T.V. Series Review: Kim Possible Season 3

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Kim Possible Season 3 Summary

Season 3, Episodes 1: Steal Wheels

In an attempt to reform Eddie Lipsky (a.k.a. Motor Ed), his aunt places him under the care of his cousin, Drakken. Together, the two plot to steal the technology powering Felix’s wheelchair to construct a destructive vehicle. In the meantime, Kim is jealous of all the time Ron is spending with Felix so she tries joining in on their fun

Season 3, Episodes 2: Emotion Sickness

In an attempt to foil yet another scheme of Drakken to steal an electromagnetic accelerator, experimental mood-altering devices accidentally get attached to Kim and Shego. As a result, confusion and mayhem for both Ron and Drakken ensue as the devices send the girls hurtling through a range of emotions, including anger, sorrow, and even love

Season 3, Episodes 3: Bonding

After an unsuccessful mission to stop Dementor, Kim and Ron are struck with a experimental adhesive and must learn to live life attached to Bonnie and Barkin, respectively.

Season 3, Episodes 4: Bad Boy

When Ron wants to avoid his devilishly warped Cousin Shaun at a wedding, Kim subtly suggests than Ron take her as a friendly date. Drakken meanwhile attempts to use a HenchCo. device called the Attitudinator to make himself more evil. The plan fails when Kim and Ron break the machine, transferring Drakken’s evilness into Ron and Ron’s goodness into Drakken

Season 3, Episodes 5: Showdown at the Crooked D

When Kim and her family visit her paternal uncle in Montana she finds herself dealing with Joss, her cousin and biggest fan, who wants to be just like her. Together, the two of them must foil Drakken’s latest scheme to put the brightest scientific minds on the planet out of commission.

Season 3, Episodes 6: Dimension Twist

Drakken’s latest stolen invention causes him, Shego, Kim, Ron, and Rufus to be sucked into the world of cable TV.

Season 3, Episodes 7-9: So the Drama

On the eve of Kim’s Junior Prom, Drakken begins his first truly serious attempt to conquer the world while trying to find Kim’s weakness. Meanwhile, when handsome new student Eric comes between Kim and Ron’s close friendship, they are forced at long last to examine their true feelings for each other and the nature of their relationship.

Season 3, Episode 10: Overdue/ Roachie

Overdue: Ron races through the lairs of several of Kim’s enemies in order to recover an overdue book of hers he lost and she took the blame for.

Roachie: Evil scientist Chester Yapsby unleashes an army of giant cockroaches on Middleton, one with whom Ron unexpectedly bonds.

Season 3, Episode 11: Rappin’ Drakken’

After the dramatic failure of his latest plot, Drakken turns to a televised music contest to promote his own line of mind-controlling shampoo. To thwart his plans, Kim decides to enter in the show herself.

Season 3, Episode 12: Team Impossible

Team Impossible, the world’s premier action and rescue team confront Kim and demand that she end her world saving career, which is cutting into their profit margin. When Kim refuses to do so she suddenly finds that the network of connections which allow her to travel the world is missing, leading to a confrontation with her competitive rivals.

Season 3, Episode 13: Gorilla Fist

Ron is enlisted by Yori, his lady friend and classmate from the Yamanuchi Ninja School to help find their missing Sensei, who has supposedly been kidnapped by Monkey Fist. A suspicious and jealous Kim pursues them.

Season 3, Episode 14: And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI

After gaining the attention of a movie director, Kim and Ron are followed by two glamorous movie stars, one of them attempting to learn about their lives for an upcoming Kim Possible film. Kim soon finds herself pushed aside by her star’s copycat antics, while Ron cannot get his to act at all. The film is put on hold when Señor Senior, Jr. crashes the set and demands to be cast as the picture’s villain.

Kim Possible Season 3 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fun cartoon with spy gear, a naked mole rat and Ron. It is cute and high tech even for its time.

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