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Melanie Porter, a 17-year-old college-bound girl, is preparing to graduate from high school and wants to go to Georgetown University. However, her father James Porter, the chief of police in the quiet Chicago suburb where they live, is overprotective of his family, including Melanie, and is not ready for her to leave and study so far away from home. James has other plans for Melanie; he wants her to go to Northwestern University which is only 28 minutes away from home. James also disagrees with his real estate agent wife Michelle, the family pig Albert, who continuously annoys him, and his young son Trey, who spends much time with the pig. Melanie is invited to an interview at Georgetown after a college recruiter sees her performance at a mock trial. Her two best friends, Nancy and Katie, offer to take her on their road trip to Pittsburgh, Melanie is set to go with her friends until her father surprises her with his own road trip to Washington, D.C.

On their way, Melanie reluctantly visits Northwestern to take a tour. They meet an almost-too-happy father and daughter duo, Doug and Wendy, who are on their own road trip. James has planted actors at Northwestern, one screaming at Melanie they lost an eye at Georgetown. Melanie almost falls for it until one of the actors says to her “Yeah, the chief’s a pretty smart guy”, since he never met James.

The Porters’ car soon breaks down, and they find Trey in the trunk with Albert. They stop at a hotel (thanks to Albert’s navigating), but Albert eats coffee beans and becomes hyperactive, leading to him crashing and ruining a wedding. They run into Doug and Wendy again, who offer James and Melanie a ride since James’ car broke down. Later, Melanie and her father ride on a tour bus where they try to work out their differences. At one destination, Nancy and Katie show up and take Melanie to a sorority house. James, due to a misunderstanding, and the owner not letting him in to check on her, sneaks into the house. After hearing that his daughter has faith in him, he decides to leave the next morning. Unfortunately, after Melanie leaves, he gets caught by the owner, brutally tased, and arrested. James’ mother comes to bail him out, and opens up about her own past fears when her son went to the Army, but still believed in her son to go his own path. James and Melanie end up forgiving each other at the airport. After dropping off Trey, they skydive to make the interview at Georgetown.

Eventually, they land, but re-encounters the father of the bride at the crashed wedding and starts chasing them in golf carts as revenge. Eventually, they succeed in making it to the interview at Georgetown just in the nick of time. However, Melanie starts to show fear, but James consoles her and convinces her to go in.

Later, Melanie is finally attending, with her parents sending her off, even meeting Doug and Wendy once again, where Wendy was being sent off to college as well.

At Christmas, Melanie and Wendy return home to the Porters’ house for dinner, where the girls each introduce their friends, with James showing restrained anger at meeting Melanie’s friend, Tracy, who is a male. But Doug, after meeting Wendy’s new boyfriend, snaps in anger and tackles the boy, much to the shock of everyone else.

College Road Trip Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A fun family movie for pre teens and teenagers.

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