and the Poseidon’s Cup Adventure

Poseidon, tired of being forgotten, holds a boating race in his honor, with Adonis competing for Thrace against Hercules and Icarus. However, when their star rower Hylas (Rocky Carroll) is injured, the King of Thrace hires Hercules instead, who abandons Icarus. Fortunately, Amphitrite (Leslie Mann), wife of Poseidon, has taken a special interest in Icarus, and helps he and his father Daedalus complete their boat. At a regala held the night before the race, Hercules declares himself bigger than Poseidon, which causes the sea god to unleash Charybdis, a giant maelstrom sea creature, during the race, which causes both his and Icarus’ ships to nearly sink. Rescuing first his friend and then Adonis, Hercules looks on as Icarus wins the Poseidon Cup, being the only one to have truly earned it.

Season 2, Episode 10: Hercules and the Muse of Dance

When Adonis volunteers the two left feet Hercules for the school dance, the Muse of Dance Terpsichore (LaChanze) helps him out by inspiring him to dance. His clumsiness is put to the test when he is offered the lead role in the dance, and a stubborn Phil does not think heroes should dance. At the same time, Phil is dating a nymph named Syrinx (Annie Potts) but her father, Ephialtes (Jim Varney) forbids it.

Season 2. Episode 11: Hercules and the Kids

Hercules goes to the Jr. Prometheus Academy as a teacher to a class of kindergartners – Alexander the Great (Courtland Mead), a geek who can’t tie his sandals; Brutus (Pamela Segall), a bully and a centaur; Alcides (Christine Cavanaugh), a kid who is always scared and holding his blanket; Callista (Lacey Chabert), a bratty girl who has an Aphrodite doll; and Phillip (Ryan O’Donohue), a kid with teething problems. On a nature hike, Hercules entrusts the map to Alex, but he loses it in a fight with Brutus. They quickly become lost, and a giant spider and mosquito make them their target. Hercules is wounded after going back for Callista and her Aphrodite doll, so Alex steps up and organizes the group into a rescue team. They free Hercules, who defeats the bugs, and Alex is shown to go from geek to Great under Hercules’ tutelage. However, he never learns to tie his sandals.

Season 2, Episode 12: Hercules and the Gorgon

Medusa the Gorgon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) rescues Hercules from drowning and has a crush on him. Hoping to befriend him, she ask for divine assistance to make her beautiful. Aphrodite offers useful but utterly ignored self-esteem tips and stone-preventing sunglasses, while Hades grants her a beautiful appearance by day, monster and his employee by night. But if one true friend accepts her for who she is, he must turn her human permanently. After Hercules finds out what she truly is, he first thinks she’s been trying to get close to turn him to stone and she runs off, sad. Hercules realizes how unfairly he judged Medusa after being chastised by Icarus, and goes after her. When Hades learns that it is Hercules that Medusa had a crush on, he purposefully reveals her appearance in the dark to turn him to stone. But Aphrodite appears, pointing out the technicality in the contract – that Medusa has found one person who accepts her for who he is. Hades was only concerned in turning Medusa human but she deflects the spell with Hercules’ shield at him, restoring him. With his eyes closed, Hercules asks Medusa out, to which she says yes but she first takes Aphrodite’s glasses.

Season 2, Episode 13: Hercules and the Green-Eyed Monste

When Daedalus seems distracted, Hercules, Icarus and Cassandra soon learn that he is in love with a woman named Thespis (Kathy Najimy). Icarus and Hercules go to tell his mother (Jean Smart) who is happy that Daedalus is dating; Icarus then reveals that he is jealous of Thespis and Daedalus’ relationship. At their house, Daedalus tells Icarus that they are getting married. After seeing Pandora (Jenna van Oy) with her box, he distracts her to steal it, and at takes the box, unleashing all the miserable things contained within at Thespis. Aphrodite (who is conducting the wedding) informs Hercules that the miserable things must be contained, and he gets them all back in the box except Jealousy (Jon Favreau), who Icarus feeds off of until he is consumed. All but Cassandra enter Jealousy’s belly to rescue him, for as Aphrodite reveals, once he reaches the stomach, he’s gone forever. Cassandra distracts Jealousy outside and the two begin to connect; meanwhile, Thespis risks her life to save Icarus when he falls. No longer jealous, the gang leave Jealousy, who is forced back into Pandora’s box. Aphrodite then carries out the wedding, with Icarus accepting Thespis as his step-mother.

Hercules the Series Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fun animated series based off the legend of Hercules.

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