T.V. Series Review: Simpsons Season 21

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Simpsons Season 21 Summary

Season 21, Episode 1: Homer the Whopper

Comic Book Guy creates a new superhero called Everyman who takes powers from other superheroes. Homer is cast as the lead in the film adaptation. To get Homer into shape, the movie studio hires a celebrity fitness trainer, Lyle McCarthy to help him. Homer gets into great shape but his life falls apart when his fitness trainer quits and the movie bombs at the box office. 

Season 21, Episode 2: Bart Gets a ‘Z

Mrs. Krabappel is fired for drinking alcohol on the job (thanks to kids in her class spiking her coffee as revenge for confiscating their cell phones and BlackBerrys) and replaced with a hip, young teacher named Zachary Vaughn.

Season 21, Episode 3: The Great Wife Hope

When the men and boys of Springfield become obsessed with Ultimate Fighting, Marge leads a protest against it when she catches Bart fighting in school — and ends up fighting the head of the Ultimate Fighting syndicate in order to have it banned.

Season 21, Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XX

Dial “M” for Murder or Press “#” to Return to Main Menu – In this homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense/murder mysteries, Lisa teams up with Bart to get revenge on their teachers after Ms. Hoover sends Lisa to detention, but the plan goes awry when Bart kills Ms. Hoover and wants Lisa to murder Mrs. Krabappel.
Don’t Have a Cow, Mankind – In this send-up of such dystopian apocalypse horror films as 28 Days Later and Children of Men, Krusty the Clown introduces a new hamburger that zombifies the entire town – except for Bart, whose natural immunity to the burger becomes the key to stopping the zombie attacks.
There’s No Business Like Moe Business – In this parody of the musical, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Moe creates a new beer that becomes a sensation — thanks to Homer being impaled on the microbrew machine and bleeding into the beer supply.

Season 21, Episode 5: The Devil Wears Nada

Marge becomes a sex symbol after pin-up pictures of her appear on a calendar, which embarrasses Bart and stirs lust in every man in Springfield – including Ned Flanders. Meanwhile, Carl Carlson is chosen as the Springfield Nuclear Plant’s newest supervisor, and Homer gets hired as Carl’s assistant

Season 21, Episode 6: Pranks and Greens

Bart tracks down an immature man named Andy Hamilton who was once hailed Springfield Elementary’s best prankster, and realizes the man who was once Springfield Elementary’s best prankster has no direction in his life. Meanwhile, Marge is chastised by the other mothers in her social circle for not serving healthy snacks.

Season 21, Episode 7: Rednecks and Broomsticks

Lisa befriends three practicing Wiccans and must save them from being persecuted for their beliefs. Meanwhile, Homer starts hanging out with Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel after discovering that Cletus and his friends make moonshine. 

Season 21, Episode 8: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Jealous of Lisa and Maggie’s sisterly bond, Bart goes looking for a surrogate baby brother to call his own

Season 21, Episode 9: Thursdays with Abie

Grampa meets a human interest journalist who writes and publishes Grampa’s life stories – and plots to kill Grampa for a Pulitzer. Meanwhile, Bart cares for a stuffed lamb as part of a class project.

Season 21, Episode 10: Once Upon a Time in Springfield

The Krusty the Clown Show is once again retooled. This time, in a bid to get girls to watch the show, a princess character named Penelope is hired as Krusty’s latest sidekick, whom Krusty hates at first – until Princess Penelope reveals that she is Krusty’s biggest fan. Meanwhile, a corporate recruiter persuades Homer, Lenny, and Carl to work for a nuclear plant in Capital City, after Mr. Burns announces a moratorium on free doughnuts due to budget cuts.

Season 21, Episode 11: Million Dollar Maybe

Homer wins the lottery, but worries when he realizes that he ditched Marge at a wedding to get the winning ticket. To cover his tracks, Homer begins spending his windfall on anonymous gifts for the family, one of which is hiring alternative rock band Coldplay to perform for Bart. Meanwhile, Lisa buys a Funtendo Zii for Grampa and his friends at the old folks’ home, and the winning entry for The Simpsons create-a-character contest makes a brief cameo.

Season 21, Episode 12: Boy Meets Curl

The Simpsons head to the 2010 Winter Olympics where Marge and Homer compete as part of a mixed curling team and Lisa becomes addicted to collecting Olympic pins.

Season 21, Episode 13: The Color Yellow

While going through her family history for a school project to find one Simpsons ancestor who was not an idiot, a freak, or a failure, Lisa discovers a diary of a Simpsons ancestor named Eliza whose family helped a black slave named Virgil (who looks like an African-American version of Homer) escape to freedom, but Milhouse (whose ancestors lived around the same time as Lisa’s) has an alternate take on how Virgil was really treated.

Season 21, Episode 14: Postcards from the Wedge

Once again, Homer and Marge try to discipline Bart after Mrs. Krabappel tells them that Bart has not been doing his homework, but Bart has a plan to manipulate Homer’s strictness and Marge’s sympathetic ear.

Season 21, Episode 15: Stealing First Base

When Mrs. Krabappel takes an extended absence her students join with the other fourth grade class where Bart falls for a girl named Nikki, who alternates between loving him and hating him. The two are seen kissing which leads to a public display of affection ban in the school. Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama teaches Lisa that there is no shame in being an overachieving girl, and Nelson teaches a blind boy the art of being a schoolyard bully. 

Season 21, Episode 16: The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed

Ned Flanders invites the Simpson family to join him on a church retreat to Jerusalem. Homer is unappreciative of the culture, until a tour guide starts taking him around the city and a dehydrated Homer deludes himself into believing he is the Messiah

Season 21, Episode 17: American History X-cellent

Smithers takes over the nuclear plant after Mr. Burns is put in jail for stealing valuable art – and starts acting like his boss when Homer and his friends begin taking advantage of his kindness.

Season 21, Episode 18: Chief of Hearts

While completing his court-ordered community service (after a wrongful arrest for robbing a bank), Homer offers Chief Wiggum a sandwich and the two become friends. Meanwhile, Bart becomes addicted to a Japanese kids’ game called Battle Ball, which Marge confuses for a drug addiction

Season 21, Episode 19: The Squirt and the Whale

The Simpson family goes environmental by building a wind-powered turbine in their yard and saving a beached whale that washed up onshore

Season 21, Episode 20: To Surveil with Love

Radiation seeps out of Homer’s gym bag after a bomb squad blows it up and Springfield officials decide to suspend all civil liberties. Meanwhile, Lisa dyes her hair brown after being mocked for not conforming to the stereotype of the “dumb blonde.”

Season 21, Episode 21: Moe Letter Blues

Homer, Reverend Lovejoy and Apu Nahasapeemapetilon receive a letter from Moe that states he will steal one of their wives. The three get together and try to remember intimate moments between Moe and their wives.

Season 21, Episode 22: The Bob Next Door

Bart becomes convinced that their new neighbor is Sideshow Bob in disguise, but Marge does not believe him and personally takes Bart to the Springfield Maximum Security Prison to prove it.

Season 21, Episode 23: Judge Me Tender

Moe discovers his talent for judging in competitions and is invited to appear on the show American Idol. Meanwhile, Homer drives Marge crazy when he starts spending too much time at home, and takes up golf as a hobby.

Simpsons Season 21 Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Okay hear me out, Simpsons is usually not my go to show. I tend to catch it one occasion especially on very late nights. I know it is popular because its funny, but I really don’t see much humor in these. Anyway, its okay to watch when there’s nothing else on and you need to veg out. I feel like Homer after watching this show.

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