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Boy Meets World Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: Back 2 School

High school marks a new journey for Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter. Feeling nervous, the duo seek advice from Eric, who badgered them with a notebook full of information, however, it is under the condition that Cory avoids Eric at all costs. Shawn and Cory see new happiness now that they no longer have to deal with Mr. Feeny as their teacher, but feel scared about a notorious bully named Harley Keiner. Not put down by this, Cory and Shawn walk the halls of John Adams High and bump into a teacher, who they mistake as for Harley. It is then clarified that the teacher they met is a new teacher— Jonathan Turner, who immediately earns a reputation for being a cool teacher, and described by Cory and Shawn as “Feeny with an earring.” After class, Cory crosses paths with the real Harley Keiner and after making small talk, immediately gets threatened. Harley then lets Cory off the hook, but catches the attention of another teacher, who sends Harley and Cory (“Johnny Baboon”) to the principal’s office. Feeling like his high school experience couldn’t get worse, Cory is shocked to find out that Mr. Feeny has been promoted to high school principal. Feeny lets Cory off the hook and gives Harley detention. Next, Harley blames Cory for his punishment and orders him to face him after school so that he can get beat up. Initially, Cory fakes an injury at nurse’s, but decides to have dignity and face Harley. In the midst of their confrontation, Eric interjects causing Harley to attack them both. However, Mr. Turner steps in, tells Harley to release them.

Season 2, Episode 2: Pairing Off

Cory seems puzzled after everyone at school seems to be “pairing off” with each other, and starting to date. He goes to Shawn for advice and gets told that he needs to make himself more vulnerable and attractive. After this, Shawn pairs off with a fellow student, so Cory becomes determined to find a partner. He turns to Topanga, but gets pushed out of the way, after another student notices Topanga’s attractiveness and beautiful hair. And after several attempts to get noticed, Cory decides to get advice from Eric. Meanwhile, Eric has an attractive study partner named Rebecca, and decides to make a move on her while Amy and Alan are at Morgan’s soccer practice. They then make out, eventually going to Amy and Alan’s bedroom. While getting intimate, Cory interrupts them, scaring Rebecca off. Then, Cory seeks advice from Eric on “how to get a girl to say hi,” and after using his methods gets a date with a girl, but fails to catch her name. Elsewhere, Amy and Alan discover Eric and Rebecca’s rendezvous in their bedroom after finding an earring, and punish Eric while also giving Cory the proper advice. Cory then sees the girl who he paired off with— Wendy. He asks her out on a date, saying that they should get to know each other.

Season 2, Episode 3: Notorious

Wanting to make a name for himself at school, Shawn decides to fidget with the school newspaper and change its headline, renaming Mr. Feeny as “Principal Weeny.” The whole school is amused by the practical joke, except Mr. Feeny, who goes to every classroom demanding that the perpetrator reveal himself. However, Shawn decides to remain silent. He takes his pranks to the next level after changing the name on Mr. Feeny’s door to “Principal Weeny.” Cory then gets called into Mr. Feeny’s office after Janitor Bud said that he saw Cory and an unidentified person go into the room. Cory insists that he is innocent but until he chooses to name the real culprit, Feeny holds him responsible. Feeny gives him an ultimatum— either name the culprit or face suspension. Feeling scared, Cory seeks advice from Amy and Alan, who both have different perspectives. The next day, Mr. Turner explains to a troubled Cory that the reason Mr. Feeny is so upset is because since he is a new principal, his authority could be jeopardized because of the joke. During his meeting with Feeny, Cory decides to take the blame to protect Shawn, whose parents threatened to send to military school. Feeny is not amused as principal, but as Cory’s teacher and neighbor sees integrity in Cory’s actions and willingness to protect his friend. He decides to let Cory off the hook, but gives him detention. In the post-credits, Shawn accidentally confesses his involvement in front of Feeny. However, instead of getting punished, Feeny decides to keep a close eye on Shawn for the rest of high school. Meanwhile, Eric, who is facing a status problem, courts a new senior girl in school named Desiree, who ultimately turns him into her personal slave.

