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Simpsons Season 3 Summary

The third season of the American animated television series The Simpsons originally aired on the Fox network between September 19, 1991 and August 27, 1992. Season three won six Primetime Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Voice-Over Performance” and also received a nomination for “Outstanding Animated Program” for the episode “Radio Bart”. The complete season was released on DVD in Region 1 on August 26, 2003, Region 2 on October 6, 2003, and in Region 4 on October 22, 2003.

Season 3, Episode 1: Stark Raving Dad

Homer’s sanity is called into question when he arrives at work wearing a pink shirt. After Bart takes Homer’s mental stability test for him, Homer is committed to a mental hospital where he meets a big, hulking bald man who says his name is Michael Jackson. Meanwhile, Lisa is depressed over her upcoming eighth birthday, but is very happy in the end to receive a song that is written specially for her birthday.
Note: In the wake of renewed sexual abuse allegations against guest star Michael Jackson, this episode was removed from syndication in March 2019 and was banned from circulation, and is the only episode of the series not available for streaming on Disney +

Season 3, Episode 2: Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington

While reading a copy of Reading Digest, Homer finds an entry form for an essay contest for which Lisa signs up. When she wins the contest, she and the family travel to Washington, D.C. where the finals are to be held. Here, Lisa bears witness to the seedy underbelly of politics and becomes bitterly disappointed after learning of a bribery scandal involving Springfield’s state congressman. In her final essay, she disdains and condemns the government system, which leads to the arrest of the corrupt congressman. While she fails to win the contest, her faith in government is restored

Season 3, Episode 3: When Flanders Failed

Homer makes a wish for Ned Flanders to be a financial failure. The wish comes to life when Flanders’s store catering to left-handed people goes out of business, causing the Flanders family to end up financially in trouble. When finding out that Ned’s house is to be repossessed, Homer feels guilty and decides to help by telling all the left-handed population of Springfield about the Leftorium and calling in a few favors from his friends. This helps Ned keep the store and get his house back. Meanwhile, Bart goes to the Japanese bartender Akira and takes karate lessons, but quits after he discovers that it is not as interesting as he had expected it to be

Season 3, Episode 4: Bart the Murderer

After waking up saying, “Good morning world!” Bart starts his day with a limp from stepping on his toy dinosaur from an uncleaned room. He then finds Homer gloating with his cereal box prize toy police badge while also missing the bus to school. Since Bart ‘started the day on a bad foot’ he also misses the field trip to the chocolate factory. After suffering a horrible day at school, Bart stumbles upon the “Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club” Mafia bar where the leader, Fat Tony, hires him to work as their permanent bartender. However, when Principal Skinner ends up missing for nearly a week, Bart is immediately blamed for murdering him, causing Bart to get sent to court. As Bart is about to get convicted, the principal shows up which leads to Bart being cleared of all the charges.

Season 3, Episode 5: Homer Defined

Homer accidentally saves the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and is ashamed when people mistake him for a hero. When another impending meltdown threatens the Shelbyville plant, he is asked to perform his heroic deeds once again. He is lucky again, but this time he is derided as a lucky imbecile, even more so than he was hailed as a hero. Meanwhile, Milhouse’s mom forbids him to be friends with Bart as she feels he is a bad influence on him.

Season 3, Episode 6: Like Father, Like Clown

When Krusty comes over to the Simpsons’ house for dinner, he reveals to them that he is of Jewish heritage, and that his father, Rabbi Krustofski disowned him for pursuing a career in comedy, and not a successful career as a rabbi. Krusty starts to fall apart and Bart and Lisa decide to contact the rabbi and convince him to forgive Krusty. The rabbi at first refuses to see Krusty, but Bart convinces him to do so, and the two separate.

