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Boy Meets World Season 4 Summary

Season 4, Episode 1: You Can Go Home Again

Nearing the end of last season’s summer road trip, Cory agrees to a final pit stop— without realizing that Eric intends to make it a permanent one because he feels that there’s nothing there for him back home. Meanwhile, winning a company award makes Alan consider whether or not he’s really happy with his current employment as a supermarket manager.

Season 4, Episode 2: Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

After Cory expresses his insecurity about his hair, Topanga cuts off six inches of her own hair, in an attempt to show him how meaningless outward appearance is compared with inner beauty. However, she soon realizes that even she can be self-conscious when she becomes horrified after seeing her new ‘do’, and decides to get a makeover. Meanwhile, Eric refuses to look for a job, and instead lazily stays home watching daytime TV—but what will he do when he gets a glimpse of the real world?

Season 4, Episode 3: I Ain’t Gonna Spray Lettuce No More

Alan goes to demand a raise, but he instead quits his job as a supermarket manager— something that shocks all of the Matthews, including himself. Amy becomes furious that he has made a decision that affects their entire family without talking to her about it first. Meanwhile, a hysterical Cory enlists Shawn’s help in an attempt to learn how to cope with poverty.

Season 4, Episode 4: Fishing For Virna

After having run away from her family over a year ago, Shawn’s mother Virna is back. However, she would not actually return to her family until Shawn and Chet can prove that they’re really willing to live like a family. Also, after learning from the Hunters that you do not truly appreciate someone until she’s gone, Cory thinks of ways to inspire students to honor the late Brenda, a beloved and devoted cafeteria lady.

Season 4, Episode 5: Shallow Boy

When Eric offends Corinna, a perky but weird girl who writes overly cheerful lyrics, she composes a nasty song about him, and as a result Eric gains instant notoriety— or rather, infamy. Meanwhile, Topanga feuds with Cory because she fears that their differing viewpoints on child rearing could affect their long-term future. This episode features dialogue paralleling the concurrent rescheduling of Boy Meets World to a later time slot in an example of breaking the fourth wall.

Season 4, Episode 6: Janitor Dead

When Virna gives Chet an ultimatum to find work, he lands a job as the school janitor, to Shawn’s humiliation. Meanwhile, Alan and Eric look for experienced help at the store, and answering their call is a mountain man who will do anything to make a sale

Season 4, Episode 7: Singled Out

Eric has been having bad luck dating, so he says that he is attending Harvard so that he can appear on MTV’s Singled Out. Meanwhile, Cory must undergo an operation, but when he listens to a rumor that Shawn tells him about, he begins to worry that he’ll vanish from the operating room.

Season 4, Episode 8: Dangerous Secret

When Cory discovers that attractive Claire has been sleeping over at Shawn’s place, he jumps to the obvious conclusion, especially when Shawn swears him to secrecy. But Cory learns that they have a much more serious, much more dangerous problem — her father is abusing her.

Season 4, Episode 9: Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men

Frankie seeks Cory and Shawn’s help to earn the love of his father, Vader when Vader wrestles Jake “The Snake” Roberts at a World Wrestling Federation house show. However, the match takes place the same day as Topanga’s Sweet Sixteen— forcing the kid who “wants everyone to love him” to both help a friend and celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday at the same time.

Season 4, Episode 10: Turkey Day

Cory and Shawn are given an assignment over the Thanksgiving weekend about the class differences that are the heart of the conflict in Rwanda, and are quick to assume that these same divisions, between the haves and the have-nots, do not exist in Philadelphia. But they learn better when their respective families do not show full enthusiasm in spending their Thanksgiving together. Meanwhile, Frankie’s younger brother Herman hears that the aristocratic Matthews are coming to the trailer park, and he decides to try to sweetheart Cory’s sister, Morgan.

Season 4, Episode 11: An Affair to Forget

Shawn is in shock when his girlfriend, Jennifer, dumps him. To try to help him, Cory starts badmouthing Jennifer to Shawn. But when Jennifer finds out about this, she agrees to make up with Shawn— as long as he and Cory end their friendship.

Season 4, Episode 12: Easy Street

Comedy veterans Buddy Hackett and Soupy Sales play two businessmen of a shady sort who hire Cory to run “errands” for them. Since it is just before Christmas, Cory decides he can use the money for his holiday shopping. However, Cory quits once he figures out that the two gents are part of the mob. Shawn takes over, but Cory must persuade his pal to quit as well, before he gets in over his head – or hit over the head.