Season 2, Episode 4: Me and Mr. Joad

The Grapes of Wrath is being taught by Mr. Turner to Cory’s class and after being annoyed by the class’s response to his teaching methods, makes a deal with them. If they read the book and discuss the topic, the test will be cancelled. Turner’s methods soon reach Mr. Feeny, who expresses his dismay reasoning that students will not learn if they do need feel the need to. Turner disagrees, which eventually leads to him and Feeny making a bet on whose teaching methods should be used. However, Turner decides to bend his promise to the class and give the test anyway. Feeling inspired by the book, Cory leads his classmates on a “strike,” as they march out of Turner’s class and into the cafeteria demanding steak and lobster. Eventually, Mr. Feeny steps in and puts Cory’s protest to halt after threatening to cancel school activities. Cory continues to march out of school, only to find that Shawn is the only person behind him. At home, Cory gets punished, however, Mr. Turner arrives taking full responsibility and explains to Cory that students cannot go on strike. In the backyard, Turner and Cory go to see Feeny and extend their apologies. Meanwhile, Jason’s and Eric’s friendship is tested after Desiree tries to drive a wedge between them so that she have Eric’s services all to herself. However, Eric decides to stick by his friend and breaks up with Desiree.

Season 2, Episode 5: The Uninvited

Everyone at John Adams High is highly anticipating popular-girl Melissa’s party. Though, everyone desires to get invited to her exclusive-party, few actually get the privilege. Among those is Cory who, after seeing several people get rejected, has low hopes for himself. Much to his surprise, however, Melissa hands him an invitation to her party. More surprising is that Shawn, who is clearly more well-known and popular than Cory, was not invited, and after talking with Melissa, Cory finds out that not inviting Shawn was intentional. In the moment, Cory feels cool slick and decides to go to the party even though Shawn is clearly bothered. Upon his arrival to the party, it is unraveled that it is a “geek party.” Melissa explains to Cory that all of the cool guys that she invited were not approved by her parents, causing her girlfriends not show up, and eventually the rest of the student body. Cory seems puzzled, but Melissa tells him that parents love him, much to his annoyance and horror. A fellow student arrives and invites Melissa to a “cool party,” and she ditches Cory and her own party. Cory decides to leave and goes to Chubbie’s and runs into Mr. Turner, who in turn explains to Cory the true meaning of friendship. Cory then sees Shawn in the midst of the popular crowd and after seeing his best friend, too, Shawn decides to leave the party. The duo then leave and ditch the party saying that it will always be “Cory and Shawn.” Meanwhile, Alan mildly throws his back, but pretends to be ill in order to get Amy’s attention and sympathy. In the post-credits, Amy shows Alan her recently purchased lingerie outfit, causing Alan to blow off his charade and go upstairs to their bedroom.

Season 2, Episode 6: Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf?

It’s night of the Halloween party, and Cory decides to blow off the party that he, Shawn, and Topanga are going to since he’s allegedly turning into a werewolf. Shawn fails to understand what his friend means so Cory tells Shawn his story in a flashback. Previously, Cory had been taking out the garbage and ran into Mr. Feeny, who told him that a wolf had escaped from the local zoo and may be loose in their area. However, in the bushes, Cory hears a mysterious noise and gets “bitten” by the unidentified figure. The next morning, he feels that he had been growing hair in weird places, and consoles his doubts in Eric, who toys with his mind and tells him that he’s turning into a werewolf. Cory decides to skip Turner’s class to go to a fortune teller named Madame Ouspenskaya. She tells him various events will occur to show his transition from man to werewolf. And after these events come true, she tells him the final prophecy will occur when he kills the only woman who cares about him— Topanga. On the night of the party, Topanga goes to Cory’s room to see if he’s ready, but is shooed away. However, she refuses to believe his so-called transition, so she tells Cory that there is no curse and that she cares about him. Then, Cory and Topanga reveal their feelings for each other and lock lips. In the post-credits, Feeny tells Cory that the wolf that escaped has been a hoax, since it had merely escaped from its habitat and went to another place in the zoo. Feeling relieved, Cory checks the bush where he heard the “wolf,” and finds out that it was a cute rabbit. However, the rabbit growls at Cory, scaring him inside the house. Meanwhile, Alan and Amy are searching all the soda cans after hearing that a robbery took place, and the robber hid the stolen jewelry in a soda can.