Season 3, Episode 7: TreeHouse of Horror II

When Homer, Bart, and Lisa eat a ton of candy, the three begin having various nightmares:
Lisa’s nightmare (The Monkey’s Paw): The Simpsons visit Morocco and find a monkey’s paw that makes all their wishes come true – with dire consequences.
Bart’s nightmare (The Bart Zone): In this parody of the Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life”, the town of Springfield must think happy thoughts or suffer the powers of Bart’s twisted imagination.
Homer’s nightmare (If I Only Had a Brain): In a parody of the 1931 film Frankenstein, Mr. Burns kills Homer so he can transplant his brain into a robot to create a super-efficient worker

Season 3, Episode 8: Lisa’s Pony

When Lisa requires a new saxophone reed for her talent recital, she asks Homer, who immediately promises to buy her one. Though when Homer breaks his promise, he makes up for it by giving Lisa the one thing she had always wanted, a pony named Princess. With a new pony in the house, Homer struggles with two jobs to cover the cost. Lisa, upon seeing what Homer must go through to pay for the pony, decides to sell it.

Season 3, Episode 9: Saturdays of Thunder

After taking a fatherhood quiz, Homer realizes that he knows nothing about Bart, and in the result, strives to be a better father after learning that Bart is one of the racers in the Soapbox Derby. Their entry is not very good, so Bart decides to drive Martin Prince’s much nicer racer. Homer is at first devastated, but decides that he must be a good father and support Bart. Bart later goes on to win the race

Season 3, Episode 10: Flaming Moe’s

One night at Moe’s Tavern, Homer tells Moe Szyslak of a secret alcoholic cocktail made with cough syrup and fire that he calls “Flaming Homer”. When Moe tries Homer’s recipe in the bar, he finds it boosts his business and patronage, so Moe steals the recipe from Homer. Later, Moe is about to sell the recipe for $1 million but Homer comes and divulges the secret ingredient, only to find out that Moe was planning to split the million with him

Season 3, Episode 11: Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

The stock in the Nuclear Plant skyrockets amid rumors of a takeover meaning that all the workers get rich, except for Homer who has sold his stockholding for a mere $25 and fears that he will lose his job. The rumors prove true as two German businessmen buy the plant from Mr. Burns for $100 million and fire Homer for incompetence. Mr. Burns decides to buy the plant back when he discovers that his former employees no longer fear him

Season 3, Episode 12: I Married Marge

After worrying that she may yet again be pregnant, Marge drives to Dr. Hibbert’s office. While anxiously waiting, Homer begins to tell Bart, Lisa, and Maggie about how he and Marge got married at a quickie wedding chapel, and how he attempted to prove to Marge’s sisters that he can provide for their upcoming child.

Season 3, Episode 13: Radio Bart

When Bart’s birthday party turns into a disaster, he uses a radio transmitter microphone Homer gave him to play pranks on other citizens. He decides to throw a radio down an old well and tricks the town into thinking a little boy is stuck in it. At first he is successful, but Lisa reminds him that he left a “property of Bart Simpson” label on the radio and goes to retrieve it. Bart becomes trapped in the well and the town gets angry and decide to leave him there. Homer later gets fed up with the townspeople’s ignorance and frantically tries to rescue him. He digs a hole near the well, which helps the townspeople realise the error of their ways and offer help.

Season 3, Episode 14: Lisa the Greek

Homer begins to bond with Lisa after learning her unique and convenient ability to pick winning American football teams. However, Homer secretly takes advantage of Lisa’s ability, using it to gamble money off Moe. When Homer selfishly chooses going bowling with Barney instead of going on a mountain hike with Lisa, Lisa finds out Homer had only been using her for gambling, and refuses to speak to him until he fully understands her.