Season 4, Episode 13: B & B’s B ‘N’ B

Shawn, in a crazy scheme to get his economics project done and make some real money at the same time, convinces Cory to turn Feeny’s quaint home into a bed and breakfast while their unsuspecting teacher is out of town. Meanwhile, Eric and Feeny surprise each other when they bump into each other in Boston and start to develop a friendship.

Season 4, Episode 14: Wheels

Alan finds himself at a crossroads when Cory, armed with a new driver’s license on his 16th birthday, would rather celebrate the event on a road trip with Shawn and Topanga instead of with his father. Meanwhile, on their road trip Cory gets stopped by the police and goes on trial, while his dad watches videos of Cory when Cory was a little kid.

Season 4, Episode 15: Chick Like Me

The war between the sexes starts heating up at John Adams High when the boys realize that girls expect different things when out on a date. When it is suggested to Cory that his school newspaper column is a tad boring, Shawn gives him a story idea on dating and sexual harassment based on the book they’re reading in Mr. Feeny’s class: “Black Like Me”. After Cory emerges from the bathroom in full regalia, it is decided that Shawn would make a better girl: he’s studied them much more carefully. Making his debut at school, Shawn, now Veronica Wasboyski, immediately gets asked out by Gary, one of the school’s more well-known Lotharios. Shawn soon finds out what it’s like to push off a teen boy’s advances. Meanwhile, Eric tries to teach mountain-reared Lonnie how to get along with city men.

Season 4, Episode 16: A Long Walk to Pittsburgh (Part 1)

Eric accidentally discovers that Shawn and Topanga have a secret when he finds them behaving more than friendly at Chubbie’s, and he tells Cory about it. Unfortunately, they only know half the truth— and tensions rise between friends and family as Cory tries to find out the real reason why Topanga is acting so strangely and soon finds out the truth – she’s moving to Pittsburgh. To be continued…

Season 4, Episode 17: A Long Walk to Pittsburgh (Part 2)

Cory is taking Topanga’s departure very hard, and is wavering between depression and anger. Fortunately for him, a surprise visitor comes to help him: Topanga is back! But, the couple will need to convince their friends and family that theirs is a true love if they want a shot of her staying in Philadelphia.

Season 4, Episode 18: Uncle Daddy

When Eric learns that his new girlfriend Kelly has a son, he’s confident he’s mature enough to handle the responsibility – but too scared to tell his parents about it. Meanwhile, Cory and his friends prepare for the dreaded SATs.

Season 4, Episode 19: Quiz Show

The producers of a dull but prestigious academic bowl sense a hit after Cory, Shawn and Topanga become star contestants by enlivening the show with their humor and pop culture knowledge. But Mr. Feeny concludes that today’s modern world puts entertainment before education when the show’s newfound popularity causes it to change its questions from brainy to brainless.

Season 4, Episode 20: Security Guard

Eric’s schemes are bankrupting the store, but Alan is reluctant to fire him, so Amy does. Consequently, Eric decides to leave home and take a job as a security guard. However, Mr. Feeny knows that Eric’s only looking for an easy way out, and tries to convince him to give the SAT and college another try. Meanwhile, Cory and Topanga try to get Shawn to join Mr. Feeny’s SAT preparation class.

Season 4, Episode 21: Cult Fiction

When a lonely Shawn starts hanging around with a new group of people whom he defensively describes as “not a cult,” Jonathan Turner tries to stop him before it’s too late— but Shawn does not want his help because he does not believe Mr. Turner really cares about him. However, when Mr. Turner gets into a motorcycle accident, it forces Shawn to reevaluate his choices. He leaves the cult with new faith in God, himself, the future, and those who care for him.

Season 4, Episode 22: Learning to Fly

Eric invites Cory and his friends to come with him to a potential college. However, once Cory finds out Topanga isn’t coming, he gets upset, but a sexy college girl named Mary Beth offers to give him the “fun” he was hoping to have with Topanga. Meanwhile, Eric’s doubt that any real college will accept him leads him to consider staying at a surfer school. Will they be able to “walk away from a sure thing”? Or will they throw away everything they’ve worked hard to keep?

Boy Meets World Season 4 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great show showing family dynamics and middle and high school issues.

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