T.V. Series Review: Simpsons Season 28

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Simpsons Season 28 Summary

Season 28, Episode 1: Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus

Mr. Burns puts on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl in exchange for rebuilding the town after it is burned to the ground. However, when the event brings back bad memories for the old man who bombed when he first performed there 100 years ago, Burns tries to muster up the courage to perform again in an effort to redeem himself.

Season 28, Episode 2: Friends and Family

Homer finds a new friend in a woman who acts just like him, while Mr. Burns’ search for a clan to play his virtual-reality family leads him to hire Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, since Burns intends to play the father.

Season 28, Episode 3: The. Town

Homer takes the family on a “hate-cation” to Boston when he catches Bart rooting for a rival football team. But after discovering the appeal of candlepin bowling over his regular bowling, and finding a better safety inspector job at a candy factory, they agree to move there. Meanwhile, Lisa discovers how much Boston has to offer academically compared to Springfield.

Season 28, Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XXVII

In the 27th annual Simpsons Halloween special, Mr. Burns makes the children fight to the death for a day in his personal reservoir, Lisa’s imaginary friend kills her real friends, and Bart is recruited to Moe’s group of secret barfly agents.

Season 28, Episode 5: Trust but Clarify

Bart and Lisa investigate Krusty’s new “Krustaceans” candy, while Homer asks Marge to help him dress for a promotion at the nuclear plant and Kent Brockman deals with the changing media world.

Season 28, Episode 6: There Will Be Buds

Homer coaches the kids’ lacrosse team with Milhouse’s dad Kirk, who really needs a friend. Kirk then disappears upon hearing Homer rant about him being a loser, just as the team needs him for the championship game.

Season 28, Episode 7: Havana Wild Weekend

The Simpsons go to Cuba to get Grampa cheap medical care, since neither the retirement home, nor the V.A. hospital are able solve his health issues.

Season 28, Episode 8: Dad Behavior

Homer discovers a new app that makes his life easier, and Grampa learns he’s going to be a father again.

Season 28, Episode 9: The Last Traction Hero

Homer gets hurt in a workplace accident, and Marge turns to an unexpected source for romance. Meanwhile, Lisa is made “Bus Monitor”.

Season 28, Episode 10: The Nightmare After Krustmas

Krusty and his daughter spend Christmas with the Simpsons. Meanwhile, Reverend Lovejoy seeks converts to boost church attendance, and a Christmas toy scares Maggie.

Season 28, Episode 11: Pork and Buns

Inspired by a Japanese self-help book on minimalist living, Marge makes the family get rid of the vast majority of their possessions. Homer attempts to give away his pet pig Plopper (who originally appeared in The Simpsons Movie) and ends up using him as a therapy animal. Meanwhile, Lisa takes the book’s advice too far and gives away everything that she owns, including her saxophone.

Season 28, Episode 12 & 13: The Great Phatsby

Mr. Burns plots revenge against the music mogul who conned him.

Season 28, Episode 14: Fatscarraldo

When all the fast food restaurants in Springfield become healthy, Homer is forced to turn to chili dogs for comfort. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to save the school radio station.

Season 28, Episode 15: The Cad in the Hat

Bart has to deal with his guilt after he betrays Lisa. Meanwhile, Homer begins playing chess, and everyone in Springfield becomes impressed by his talents.

Season 28, Episode 16: Kamp Krustier

Bart and Lisa return from Kamp Krusty, both traumatized. Meanwhile, Homer becomes a more productive worker.

Season 28, Episode 17: 22 for 30

In a parody of 30 for 30, Bart becomes a star basketball player, but things go awry when he gets involved with the mafia.

Season 28, Episode 18: A Father’s Watch

Marge goes to parenting experts for advice when she thinks that Bart is on the road to failure. Following their advice, Homer opens a trophy store.

Season 28, Episode 19: The Caper Chase

Mr. Burns opens a for-profit university, with Homer as one of its professors.

Season 28, Episode 20: Looking for Mr. Goodbart

Bart spends time with Principal Skinner’s mother, Agnes. Meanwhile, Homer and Lisa get addicted to Peekimon Get.

Season 28, Episode 21: Moho House

Homer and Marge try to work on their marriage. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns’s boarding school friend Nigel comes to town and bets Mr. Burns that he can break up Homer and Marge. To do so, he gives Moe the funds to build a more upscale bar called Moho House.

Season 28, Episode 22: Dogtown

After a legal issue, dogs become more important than humans, after which they start to take over the town.

Simpsons Season 28 Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Okay hear me out, Simpsons is usually not my go to show. I tend to catch it one occasion especially on very late nights. I know it is popular because its funny, but I really don’t see much humor in these. Anyway, its okay to watch when there’s nothing else on and you need to veg out. I feel like Homer after watching this show.

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