Season 3, Episode 15: Homer Alone

The family’s dependence on Marge causes her to suffer a nervous breakdown during her early morning errands, and she decides to go to a spa resort to calm down. Homer, meanwhile, has to care for the troublesome Maggie while Bart and Lisa spend their time with their spinster aunts, Patty and Selma. The entire family realizes how much they need Marge to take care of things, and everybody is happy when she eventually returns from the spa

Season 3, Episode 16: Bart the Lover

When a yo-yo craze sweeps over Springfield Elementary School, Bart’s errant yo-yo happens to break a fish tank, killing the class goldfish. Edna Krabappel sentences Bart to a month of detention. Bart decides to write phony love letters to her under the guise of a man who responded to her personal ad. Meanwhile, Homer tries to cut back on swearing after Flanders complains that Todd is picking up on the foul language.

Season 3, Episode 17: Homer at the Bat

The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team proves to be a huge success with Homer as their official star player. But after Mr. Burns makes a bet with Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant owner Aristotle Amadopolis, he hires nine professional baseball players to fill out the team. However, eight of those ringers fall victim to separate misfortunes, and Burns is forced to turn to his regular employees, who win the game.

Season 3, Episode 18: Separate Vocations

The school makes the students take an aptitude test, and it ends up suggesting Bart become a policeman and Lisa become a homemaker instead of a professional jazz musician. While Lisa becomes a troublemaker, Bart improves his grades and behavior and is chosen to be Principal Skinner’s newest hall monitor.

Season 3, Episode 19: Dog of Death

Santa’s Little Helper falls ill and the family must make budget cuts in order to pay for his operation. Although his own life is saved, the family begins getting angry with him for losing out on their favorite things so he runs away. Santa’s Little Helper ends up in the possession of Mr. Burns, who trains him to become a vicious attack dog. Bart stumbles across the new Santa’s Little Helper and is attacked, but Santa’s Little Helper recognizes Bart and decides to stop the attack

Season 3, Episode 20: Colonel Homer

After his behavior at the movie theater embarrasses Marge, she and Homer have a large argument, causing him to head to a redneck bar where he meets a beautiful barmaid named Lurleen Lumpkin with a talent for singing. Homer becomes her manager and does everything he can to make Lurleen famous, but it takes a very long time for him to notice Lurleen has fallen in love with him. With Marge already upset and thinking Homer’s the one with the roving eyes, it is time for him to decide on his romantic future.

Season 3, Episode 21: Black Widower

Selma reveals that she has a new boyfriend that she met through the prison pen-pal program, Sideshow Bob. Bart is immediately suspicious of Bob, but Bob does everything he can to romance Selma and prove he’s changed. After Selma and Bob are married, Bob reveals that he plans to kill Selma, but he is stopped by Bart.

Season 3, Episode 22: The Otto Show

Otto crashes the school bus, and it is later discovered that he never actually owned a real driver’s license, prompting the authorities to fire him. Otto then moves in with the Simpsons after he has been evicted, and attempts to teach Bart to learn to play the guitar, though with difficulty. But it’s the way he enrages Homer that might provide an inadvertent return ticket to his beloved bus-driving job

Season 3, Episode 23: Bart’s Friends Falls in Love

Milhouse falls in love with the new girl, Samantha Stankey, jeopardizing Bart and Milhouse’s friendship. Bart eventually calls Samantha’s father and lets him know what is happening. Her father takes her away, which leads to Bart and Millhouse having a fight. Meanwhile, Homer orders a subliminal cassette tape to help him lose weight, but is sent one that helps him increase his vocabulary after the weight-loss tapes were sold out.

Season 3, Episode 24: Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

When the radiation from the Nuclear Power Plant causes Homer to become infertile, he is awarded a complete $2,000 compensation. Meanwhile, Homer’s half-brother, Herb, now living on the streets, returns with a plan on how to regain his name, wealth, and life back and reluctantly turns to Homer for help. Herb asks for Homer’s $2,000 so he can develop a new product that will translate baby gibberish into speech

Simpsons Season 3 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Okay hear me out, Simpsons is usually not my go to show. I tend to catch it one occasion especially on very late nights. I know it is popular because its funny, but I really don’t see much humor in these. Anyway, its okay to watch when there’s nothing else on and you need to veg out. I feel like Homer after watching this show.

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