Season 2, Episode 7: Wake Up, Little Cory

When the class cannot understand Much Ado About Nothing, Mr. Turner launches a new controversial project: he asks his students to videotape each other with their views on love and sex. However, when Cory and Topanga stay overnight at the school to finish their project, they themselves become a scandal story, angering Topanga.

Season 2, Episode 8: Band on the Run

Cory and Shawn pretend that they’re in a band so that they can impress girls. This inspires Alan to connect with his former bandmates. But while this creates some problems for him, Cory and Shawn face a bigger dilemma: they are accidentally booked as the entertainment for the school dance.

Season 2, Episode 9: Fear Strikes Out

Cory and Shawn go to a make-out party. But when Cory cannot get through “seven minutes in heaven” with Topanga, he becomes the laughingstock of the school.

Season 2, Episode 10: Sister Theresa

Cory wins a girl’s heart with a little politeness – but he better stay respectful, because she’s Harley Keiner’s kid sister, Theresa, also known as “T.K.”, who never takes no for an answer.

Season 2, Episode 11: The Beard

When Shawn cannot decide between two girls, he asks Cory to date one of them while he gets to know the other. However, Cory falls for the girl he’s supposed to “hold” for Shawn.

Season 2, Episode 12: Turnaround

A “turnaround” dance gives girls a chance to ask guys out, but that does not take any pressure off Cory, who now worries about who’ll ask him, if anyone. Very unfortunately for Cory, it may turn out to be a dance abundant in rejection.

Season 2, Episode 13: Cyrano

Cory and Shawn help Frankie express his feelings to a schoolmate, who turns out to be Harley’s girlfriend. Also, Alan makes a bad choice for his anniversary present. Now, they must all learn what women want.

Season 2, Episode 14: I Am Not a Crook

Shawn nominates Cory for class president and manages the campaign. But will Cory keep his cool when his initial campaign platform of honesty collapses, or will he just become another “politician”?

Season 2, Episode 15: Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do

Cory gets a date for a “couples” party. Shawn nudges him to end the relationship before it goes on too long. But Cory cannot find the nerve to dump her. Will they be stuck together forever?

Season 2, Episode 16: Danger Boy

When Eric’s girlfriend’s younger cousin comes to town, Eric asks Shawn – instead of Cory – out on a double date, angering Cory and leading him to confront Eric in front of the girls. Also, Mr. Feeny is insulted when the staff assumes he wants to head the most boring club. After Cory and Feeny have a talk about how offended they are by Eric and Mr. Turner, this leads both Cory and Feeny to seek out a more reckless image – riding the most dangerous roller coaster

Season 2, Episode 17: On the Air

The school’s radio station is so boring! Cory and Shawn can’t even make it more interesting until they hit on the one thing that really gets people’s attention: “Lunchtime Lust.” Will the teachers let them get away with it? Meanwhile, Eric enters a magazine sweepstakes.

Season 2, Episode 18: By Hook or By Crook

An attractive history tutor helps Eric prepare for a test that might raise his grade average enough to allow him to go on a school trip to Europe, then offers to help him cheat because she finds him attractive.

Season 2, Episode 19: Wrong Side of the Tracks

A demoralized (disheartned) Shawn hangs out with Harley Keiner and his thugs, much to Cory and Mr. Turner’s dismay when he gets dumped by a nice girl, while Eric gets a dream skating lesson from Nancy Kerrigan.

Season 2, Episode 20: Pop Quiz

Shawn and Cory accidentally discover the date and topic of a forthcoming test. Frankie and Joey search for a new leader after being rejected by Harley Keiner, the replacement Griff Hawkins.

Season 2, Episode 21: The Thrilla in Philla

Cory may finally have an extracurricular activity to list in the yearbook after he’s bullied into joining the high school’s wrestling team by Griff Hawkins and his band of thugs.

Season 2, Episode 22: Career Day

Shawn is left feeling like a fifth wheel in Cory’s house when his mother drives off with the family’s mobile home and his father leaves to track her down.

Season 2, Episode 23: Home

After staying with Cory’s family for three weeks and not exactly fitting in, Shawn searches for a more permanent home. Meanwhile, Feeny takes advantage of the fact that Eric needs help to study for SATs by making him do yard work.

Boy Meets World Season 2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great show that focusing on parenting and handling the middle school and high school issues.

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